Qatar Charity implements water projects and provides shelter for poor families

As part of its continuous efforts to improve the quality of life for needy families in Sri Lanka and provide them with a decent life, Qatar Charity’s office in Sri Lanka has implemented water projects and improving housing conditions. These interventions included digging deep water wells in various areas, and a house was handed over to one of the poor families fully equipped. Water projects With the support of philanthropists in Qatar, Qatar Charity has drilled 54 deep water wells in different areas of Sri Lanka, namely Gampha, Trincomalee, Batticlo, Ampara, and Anuradhapura in the eastern and north-central regions of Sri Lanka, as these areas suffer from scarcity of water sources and their pollution, which is pushing the population to bring water from places far from their areas of residence. one of the beneficiaries, Abdul Quddus Nias, said:' Our situation is very difficult due to the scarcity of water, which forces my children to go long distances to find water, and sometimes they are not able to go to school, but now, thanks to the well that Qatar Charity provided in our area, our lives have changed for the better'. He added: 'Everything has changed here. We have enough water to meet our needs and we share the water from this well with the people of the village. My children are very happy and go to school without any obstacles. I have noticed an improvement in their educational level. I am very grateful to the Qatari people and to Qatar Charity for their support.' Giving this opportunity to my family and the rest of the people of our region.” For his part, the Director General of the General Secretariat of Non-Governmental Organizations in Sri Lanka, Mr. Sanjeewa Wimalajunaratna, said: “My responsibilities as coordinator of local NGOs are not limited to monitoring and approving projects implemented by various international NGOs operating in Sri Lanka. We interact deeply with the beneficiaries and donor institutions and through... My follow-up of Qatar Charity’s programs and projects is exceptional. In every project they implement, there is a very high success rate, and they reach the poorest segments of society to make a difference in their lives.” He added: 'Qatar Charity has provided homes for the poor, water wells, economic empowerment projects, and education projects, to name a few. They have sponsored many orphan children and supported them until they finish their studies.' Providing housing Meanwhile, Qatar Charity's office in Sri Lanka built, and furnished a house and handed it over to a poor family that lost its breadwinner. The family was unable to rebuild their dilapidated house, which lacked the lowest standards of human life. Qatar Charity was quick to extend a helping hand to this family and provide them with a healthy and clean home. Mrs. Nosquia expressed her happiness in receiving the house, saying: “During the rain, life stops in our village, My situation and my children are very difficult due to the lack of a safe house to shelter us, but now, thanks to Qatar Charity, we have a house and my children will go to school without fear of the teacher.” Because their books got wet due to the rain, and I will be able to receive my friends We will live a happy life.” It is worth noting that many families in Sri Lanka lack housing in a clean and safe house, considering the inability of many families to build homes due to weak financial capabilities and the difficult living situation.


Qatar Charity distributes aid to its beneficiaries in Bosnia
With the support of Qatari people, Qatar Charity provided aid to its sponsors in Bosnia, benefiting 126 of its sponsored families, including orphans, students, people with special needs, and needy families. This is with the aim of meeting their necessary living needs, improving their lives, and providing them with the necessary support to achieve a better and more stable future. The aid was distributed during a visit by the Qatar Charity office team in Bosnia to several sponsored families in the municipalities of Tuzla and Givnica in eastern Bosnia, in order to inspect their conditions and provide psychological support to them and their families, learn about their needs and living conditions, and listen to their requirements. The team was also keen to urge the orphans and students to continue striving in life, study hard, and engage in the educational and cultural activities provided by Qatar Charity through its offices inBosnia. The aid distributed to the beneficiaries included a package of clothes, refrigerators, firewood, wardrobes, and payment of electricity expenses, in addition to providing students’ tuition fees, in addition to other needs. The sponsored persons and their families expressed their great thanks and gratitude to the benevolent people of Qatar, including sponsors and donors to Qatar Charity, expressing their happiness with the assistance provided to them, whether material, moral or personal. The orphan Ayla Arnaut, the distinguished student in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Tuzla College, who was sponsored by the association four years ago, said that she is very happy and expressed her sincere thanks to the white hands that are caring for her. It is worth noting that Qatar Charity is currently sponsoring, as part of the efforts of its “Rofaqaa” initiative, 3,527 people in Bosnia, including orphans, people with special needs, students, teachers, and needy families, including about 2,500 orphans, both male and female, distributed across the cities and villages of Bosnia. Qatar Charity has also completed many specific projects in Bosnia, most notably the “Orphan Care and Rehabilitation Center” project, which aims to provide free educational and recreational services to the category of orphans sponsored by Qatar Charity. Another specific project is the female student housing project, as the project provides university study opportunities for female students from poor families for all university majors available in the country, provided that the scholarship covers the entire period of study scheduled for the female student. The project consists of providing comprehensive subsistence costs for (110) female students, in addition to purposeful educational programs that benefit female students throughout the year.
