Qatar Charity sings MoU to provide artificial limbs for PWDs in Pakistan

Qatar Charity (QC) signed a tri-party memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal (PBM), a charity and social welfare organization, and Pakistan Institute of Prosthetics & Orthotic Science (PIPOS) to provide artificial limbs to persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Swat district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The MoU was signed by Mr. Ameen Abdulrahaman, director of Qatar Charity’s Pakistan office, Mr. Malik Zaheer Abbas Khokhar, managing director of PBM, and Dr. Javed Ghani, coordinator of PIPOS. Qatar Charity, through this MoU, aims to contribute to alleviating the suffering of the PWDs by providing them with artificial limbs and rehabilitation services. Under the MoU, Qatar Charity will provide funding to PIPOS to implement the artificial limb project for the benefit of 145 persons with disabilities, who have been identified by Pakistan Biat-ul-Mal. Mr. Ameen Abdulrahaman, director of Qatar Charity’s Pakistan office, said that this project will bring a new ray of hope to the persons with disabilities, changing their life for the better. He also indicated that Qatar Charity has been working with Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal for a long time in joint ventures for the betterment of the extremely vulnerable communities in Pakistan. Mr. Malik Zaheer Abbas Khokhar, managing director of Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal thanked Qatar Charity for extending support to provide the artificial limbs for the PWDs to ensure their mobility. He also noted that, Bait-ul-Mal, in collaboration with Qatar Charity, has previously provided artificial limbs to the PWDs in Balochistan Province to provide them with equal opportunities and integrate them into the community. Dr. Javed Ghani, coordinator of PIPOS, said that the PWDs will be provided with the best available artificial limbs, including bionic hands, under the supervision of an expert medical team, indicating that the project will allow them to live a better life, with no dependence on their families or relatives. It is worth mentioning that the MoU comes as part of Qatar Charity’s continued efforts to change the life of those with special needs for the better. Qatar Charity’s Pakistan office has earlier provided hearing aids, wheel chairs, sugar check kits for persons with special needs in the country, in addition to constructing toilets and providing financial assistance for them.


Qatar Charity strives for children’s brighter future
Qatar Charity strives to contribute to building a brighter future for orphans and children by implementing various social, educational, and cultural projects for them. On World Children’s Day, which was marked on November 20, under the theme ‘A better future for every child’, Qatar Charity stated that it has managed to provide comprehensive educational and social care, through its orphan care initiative, to more than 180,000 orphans and children belonging to underprivileged families worldwide. Qatar Charity is also keen to provide scholarships to orphans and children after they attain the age of 18, so that they can continue their studies. Qatar Charity’s student scholarship has helped many orphans and students emerge academically toppers and hold significant positions. Qatar Charity has sponsored 4,032 students this year. The number of sponsored teachers has so far reached 2,783. Qatar Charity attaches significant attention to the education sector across the globe. It implemented 2,588 projects in the field of education and culture during 2020-2021, benefiting more than 985,000 people The implemented projects include building and running schools, improving the level of education, and carrying out the maintenance of educational facilities, in addition to integrating those with special needs in different schools. Somalia as a model By sponsoring orphans and students, Qatar Charity has a very significant presence in many countries of the world, including Somalia. Since Qatar Charity’s office opened in Mogadishu, the number of those sponsored has reached 2,891 students and 33,990 orphans. The number of university graduates, who received Qatar Charity’s sponsorship, is 1800. In Somalia, many of students sponsored by Qatar Charity have carried out very well academic performance. Mogadishu University president Ibrahim Muhammad Mursal said the students sponsored by Qatar Charity always fared extremely well in various colleges of the university. Somaya Ali Ahmed, a graduate of economics and administrative sciences, said: “One of my dreams came true thanks to the benefactors in Qatar who considered me as one of their children, taking care of me and extending material and moral support to me.' “I am very grateful to Qatar Charity and the sponsors in Qatar for extending educational support to me,” said Nafsa Ahmed, a blind girl. She passed the secondary school examination with distinction marks, and decided to join Mogadishu University for her undergraduate study. She aspires to continue her study until obtaining a doctorate.
