Qatar Charity signs MoU with health department in Somalia’s Benadir

Qatar Charity (QC) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Health Department of Somalia’s Benadir region to cooperate in delivering health care services in the region. The MoU comes in support of the health sector's efforts to contribute to providing health services to the people in Benadir. Mr. Abdinur Mursal, director of Qatar Charity’s Somalia office, and Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud Addo, director of Health Department in Benadir Region signed the MoU in the presence of many officials from the both sides. The memorandum aims to enhance joint efforts in the health field, provide health and nutrition services, especially maternal and child care, for those in need, strengthen the health system, and improve the skills of health workers. It also seeks to implement joint action plans to carry out activities to fight infectious diseases and HIV. On the sidelines of the signing ceremony, Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud Addo, director of Benadir’s Health Department, praised the cooperation with Qatar Charity in the field of health, noting that the agreement contributes positively to helping needy people who can not afford hospital costs. He also appreciated Qatar Charity’s support for the Somali people, especially in the field of health. Mr. Abdinur Mursal, Director of Qatar Charity’s Somalia office, underlined the importance of the MoU in establishing and consolidating partnerships with official authorities in the country, especially in the health sector, noting Qatar Charity’s keenness to cooperate with Benadir Region and the concerned units in the fields of health, education, water and sanitation, relief, and family and child care. 'Qatar Charity has always been striving to alleviate the suffering of the needy and the poor and to contribute to meeting the health and food needs of the vulnerable in all Somali regions,” said Mursal, indicating that Qatar Charity is considered to be one of the largest humanitarian organizations working in the country. He added that Qatar Charity, with the support of philanthropists in Qatar, managed to build 10 health centers in Benadir region alone in the past period. It is worth mentioning that in 2019, Qatar Charity signed a co-operation and partnership agreement with the Somali Ministry of Health and Human Services to ensure the effective participation of Qatar Charity in health projects in accordance with the sectoral strategy and the ministry’s priorities. The co-operation between the ministry and Qatar Charity includes building and repairing health centers and hospitals, providing them with necessary medical equipment and ambulances, distributing medicines to them, and training medical staff in Somalia.


Qatar Charity delivers urgent relief aid to the Afghan people

Qatar Charity has delivered the first batch of urgent relief aid to the Afghan people, with further humanitarian assistance to be delivered in the coming days. Delivered via Qatar Airways, the aid provides 15 tons of necessary foodstuffs to cover the needs of 10,000 families for a month. Mr. Nawaf al-Hammadi, CEO's assistant for International Operations and Programs at Qatar Charity said, 'Qatar Charity is closely following the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan. We are mobilizing efforts to help Afghan people through urgent humanitarian intervention with the support of the Qatari community; especially after the great efforts exerted by the State of Qatar through its technical teams in operating Kabul Airport and other access ports, which allowed aid teams to reach different areas of Afghanistan.' He added that Qatar Charity, in cooperation with the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD), is the first NGO to deliver aid from the State of Qatar, stressing on Qatar people's keenness to support the brotherly people of Afghanistan. This batch is one of three set for distribution to help Afghan people overcome these exceptional circumstances. Upon the COVID-19 pandemic in Afghanistan, Qatar Charity, in cooperation with the UNHCR in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, delivered urgent aid to help Afghan refugees in Pakistan mitigate the pandemic. 3.400 relief and essential health aid were distributed, benefiting 15.000 Afghan refugees in refugee camps. Added to that, food aid and hygiene items were delivered to 5.400 people in Khorasan camp of Peshawar district and 10.000 people in Baraki camp of Swabi district.