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Qatar Charity co-sponsors UN OCHA's ECOSOC 2024 Side Event on Innovations in Humanitarian Response in New York
Qatar Charity co-sponsored, alongside the Permanent Mission of Norway to the United Nations, a side event during the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) 2024 Humanitarian Affairs Segment. The event, titled 'How OCHA’s Pooled Funds Advance Meaningful Partnerships for Innovations in Humanitarian Response,' took place on Friday 28 June 2024, in New York City. The event aimed to spotlight the critical role that OCHA’s pooled funds play in fostering innovative solutions and effective partnerships within the humanitarian sector. Ahmed AlRumaihi, the Director of External Affairs at Qatar Charity, represented Qatar Charity at the panel discussion and reflected on the role of development actors in the Global South to pioneer innovative approaches in humanitarian aid and emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing global humanitarian challenges. The discussion was led by Lisa Doughten, Director, Financing and Partnerships Division at OCHA, and included experts from Norway, the Pacific Islands Association of Non-Governmental Organizations and UNFPA. Speaking after the event, Ahmed AlRumaihi said: “With a world in state of permanent crisis, Qatar Charity envisions a future where humanitarian aid is not only responsive but also anticipatory and adaptive to emerging challenges. By actively engaging in forums like the ECOSOC Humanitarian Affairs Segment, we seek to contribute to the global discourse on enhancing humanitarian action through innovation, partnership and most importantly, localization”. Ahmed AlRumaihi’s participation in the side event reaffirms Qatar Charity’s commitment to supporting OCHA’s mission and aligning with emerging perspectives on how pooled funds can be optimized to foster innovation and drive transformative change in humanitarian response. Lisa Doughten, Director of Financing and Partnerships Division, spoke of her meetings with Ahmed AlRumaihi ahead of the event and said “ Delighted to meet with Qatar Charity to discuss the importance of coordinated action through diplomacy and innovative partnerships. Such collaboration is necessary for effective humanitarian responses” For more than 26 years, the ECOSOC Humanitarian Affairs Segment has been central in underscoring the critical role that coordination plays in strengthening the effectiveness of humanitarian assistance within the United Nations. The Segment gathers key stakeholders ranging from Member States, UN agencies, INGOs to the private sector to discuss and promote effective humanitarian policies and practices. This year’s theme focuses on “Putting humanity first in the face of conflicts and climate change: strengthening humanitarian assistance and respect for international humanitarian law, and promoting effectiveness, innovation and partnerships”.
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Qatar Charity renews ‘CP’ agreement with FMM
Qatar Charity (QC) has renewed the cooperation agreement with Facilities Management & Maintenance Company (FMM). As part of the agreement, the company was awarded the ‘CP’ trademark under the bronze category of Qatar Charity’s ‘Charity Partner’ program. This agreement was renewed as part of FMM's commitment to participating as a charity partner in the programs and activities organized by Qatar Charity. It also reflects the company's dedication to social responsibility towards the community. The agreement was signed by Mr. Ahmad Yousef Fakhroo, CEO's assistant for the Resources Development and Media sector, and Eng. Irene Vidal, CEO of FMM. Mr. Ahmad Yousef Fakhroo, CEO's assistant for the Resources Development and Media sector at Qatar Charity, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to FMM for its continued contributions, assisting those in need and supporting community development through the renewal of the ‘CP’ agreement. Fakhroo emphasized the importance of strengthening community partnerships within the ‘CP’ program, which includes gold, silver, and bronze categories. He also encouraged companies and institutions in Qatar to join the program to bolster collective efforts in supporting needy communities. “Through our four-year partnership with Qatar Charity, FMM has contributed to a good cause that transcends borders. We are determined to improve the lives of others and support their betterment. FMM believes in the synergies of unity, the positive impact of compassion, and its potential contribution to change,” said Eng. Irene Vidal, CEO of FMM. She also noted the company's continued participation in community activities to make a difference in the lives of those in need. It is important to highlight that the ‘CP’ trademark is a unique designation awarded by Qatar Charity to companies, organizations, and institutions within strategic partnerships according to different conditions and levels reflecting their social impact and positive influence on those served by Qatar Charity worldwide. This ‘CP’ mark underscores these entities' commitment to their social responsibilities.
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