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Qatar Charity’s ‘Warmth and Peace’ aid convoys launched
Ahmed Fakhro: 'Our work is focused on IDPs and Refugees due to the dire humanitarian conditions they're suffering through' Deputy Mayor of Şahinbey in Gaziantep: 'Qatar Charity is our partner in carrying out several projects annually dedicated to Syrian refugees' The first batch of Qatar Charity’s (QC) aid convoys has departed from Turkey’s Gaziantep on Friday, as part of its 2021-2022 winter drive ‘Warmth and Peace’, heading to Syria and the Elbeyli camp on the Turkish-Syrian border. A delegation from Qatar Charity headed by Mr. Ahmad Yousef Fakhroo, CEO's assistant for the Resources Development and Media Sector has launched the campaign from Gaziantep along with volunteers, media figures and social media influencers, in addition to the deputy mayor of Şahinbey in Gaziantep, and other local officials. Some 30,000 internally displaced Syrians and Syrian refugees are expected to benefit from the aid. First Batch Some 15 aid convoys have been launched, carrying food items, personal hygiene kits, caravans, and tent sheets, with 11 convoys headed to camps located in the countryside of Idlib and Aleppo. Meanwhile, the other 4 convoys will be directly delivered to the Syrian refugees by Qatar Charity’s delegation. In cooperation of QC's Turkey office, Qatar Charity’s teams in Syria will distribute aid to families in need, orphans, widows and individuals with special needs, in addition to low-income households within host communities. Dozens of aid convoys are set to be launched carrying food, shelter, winterization aid and personal hygiene kits, in addition to 517 residential caravans. Some 350,000 refugees in Turkey and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in northern Syria are expected to benefit from interventions. Speech “Delivering aid to Syrian IDPs and refugees in Elbeyli camp on the Turkish-Syrian border and in Syria marks the launch of the ‘Warmth and Peace’ winter campaign,” said Mr. Ahmad Yousef Fakhroo, CEO's assistant for the Resources Development and Media sector at Qatar Charity during his speech at an event held on this occasion. He extended thanks to the people of Qatar for supporting Qatar Charity’s campaign to reach out to the target groups at an early time of winter. He said that their support contributes to bringing a warmer and safer winter to 1.4 million people in 18 countries around the world. He also thanked the deputy mayor of Şahinbey in Gaziantep, and the competent authorities in Turkey for supporting and facilitating the work of Qatar Charity in the country. “We pay significant attention to those most affected by winter, particularly refugees and internally displaced persons, because they are more vulnerable than others to climatic conditions due to their poor housing and living conditions, especially in light of the continued COVID-19 pandemic,” Fakhroo added. He noted that Qatar Charity interventions focus on Syrian ID, because of the dire humanitarian condition they suffer, and due to lack of accessibility by INGOs. He indicated that as Qatar Charity, through this delegation, is delivering aid to targeted beneficiaries, while simultaneously carrying out interventions in through its field teams, local and international partners. Mr. Cuma Güzel, deputy mayor of Şahinbey in Gaziantep, thanked the Qatari people and Qatar Charity for supporting the Syrian refugees in Turkey. 'We are working in partnership with Qatar Charity to implement many projects for Syrian refugees,” He added, emphasizing the importance of this cooperation for the benefit of Syrian refugees in the state. He also indicated that the state is working to deliver services and assistance to them. Campaign’s Target Qatar Charity has recently launched the ‘Warmth and Peace’ campaign for the 2021-2022 winter season under the slogan ‘Share the Warmth’. The winter campaign aims to deliver aid, worth nearly 90 million QR, to more than 1.4 million people, including IDPs, refugees, and underprivileged families, in 18 Asian, African and European countries. Countries In addition to the State of Qatar, target countries include Palestine, Pakistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Bangladesh, Syria, Kyrgyzstan, Somalia, Morocco, Afghanistan, India, Yemen, Turkey, and Kosovo. The campaign focuses on the displaced, refugees, and affected communities in countries suffering through protracted crises and facing exceptional circumstances. Campaign’s Products The campaign aims to deliver winterization aid in the areas of food, winter supplies, shelter, health and education. The winter campaign’s products include food packages, clothes, blankets, heaters, heating fuel, tents, rent stipends, maintenance, and personal hygiene kits. Among the campaign’s products are also necessary medicines and medical supplies to protect the underprivileged, the displaced, refugees, and those with chronic diseases. The campaign also aim to support children's and youths' education in asylum. Qatar Charity’s Delegation Qatar Charity's delegation members: Mr. Ahmad Yousef Fakhroo, CEO's assistant for the Resources Development and Media sector at Qatar Charity Mr. Ahmed al-Shirawi, Head of the Relations and Social Responsibility Department at Qatar Charity. Volunteers team: Hamad Jassim, media person, beIN SPORTS Asma Al Hammadi, media person, Al Jazeera Network Among the social media influencers who joined the delegation: Mr. Mohsen Jassem - Wakra Live Mr. Mohammed Ghanem Al-Mohannadi The delegation also includes: Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Harami, Dr. Hamad Al-Jaber, Nebras initiative. Visiting families of orphans In addition to participating in the aid distribution, Qatar Charity’s delegation paid a visit to Syrian orphans and their families in Turkey to assess their needs. During the visit, gifts and toys were provided to the children. On the sidelines of the visit, Mr. Ahmed al-Shirawi, head of the Relations and Social Responsibility section at Qatar Charity, said that this visit reflects Qatar Charity’s dedication and commitment towards orphans and their families, and its efforts in providing a dignified life for them through its sponsorship program. He also pointed that Qatar Charity’s ‘Rofaqa’ initiative is one of the largest orphan sponsorship initiatives in the world, sponsoring more than 180,000 orphans. Ways to Donate Donors can safely donate through Qatar Charity’s website (, app (Qatar Charity Mobile Apps - Be prepared with our apps (, branches, or collection points located in malls and commercial centers across the country. Additionally, ‘Home Collectors' can be requested through the number: 44667711.
