Qatar Charity provides winter assistance to the affected in Gaza

Qatar Charity (QC) has provided winter aid to internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees, and underprivileged families in the Gaza Strip, Palestine. This is part of Qatar Charity’s ongoing assistance to the affected in the Gaza Strip and Palestine through the “One Heart” campaign. The aid includes warm clothing for 1,250 displaced and affected families in the Gaza Strip, in addition to 1,000 shelter kits out of a total of 8,000 shelter kits. Currently, the distribution of 5,913 blankets is underway, benefiting 2,000 individuals so far, in addition to providing fuel for hospitals for the benefit of 50,000 people. As the Palestinians are living in the very challenging humanitarian situations, which have further worsened with the onset of winter, Qatar Charity urges philanthropists in Qatar to double their support for the “One Heart” campaign to reach the largest possible number of those affected in Palestine. People can donate through Qatar Charity’s website (https://qch.qa/oneheart), in addition to dialing the hotline +974 4429 0000 for donating. Donations can also be made at Qatar Charity’s branches and collection points across the country. Donors can also request for home collectors to receive the donations from their locations.


Funded by the Qatar Fund for Development, Qatar Charity launched a project to distribute 50,000 food baskets to those affected by the war in Sudan
With funding from Qatar Fund for Development, His Excellency the Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Sudan, Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Sada, the Acting Humanitarian Aid Commissioner, and the Qatar Charity team in Port Sudan launched a project to distribute (50) thousand food baskets to provide the necessary food supplies to those most affected by the war. The Humanitarian Aid Commission described the project as lifesaving and enhancing food security for the displaced people and host families affected by the war. Humanitarian aid Qatari Ambassador Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Sada conveyed that the project to provide food baskets is an extension of Qatari assistance to the affected and displaced Sudanese people. He explained that the project implemented by Qatar Charity is funded by Qatar Fund for Development and will be implemented in several affected states for the benefit of the targeted and displaced people in conflict areas. He revealed that the project is an extension of the air bridge that took place in a previous period and is an addition to what Qatar Fund for Development, Qatar Charity, and the State of Qatar are making through its existing foundation in coordination with the Sudanese government to provide food baskets and medicines. Civil protection Ahmed Othman, Acting Federal Humanitarian Aid Commissioner, and Supreme Emergency Committee member expressed his thanks to Qatar Fund for Development, Qatar Charity, and all Qatari institutions that carried out major humanitarian interventions in this critical period. In Sudan, the food baskets project was considered one of the distinguished humanitarian projects within the continuous humanitarian efforts of the State of Qatar. Othman expected that the project would make a qualitative leap, as it is considered one of the priorities within food security, and would cover many displaced people, host families, and civilians who were exposed to the scourge of war, and constitute a kind of civil protection for them, pointing out that the selection of the states that needed life-saving food interventions was done carefully after surveys carried out. Alleviate suffering. The project to support affected families in Sudan with (50) thousand food baskets comes with Qatar Fund for Development’s continued support for Qatar efforts and humanitarian interventions worldwide. The implementation of the project will continue for five months, targeting (9) states: Khartoum, Al-Jazira, North, River Nile, White Nile, Gedaref, Kassala, Sennar, and the Red Sea. Each food basket contains quantities of basic food supplies allocated to the displaced and those affected by the war.
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Qatar Charity inaugurates the new headquarters of the ICESCO Educational Center in Chad
Within the framework of strengthening the status of the Arabic language in African countries, Qatar Charity participated in the inauguration of the new headquarters of the ICESCO Regional Educational Center in the Chadian capital, N’Djamena, in the presence of the Director-General of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), Dr. Salem Al-Malik and Mr. Musa Khaddam, Minister of National Education and Civic Promotion of Chad, Director of Qatar Charity’s Office in Chad, Mr. Abdelhamid Mohamed, Director of the Regional Educational Center of ICESCO in Chad,MR. Ali Qamar, and a host of senior officials, public figures. They praised Qatar Charity’s efforts in Chad and the qualitative partnership it has with ISESCO. Integrated center The ICESCO Regional Educational Center in Chad that was opened is the latest among similar centers that were opened to support the teaching of the Arabic language and the formation and training of competencies in the field of Arabic literature. More than 11 other African countries will benefit from it, and it aims to qualify Arabic and dual schoolteachers and improve their technical and professional competence. And assist in preparing educational curricula, research, and studies related to training, and teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers. The number of its graduates who were delegated by the Ministry of National Education to teach in government schools has reached 7,645 male and female teachers. On this occasion, the Director of Qatar Charity’s office in Chad, Mr. Abdelhamid Mohamed, said: “We confirm our interest in Qatar Charity in specific projects that create a tangible and sustainable development impact, such as this regional educational center, which is the first of its kind in the region, as it is expected to contribute to building people and enhancing their ability to provide food.” “With science and knowledge, it is concerned with training Arabic language teachers at the primary level who hold a baccalaureate degree.” He added: 'We look forward to the launch of this project being a starting point for implementing other development projects in various fields that will reflect positively on serving the brotherly Chadian people and strengthening our partnership with the relevant government agencies in accordance with their national strategic policies and plans, and with international and local humanitarian organizations.' In his speech during the inauguration ceremony, the Director-General of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), Dr. Salem Al-Malik, stressed the importance of the role of the Regional Educational Center in Chad, which has become an educational icon on the African continent. Thanks, and appreciation. Mr. Malik added that the Center, with its move to its new headquarters, is moving forward towards a qualitative shift in its roles and work mechanisms, praising the achievements the Center has achieved in recent years that have made it the first educational institution in Chad in preparing Arabic language teachers for the basic stage. He also thanked Qatar Charity for its role in the construction of the center's new headquarters. For his part, the Chadian Minister of National Education and Citizenship Promotion affirmed his country's appreciation for this educational edifice, noting that the new headquarters of the educational center supports Chad in the educational field and will work to strengthen Arabic-French bilingualism.
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Qatar Charity inaugurates 10 new schools in Bangladesh
Qatar Charity (QC), with the support of philanthropists in Qatar, inaugurated 10 schools along with boarding facilities for orphaned and underprivileged students in Bangladesh. The schools are expected to benefit approximately 2,000 male and female students. The schools, equipped with necessary facilities, were constructed in several districts of Bangladesh, namely Faridpur, Bagerhat, B. Baria, Meherpur, Gaibandha, Gopalganj, Kustia, Bogra, and Pirojpur. Each school has classrooms, boarding rooms, dining rooms, and teachers' rooms. The students and their parents expressed their happiness with having a good learning environment. They thanked the kind people of Qatar for providing support to build the new schools. Mohammad Hasan, a 7th grader, said, “We are so joyful at getting new classrooms with boarding facilities, which provides us with a comfortable learning environment and makes us more attentive in class.” Mohammad Faysal, an orphaned student, said, “In the past, there was no comfortable rooms for boarding students, but now we are happy with the new facilities.” Mr. Md Rashed Kabir, the president of one of these schools, said, “The locals are so happy with this new building, which is equipped with necessary furniture. It will surely inspire children to come to the school as well as increase the number of students.” Moushumi Khanom, a government official in Meherpur, expressed her sincere thanks and gratitude to the philanthropists in Qatar. She indicated that a school that provides a good learning environment can contribute to improving the academic performance of students. She also hoped that Qatar Charity would provide more assistance in the field of education in the coming period. It is worth noting that in the past five years, Qatar Charity has built approximately 55 schools along with boarding sections for students, benefiting more than 12,000 students. It also sponsors nearly 4000 orphans in Bangladesh and provides them with all education expenses to ensure a good future for them.
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