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Qatar Charity drills 222 water wells in Sudan

Targeting 170,000 beneficiaries Qatar Charity drills 222 water wells in Sudan Qatar Charity office in Sudan has completed drilling 222 wells in the states of Darfur, Kordofan and a number of other Sudanese states where lack of clean water sources have been reported. Throughout the past 5 years, Qatar Charity water projects in Sudan have reached 170,000 beneficiaries. Engineer Hassan Ali Odeh, Director of the Sudan Office notes that throughout the past 25 years of work in Sudan, Qatar Charity implemented more than 2,000 projects targeting areas in need. Additionally, 6 new wells were drilled in North Darfur state in the localities of Kutum and Malit in North Darfur state, he added. This year, affected areas in North Kordofan state have been provided with clean sources of water. Additionally, water wells were drilled in 'Jabra Al Sheikh, Abu Derg, Abu Hadid, Kabsh Al Nour, and Al Ambaj villages” as part of Qatar Charity’s office mission which has been expanding its work since 2016. The beneficiaries in the states of Darfur and Kordofan have expressed their gratitude and relief, noting that QC’s projects changed their lives after having to walk more than 10 kilometers under the searing summer sun to collect water. Sudanese officials have also expressed their appreciation for the great humanitarian and development work of Qatar Charity in Sudan, where the organization has been working to improve the well-being and quality of services provided to local communities through educational and health projects, water projects, economic empowerment and vocational training; extending their thanks and appreciation to the people of Qatar who made these projects possible through their continuous support. Worth mentioning that Qatar Charity, has contracted with a German company in 2014 to provide some of the world's most advanced rigs and equipment utilized for drilling artesian wells in Sudan, Somalia, Niger and Burkina Faso, which greatly contributes to addressing water scarcity in these countries, and in Sudan in particular.

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Qatar Charity inaugurates a health center in Somalia

In a ceremony attended by Qatari ambassador Qatar Charity inaugurates a health center in Somalia Qatar Charity has inaugurated a health center in the Tarkinli, Banadir in Somalia, to provide health care services to 20,000 residents. The opening ceremony was attended by the Governor of Banadir Region, Mr. Omar Mohamed Mahmoud, His Excellency Mr. Hassan bin Hamza Hashem, Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Somalia, Ms. Basma Amer Ahmed, Deputy Governor of Banadir for Social Affairs, Tarkanli District Official Mr. Jihad Sheikh Hassan, and the Health Officer of Banadir Region Mohamed Mahmoud Addo, and Mr. Abdel Nour Haj Ali Mursal, Director of Qatar Charity’s office in Somalia. In his speech during the ceremony, the Governor of Banadir Region and the Mayor of the capital, Omar Mohamed Mahmoud extended his thanks to the State of Qatar, the government and people, for their support and contribution to help vulnerable segments of Somali society, adding that this center is a great contribution to support the Kawakdi residents and promote their wellbeing. For his part, HE the Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Somalia, Hassan bin Hamza Hashem, praised the brotherly relationship between the two countries, stressing that the State of Qatar is always keen on contributing to building the Somali state through sustainable projects and development of the Somali community, including the Mogadishu-Afgoye road project, and Mogadishu Jawhar. Likewise, Ms. Basma Amer Ahmed, Deputy Governor of Banadir for Social Affairs, added that Qatari government and people has stood in solidarity with the Somali people, especially during crises and disasters. For his part, the Tarkanli district official Jihad Sheikh Hassan expressed his thanks and appreciation to the donors whose donations saved the lives of pregnant mothers, children and the elderly. “This project aims to provide health care for residents of the region, and cover the needs identified by the administration of the region to support the health sector which contribute to improving the health and wellbeing of the community members and to lower mortality rates of pregnant women and children under the age of five” Abdul Nour Mursal, Director of Qatar Charity’s office in Somalia. Health Services The center will provide various health services including first aid, women and children healthcare services, reproductive health, diagnostic services 'x-rays', vaccination, laboratory and health awareness. Qatar Charity has also inagurated health centers in a number of Somali states to support the Somali health sector, in implementation of the agreement signed with the Somali Ministry of Health to deliver health projects in accordance with the sectoral strategy and the ministry's priorities.

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