Under the slogan "your Udhiyah fulfills your impact " Qatar Charity launches 2023-1444 AH Udhiyah campaign

Under the slogan (your Udhiyah fulfills your impact), Qatar Charity launched the 2023-1444 AH Udhiyah campaign with the aim of emphasizing the promotion of the principle of solidarity and compassion and following the Prophet’s Sunnah in feeding the poor and needy, providing clothing and Eid needs for orphans and children of poor families and bringing happiness to their hearts on Eid Al-Adha. One million people in 40 countries (Qatar and 39 countries around the world) are expected to benefit from the campaign, at an estimated cost of QR 30 million. The campaign was launched at a press conference attended by Mr. Ahmmed AlSherawi, Director of the Customer Service Department, Mr. Abdel Aziz Hajji, Director of the International Programs and Development Department, and Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Hajri, Director of the Programs and Community Development Department. At the beginning of the press conference, Mr. Ahmmed AlSherawi, Director of the Customer Service Department, at Qatar Charity, thanked the benevolent people in Qatar for their trust in Qatar Charity and their continuous support of its campaigns and urged them to support Qatar Charity's Udhiyah campaign for the current year and their participation in this season to leave a good impact on the lives of a million needy people. In 40 countries around the world, by feeding needy families with Udhiyah meat, providing clothing and Eid needs for poor widows and orphans, improving their lives by supporting projects that provide them with the most necessities of a decent life, and drawing a smile on their faces in the upcoming Eid Al-Adha days. He also thanked the various media and influencers on the social media for their kind and continuous efforts in introducing Qatar Charity projects and its previous campaigns and urged them to support the campaign for this season to achieve its goals and reach the target number of them. He explained that the campaign will focus on distributing Udhiyah meat inside and outside the State of Qatar, with about (50,000Udhiyah). Inside Qatar In his speech at the press conference, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Hajri, Director of the Programs and Community Development Department at Qatar Charity, explained that the estimated cost of the Udhiyah campaign projects inside Qatar is about 4 million riyals, and it is expected that the number of those targeted by the support of donors will reach about 100,000 people. He mentioned that the Udhiyah distribution project aims to distribute 4,500 lambs Udhiyah, at a cost of more than 3 million riyals, and it is expected that about 45,000 people from the target groups will benefit from it. He explained that the distribution of the Udhiyah will include orphans and their families who are sponsored by Qatar Charity and families with limited income, in addition to workers, families of different communities, people with special needs and students, explaining that the receipt of the Udhiyah will take place from within the branches of the Al Meera Association with ease, as it has been determined 20 branches to receive Udhiay animals. He added that the campaign projects inside Qatar also include distributing Eid gifts to 2,000 children, including 1,000 orphans who are sponsored by Qatar Charity and 1,000 children from low-income families, with the aim of drawing a smile on their faces on Eid Al-Adha. He pointed out that the campaign devoted educational activities and events to commercial complexes, including the “Hajj Journey” activity, which is a journey of coexistence for children through the design of models for Hajj rituals, in addition to the “Eid Joy” festival, which targets orphans and their families, during which a range of activities and competitions are presented. Eid gifts will be distributed to patients and the elderly on the Eid. In addition, the Eid celebration will be carried out for the volunteers, and it is a day of honoring them in appreciation of their efforts, giving, and encouragement. Outside Qatar Mr. Abdel Aziz Hajji, Director of the International Programs and Development Department said that it is expected that the meat of about 45,000 Udhiyah lambs and cows will be distributed, and it is expected that about 900,000 people will benefit from it in 39 African, Asian, and European countries, at an estimated cost of about 26 million Rial. The campaign focuses on regions and countries that witness exceptional events and circumstances or natural disasters, such as internally displaced persons and Syrian refugees in neighboring countries, Palestine, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, and others. The countries in which the Udhyah lamb and cows will be distributed include Albania, Yemen, Togo, Bosnia, Chad, Benin, Pakistan, Somalia, Burundi, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kosovo, Turkey, Montenegro, Nepal, Tunisia, and Senegal. Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Ghana, Mali, India, Gambia, Morocco, Lebanon, Malaysia, Jordan, South Africa, Niger, Sudan, the Philippines, Palestine (Gaza and Ramallah), Kenya, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Djibouti, and Mauritania. Donation Honorable benefactors wishing to donate to the Udhiyah campaign can do so easily, easily, and safely, through Qatar Charity’s website and application, and through its various digital tools and initiatives, at the following links: http://www.qch.qa/adha http://www.qch.qa/app It is also possible to request a “home collection” through the Qatar Charity application, QCH.QA/APP, and the system automatically locates the donor on the map and sends his request to the nearest collector and receives his donations, or by calling the call center at: 44667711, or from Through collection points in commercial malls and through its branches spread across the country.


