Qatar Charity holds medical camp for children with congenital heart diseases in Bangladesh

Qatar Charity (QC) has held a week-long medical camp in Bangladesh to provide essential treatment for nearly 90 children suffering from congenital heart diseases. This medical camp, which started on August 13, and will continue till August 21, 2022, has an expert in pediatric cardiology and consultant in interventional catheter procedures from the University of Texas, USA. The camp also includes other pediatric cardiologists, cardiac surgeons from Jordan and Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), Qatar, an anesthesiologist from Ramallah hospitals, and many medical staff from Bangladesh. The doctors conduct the ‘device closure procedure for the children suffering from congenital heart diseases. The medical staff, upon the arrival, began conducting multiple examinations to assess the cases that require operations. Coordination was made with the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases in Bangladesh to prepare a list of 100 - 150 patients with various types of malformations. “We are trying our best to provide essential treatment for all the children, and hopefully, they will lead a better life,” said Professor Dr. Muhammad Numan, an expert in pediatric cardiology and consultant in interventional catheter procedures at the University of Texas. He indicated that a ‘device closure procedure’ was successfully conducted for a 17-year-old girl, Tanzina Akhtar, who has been suffering from a large hole in the lower chamber of the heart. “Hundreds of children patients are not finding unoccupied beds in the hospital, which is very big, and has hundreds of beds,” said Dr. Abdul Majeed, a health expert at Qatar Charity, adding that this critical situation indicates that the huge number of children are suffering from congenital heart diseases. He noted that more support is needed for enhancing the facilities and capacity of the hospital, urging philanthropists to provide this very vital support. The families thanked the philanthropists in Qatar for easing the suffering of their children. “It was very difficult for me to bear the expenses of my child’s treatment,” said the father of an 8-year-old child, Sadia, who received the treatment at the camp, adding that “we got an opportunity to treat my child with the help of Qatar Charity.” “My daughter has been suffering from heart disease since birth, and we tried a lot to provide her better treatment, but all efforts were in vain due to the financial scarcity,” said the mother of Tanzina Akhter. She thanked the benefactors of Qatar and Qatar Charity for providing the appropriate treatment for her daughter. It is worth mentioning that this is the second medical camp of its kind being held in Bangladesh. Some 31 children received medical care required for their congenital heart diseases at the first medical camp.


Qatar Charity signs agreement to drill 50 wells in Albania
Qatar Charity (QC) has signed an agreement to drill 50 wells for the benefit of 10,000 people in the Municipality of Fieri, Albania. The pact is part of Qatar Charity’s efforts to support the sector of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) in the country. The signing ceremony was attended by HE Ali bin Hamad Al Marri, Qatar's ambassador to Albania, Mrs. Nada Abdulrahman Al Sayed, Counselor, Mr. Armando Subashi, Mayor of the Municipality of Fieri, Mrs. Enkelejda Peshkpia, Deputy mayor of the Municipality of Fieri, and Mahmoud Abbas Shaker, director of Qatar Charity Albania office. Speaking at the ceremony, HE Ali bin Hamad Al Marri, Qatar's ambassador to Albania, praised the strength of the relations between Qatar and Albania and their people, stating that Qatar attaches great importance to strengthening relations and improving cooperation with Albania in various fields. He added that these projects are gift from the people of Qatar, through Qatar Charity, for the people of Albania. He noted Qatar's previous support for Albania and its people, especially in light of crises. Mr. Armando Subashi, Mayor of the Municipality of Fieri, commended Qatar’s efforts and continuous assistance to Albania and its people. He also applauded the role of Qatar Charity in implementing qualitative projects, expressing his delight with the signing of the agreement. He added that this agreement will contribute to easing the hardships faced by the people in the municipality, hoping for expanding cooperation between Qatar Charity and the municipality. During the ceremony, HE Ali bin Hamad Al Marri, Qatar's ambassador to Albania, and Mr. Armando Subashi, Mayor of the Municipality of Fieri, distributed 500 school uniforms to orphans and students sponsored by Qatar Charity. At the end of the ceremony, the mayor of the municipality presented a gift to the Qatari ambassador, in appreciation of his efforts and the role of Qatar Charity in delivering services in Albania. It is worth mentioning that Qatar Charity, since the opening of its office in the Albanian capital Tirana in 1994, has been working in many fields such as social welfare, education, relief, and community service, in addition to implementing seasonal projects. Qatar Charity sponsors 6,000 persons, who are orphans, those with special needs, poor families, and students. It has a model school with more than 400 students, in addition to a training center that provides computer and various languages training to more than 1,500 students annually. Qatar Charity has drilled more than 500 wells in schools, hospitals, and other places.