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Qatar Charity’s CEO at Aidex 2021: We will collaborate with partners to heal from Covid-19’s impacts
Qatar Charity (QC) participated in the Aidex global forum, which is the largest annual event in the world in the field of international and development aid. During his speech at the opening session of the forum that has been attended by his Excellency Mr. Khalid bin Fahd Al-Hajri the Ambassador of the State of Qatar in the Kingdom of Belgium and Dr. Mohamed Salah, the Director of International Cooperation at the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities, Mr. Yousef bin Ahmed al-Kuwari, CEO of Qatar Charity, talked about the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the entire word. “Inequalities are going to be worse than ever, with the rich being able to have access to life-saving health services during the pandemic, while the poor could not afford vaccines to save their lives.” said the CEO of Qatar Charity. “Now, we can slowly begin to heal and to achieve justice, social equality and solidarity,” Stressed Mr. Yousef bin Ahmed al-Kuwari indicating that Qatar Charity spent 500 million dollars last year in over 60 countries, reaching out to 14 million beneficiaries. He also added, “We contributed to saving and changing lives.. We worked with partners to catch up with the growing humanitarian needs and we worked to build resilience and hope. Today, we extend this suggestion to all of you present here, organizations and entities from all sectors, and missions participating in this forum to reach out to millions more, and to start to heal from a painful period of our history.” 3D display technology Qatar Charity, on the sidelines of the event, demonstrated the impact of its humanitarian and developmental activities in 2020, using a 3D display technology at its stand at the Aidex exhibition. The stand has received a large number of visitors attending the event. Supporting displaced Afghans Qatar Charity also ran a panel discussion titled ‘Humanitarian Aid in Afghanistan: New Difficulties and Challenges’ to discuss the difficulties that international organizations are currently facing in Afghanistan, and ways to deliver humanitarian aid, especially in light of changes in security and logistical conditions. The panel discussion was an opportunity to improve the importance of the urgent and sustained support needed for the Afghan people and to prevent a major humanitarian crisis. Mr. Nawaf al-Hammadi, the CEO’s assistant for the International Operations and Partnerships sector, represented Qatar Charity in the panel discussion. Other participants are Mr. Geert Cappelaere, Unicef representative in the European Union Institutions and director of the Unicef Partnership Office; Ms. Yasmine Rockenfeller, president of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for Global Issues in the European Union; Mr. Philippe Ribeard, representative of Médecins Sans Frontières Afghanistan; and Mr. Syahrir Azfar bin Saleh, chief of operations for Global Peace Mission Malaysia. Speaking about Qatar Charity’s role in Afghanistan, Mr. Al-Hammadi said that Qatar Charity was among the few organizations that managed to deliver aid directly to Afghanistan. He indicated that more than 180 tons of basic relief items were delivered by air to internally displaced Afghans before winter season. Mr. Al Hammadi mentioned the obstacles and difficulties that Qatar Charity faced in providing the necessary aid in Afghanistan, emphasizing the need to continue working to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan. Other participants also voiced the need for concerted efforts to prevent the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, especially in winter season, and the necessary solutions to protect the displaced people, in addition to the need of supporting the country’s education sector, especially girls' education.
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