Qatar Charity provides drinking water to 1.2 million people in Ghana
With the generous and continuous support of philanthropists in Qatar, the number of beneficiaries of Qatar Charity’s projects in the field of water since the opening of its office in Ghana in 2016 until the beginning of this year has reached more than (1.2) million people, at a time when more than (128,000) people are expected to benefit. Among the wells and water stations that the Qatar Charity office in Ghana is working to implement during the current year. Qatar Charity's projects implemented in the field of water and sanitation have contributed to ending the suffering of the most vulnerable rural residents in need of safe drinking water in Ghana, while its field teams are now continuing to drill several wells and install water stations, totaling 128 wells and a new station under construction. Wells and water stations Qatar Charity has been able to implement (1,207) projects to provide drinking water since the opening of its office in Ghana, West Africa, at a time when it has expanded its humanitarian interventions and development projects there. In this context, Mohamed Ibrahim, Director of the Government Agency for Community Water and Sanitation in Ghana, praised Qatar Charity's projects in the field of water and sanitation. He said that their contribution to the provision and management of water facilities benefits rural areas with very low water coverage. Big need According to the data of the National Population and Housing Census in Ghana for the year 2021, and official reports on primary health care for the same year about the water situation, at least three million Ghanaian citizens in rural areas suffer because of their inability to access healthy drinking water sources, as they drink from Open dams, creeks, and shallow wells, and struggle to meet their daily drinking water needs. After a field assessment study of the size of the need on the land, and coordination with the official authorities in light of the development strategy of the Ghanaian government, Qatar Charity focused its increasing interventions on the implementation of water stations in the northern and northwestern parts of Ghana in the regions (Ooty, Volta, Bono, and Ahafo), which are considered among the most the regions are poor and in need of water projects.
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Qatar Charity implements water projects in Bangladesh and Pakistan
Within the framework of its efforts to provide safe drinking water in both Bangladesh and Pakistan, Qatar Charity, with the support of philanthropists in Qatar, has built several water treatment plants and installed solar-powered pumps. Thousands of people from the two countries are expected to benefit from the project. These projects contribute to protecting the environment, reducing diseases and epidemics, and reducing the use of electricity. Bangladesh In Bangladesh, Qatar Charity has inaugurated 4 water treatment plants in coastal areas such as the areas of Pirojpur, Khulna, and Bagherhat, benefiting 8,000 people who suffer from the effects of natural disasters that afflicted their areas there due to the use of salty water, especially since the coastal areas in Bangladesh suffer from severe pollution and salinity, which causes in the spread of various diseases. The plants remove all pollutants from the water to help purify the water and make it safe and fit for human use. Appreciation of efforts This project has been well received locally. 'It is a really good and commendable step to reduce the use of public electricity and protect the environment from the potential impact of climate change,' said Hussain Holider, the local government representative in Pirojpur district. For her part, Nazma Sarwar, a government official in the Bagerhat region, said: 'The salty water that the local population drinks are harmful, especially since there are no other sources of clean water. The government is working with development partners such as Qatar Charity to solve this problem, so we thank her for her great efforts.'