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Qatar Charity launches emergency appeal for the affected of Gaza
Qatar Charity (QC) has launched an emergency appeal for the affected in Palestine’s Gaza Strip to deliver urgent food, shelter and health aid to them. The ‘Palestine Emergency Appeal’ under the slogan ‘Show Your Support to Gaza’ came in response to the problematic humanitarian conditions that became further worse due to the events unfolded recently in Gaza. In the field of food security, the drive aims to provide essential food items and cash assistance to the affected and the vulnerable, in addition to supporting underprivileged farmers and fishermen. In the field of health, the drive seeks to provide medical consumables, medicines, laboratory supplies and fuel for hospitals. In the field of shelter, Qatar Charity aims to build 18 housing units and repair 71 severely damaged housing units, in addition to repairing 1,675 partially damaged housing units. Due to the recent events, the people of the Gaza Strip are suffering a new humanitarian tragedy that made their already strained living conditions further worse. Hundreds of the wounded need urgent treatment and medicine. Many families have become homeless, and are need of aid after their homes were destroyed. It is worth mentioning that Qatar Charity, through its office, implements various humanitarian and development projects for the benefit of deprived families in the Gaza Strip in the fields of education, health, WASH, and income-generating. Qatar Charity has urged the benevolent people of Qatar to support the emergency relief drive for the people of Gaza. Benefactors can donate through Qatar Charity’s website, app, branches, and collection points across the country, in addition to dialing 44290000 for donating.
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With funding from OCHA, Qatar Charity implements self-reliance project in northern Syria
Qatar Charity (QC), with funding from OCHA’s Syria Cross-border Humanitarian Fund (SCHF), has started implementing a project to support the self-reliance of crisis-affected population and improve socio-economic services in northern Syria. The project is expected to be completed in January 2023 for the benefit of nearly 3000 people. The project is designed on a joint basis between the sectors of early recovery and livelihoods to increase the resilience of affected communities and early recovery through integrated activities in selected areas of northwestern Syria. The project aims to respond to urgent humanitarian priorities and needs within the 2021 Needs and Response Strategy. It seeks to provide an integrated service to the targeted groups and communities through an integrated approach to intervention in the sectors of food security & livelihoods (FSL) and early recovery and livelihoods (ERL). This project is designed to support the creation of job opportunities for individuals affected by the crisis and the expansion of small businesses through integration with value chain support in each of the targeted areas, which are Al-Dana in Idlib governorate, Afrin and Al-Rai in Aleppo governorate. The project has many activities like rehabilitating two irrigation stations in Afrin with main and secondary canals along a length of 40 km to ensure access to irrigation services for about 2,000 hectares of agricultural lands. The activities also include providing job opportunities for nearly 50 workers in the beneficiary area, and establishing 3 medium-sized food processing workshops in Afrin, Al-Dana and Al-Raee, which will create job opportunities for 165 beneficiaries. Each workshop will be supported by a one-time cost of establishment and equipment, raw materials and with operational expenses for a period of 4 months. The project also includes the distribution of agricultural inputs to 200 farmers in Al-Dana, Afrin and Al-Raee. Among the activities of the project is also to support 114 small business owners to scale up their small businesses through small business grants, and to build their capacities in managing small businesses through 30 hours of training and 6 coaching guidance visits throughout the project. This activity targets the shops owners in the two markets that were newly established by Qatar Charity in Al-Raee (39 shops) and Al-Dana (50 shops), in addition to 25 beneficiaries from outside the market. It is worth mentioning that Qatar Charity has implemented many food security projects within Syria, which include wheat and vegetable value support, in addition to providing small grants and rehabilitating silos and agricultural structures.
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