Qatar Charity distributes school supplies to Bangladesh’s underprivileged students

Qatar Charity (QC), with the support of benefactors in the State of Qatar, distributed school supplies to the students from low-income and underprivileged families in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar district, aiming to meet the school needs of the students and lessen the economic burden on their parents. As many as 200 students from different grades of ‘Kabi Jashim Uddin High School’ in Kutubdia island of Cox’s Bazar have received the school supplies that included school bags, uniforms, and stationeries. Mr. Rajab Ali, a government education officer, praised Qatar Charity’s support for the students in Kutubdia Island where most of the people are fishermen who face economic hardships to meet their daily necessities, specially their children’s school needs. He hoped that Qatar Charity would continue supporting other vulnerable students in Kutubdia Island’ “My father works as a laborer at a grocery shop, and can not afford my education expanses,” said Umme Habiba, a 7th grader, indicating that her father struggles to meet daily needs of her family. She expressed her delight with the school supplies she received from Qatar Charity. “My father is a fisherman and earns a very small amount of money through this work,” said Mohammad Tanvir, a 9th grader, adding that it is very tough for him to continue his schooling without the support from benefactors. He also noted that if the benevolent people continue extending a helping hand to him and other vulnerable students, it would be a great relief form them. It is worth noting that Qatar Charity is one of the international organizations that attaches significant attention to underprivileged and orphaned children, and seeks to provide them appropriate education, shelter, and other services. Qatar Charity also provides educational services to students in crisis-hit areas and underprivileged communities worldwide. It builds and renovates schools, prints curricula, sponsors students, and provides school bags for children. In Bangladesh, Qatar Charity sponsors 2,850 orphans, providing them with inclusive care.


People of goodness support agricultural cooperative society in Sudan
Qatar Charity (QC) has provided an irrigation unit and a water pipeline, in support of the agriculture sector of Sudan’s El Gezira State, to benefit nearly 5,000 people who receive fresh fruits at low prices during the season of production. The project put an end to the suffering of many farmers, supported hundreds of them to produce once again, and provided the nearby markets and even the markets of the capital, Khartoum, with their vegetables and fruits. Qatar Charity’s support helped the farmers produce better-quality mangos and grapefruits after restoring and sustainably irrigating their land. This empowered them economically, and enabled them to continue better production, both quantitatively and qualitatively, due to the use of modern irrigation techniques. Many farmers expressed their gratitude and appreciation for Qatar Charity’s support with the modern irrigation unit, which has brought about a fundamental change in their economic conditions. “Qatar Charity’s support is a strong boost for farmers who were unable to reclaim their lands,” Mohamed Babiker, president of an agricultural association, said, indicating that there are 73 families of farmers benefiting from the project. Mr. Jalal Ali Ahmed, a farmer, said that the farmers grow vegetables and fodder, and benefit from Qatar Charity’s irrigation unit in watering fruit trees, indicating that they need refrigerators to store fruits and expand more animal production projects. It is worth mentioning that since the beginning of its work in Sudan, Qatar Charity has implemented 940 projects in the fields of economic empowerment and food security, benefiting hundreds of thousands of people in the various states of Sudan.
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Qatar Charity organizes two medical courses in northern Syria
Qatar Charity (QC), with funding from the World Health Organization (WHO), organized two medical training courses for anesthesia staff in northern Syria. The training on the latest anesthesia techniques, which was delivered by the anesthesia specialists from across the world, has benefited 30 anesthesiologists. WHO officials praised the training and noted that it will contribute to improving the quality of health services for the benefit of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Syria. The ‘Regional Anesthesia Training’ is the most comprehensive specialized program for the anesthesiologists and anesthesia technicians in northern Syria, and it contributes to reducing the rate of morbidity and mortality in the local communities and among the IDPs alike. The project aims to improve the competence of the anesthesiologists and anesthesia technicians in Syria through a series of specialized trainings, to keep them updated with the latest scientific developments, and boost their skills through practical workshops held in northern Syria’s hospitals. The training comprised two phases, the first lasted for two days in Gaziantep, Turkey, and concluded by organizing practical workshops in Syria’s hospitals. In the second phase, a committee of doctors was formed to train 80 anesthesia technicians, with the aim of transferring these experiences to others throughout northern Syria. “Regional anesthesia is one of the advanced and modern means to develop the capacity of medical staff,” said Dr. Moin Ahmed Al Kaldi, an anesthesiologist specialist in regional anesthesia at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC). He added that, during the course, the anesthesiologists are trained on the latest scientific techniques to keep abreast of the latest developments, and enhance the medical capabilities and skills of the trainees. “There are nearly 70 hospitals in northern Syria, 49 of which provide emergency surgical services, but they lack trained health personnel, especially anesthesia and intensive care staff,” said Dr. Rashid Abdul Rahman Idris, secondary health care officer at WHO’s Turkey office. He also thanked Qatar Charity for its efforts and cooperation in training more than 25 anesthesiologists and more than 85 anesthesia technicians, emphasizing the importance of the training to improve the quality of health services in the region. Qatar Charity, since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, has been among the first humanitarian organizations that have an active presence in the field of immediate response, humanitarian relief, and development intervention to benefit the IDPs and those affected by the crisis, especially in the health field.
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Qatar Charity sponsors cardiac surgeries for children in Bangladesh
Qatar Charity (QC) has provided financial support for the cardiac surgeries of 31 underprivileged children suffering from congenital heart disease. The surgeries were successfully performed at `Labaid Cardiac Hospital` in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Qatar Charity’s support for these cases came in response to the appeal made by the doctors of Labaid Hospital in the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, to Qatar Charity to help perform these urgent surgeries for the children due to the challenging financial conditions of their parents, who were not able to afford the surgeries. “I am very grateful to Qatar Charity to bear all the costs of the operation,” said Mohammad Redwan, the father of Adnan, a two-and-a-half-year-old boy, who underwent heart surgery, thanks to the support of Qatar Charity. “I made all the efforts to get money sufficient to pay for my daughter’s heart surgery cost, but I could not have the required amount,” said Noor Muhammad, the father of an 11-month-old Fatima, thanking the benefactors in Qatar, as well as Qatar Charity, for supporting the surgery. Dr. Nurun Nahar Fatema, who performed the operations for the children, told that these children were born with various heart complications. They have been operated on after the necessary examinations. She also thanked the donors in Qatar and Qatar Charity for providing this support to save the lives of dozens of children.
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