. The beneficiaries also welcomed this step. Shiuli Begum said: 'We had to use salty water, which caused us many diseases, such as stomach, allergy, and kidney diseases. Thank you to the good people in Qatar and Qatar Charity who ended our suffering with polluted water.' Pakistan In Pakistan, Qatar Charity has installed 7 solar-powered water stations in Peshawar, benefiting more than 1,650 families, or about 16,000 people. Two stations have been installed in Peshawar and 5 stations in Nowshera district to provide safe and clean water. The project was welcomed by the locals, as the Deputy Commissioner in Nowshera district, Mr. Muhammad Awais Khan, said: “We are grateful to Qatar Charity for providing safe drinking water by installing solar pumps in remote areas, and we thank the Qatari philanthropists and Qatar Charity for this important achievement.” Meanwhile, Mr. Muhammad Ismail from the Department of Public Health Engineering in Nowshera said: 'The Health Department has been working with Qatar Charity for 3 years in different areas of Khybera Province. We value Qatar Charity's professionalism in terms of coordination with government departments, and we are grateful to it for providing clean water.' The beneficiaries expressed their happiness, as Mrs. Amna Shah said: 'We did not have enough water to meet our water needs, we used to go long distances to get it, but now, after establishing a pump, our water problem has been solved, which has given me enough time to play with my children. Thank you to the good people in Qatar and Qatar Charity.
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Qatar Charity signs an agreement with UPEACE University
In the presence of the Minister of Education, Culture and Higher Education, Mr. Farah Sheikh Abdul Qadir, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ishaq Mahmoud Mursal, and the Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Somalia, Qatar Charity signed an agreement with the University for Peace of the United Nations, on a grant program for His Excellency the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Dr. Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud for a Ph.D. degree that will provide opportunities for Somali students to pursue their dreams of higher education. The agreement aims to provide financial support to doctoral students at UPEACE University, enabling them to pursue their studies in their own research fields and contribute to building the Somali state and promoting academic excellence, research, and innovation by providing opportunities for doctoral students to contribute to the sustainable development of societies through peace-related support. The agreement was signed by: Professor Samuel Kali, Regional Director - Africa for the University, and Mr. Abdel Fattah Adam Muallem, Director of Qatar Charity's office in Somalia. In a statement on this occasion, Mr. Farah Sheikh Abdul Qadir, Somali Minister of Education, Culture and Higher Education said: 'This agreement comes as part of the presidential grant announced by the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Dr. Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud, through which 100 Somali researchers from the university will receive grants Free PhD studies over the next three years, noting that these promises will exceed this number. The minister explained that Qatar Charity has become the first organization that enabled the President to fulfill this promise, as today Qatar Charity has signed a grant for 40 Somali researchers, stressing that this grant is open to every Somali citizen who has the required qualifications. Farah expressed his deep thanks and appreciation to Qatar Charity for its vital interventions in all sectors. He also expressed his sincere thanks to the State of Qatar and the strong fraternal relations between the two countries. For his part, Professor Samuel Kali, Regional Director - Africa of the University, said: 'The cooperation agreement in the field of education with Qatar Charity contributes to the investment of the Somali intellectual with the aim of contributing to the sustainable development of the country, through a package of disciplines that serve the security and peace process while empowering students with skills.' required for studies and research. The agreement also enhances the spirit of innovation among students. Mr. Abdel Fattah Adam Muallem, Director of Qatar Charity's office in Somalia, said: Qatar Charity pays special attention to the education process in Somalia, as it seeks to contribute to building a brighter future for Somali generations. He added, 'Qatar Charity has been working in Somalia for many years and has provided support in the education sector, including building and renovating schools, providing scholarships to Somali students, supporting teacher training programs, and providing educational materials and supplies.
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