Qatar Charity Water Projects combat drought in Somalia

Qatar Charity Water Projects combat drought in Somalia (A healthy land to rebuild better. Repairing ecosystems Land Healing) the theme of the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, 17 June This year, the United Nations and humanitarian organizations are working to restore land and turn degraded land into fertile land to create economic resilience and new job opportunities and achieve global food security. 5 years achievements Qatar Charity is one of the most important international organizations working to combat drought and desertification in several world regions. It varied between drilling and equipping surface and deep wells, establishing and equipping water purification plants, in addition to constructing sewage facilities, equipping its networks, and maintaining and rehabilitating water and sanitation facilities. The number of water and sanitation projects implemented by Qatar Charity in several countries from 2016 to 2021 has reached more than 56 thousand projects at the cost of more than 435 million Qatari riyals, and more than 17 million people have benefited from these projects around the world. The water projects implemented in 2021 alone exceeded 10,000 projects, benefiting more than 6 million people, at a total cost of nearly 101 million Qatari riyals. Case Study Somalia is one of the countries suffering from severe drought and desertification. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs OCHA reported that an estimated 2.7 million Somalis would face severe food shortages in the coming months. Water supply Qatar Charity is keen to enable poor and drought-affected communities to obtain potable water sources in their areas of presence by digging surface and artesian wells and digging pond water. In 2019, Qatar Charity signed a cooperation and partnership agreement with the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources in Mogadishu. This agreement aims to achieve sustainable development in the energy and water sector. The areas of cooperation between the Ministry and Qatar Charity include drilling deep and shallow wells, digging water ponds, restoring deep wells, installing solar water pumps for drilled wells, in addition to training cadres in renewable energy and water technology. Qatar Charity has also worked to activate its strategic partnerships through its office in Somalia with international organizations such as the United Nations Children’s Fund, the Food and Agriculture Organization, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Medical Corps, and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Qatar Charity is also a member of the NGO Alliance in Somali. The total cost of water projects in Somalia from drilling surface and artesian wells that Qatar Charity implemented in Somalia alone from 2016 to 2021 amounted to more than 31 million Qatari riyals. About 900 water projects have been implemented, benefiting more than 413,000 people. In 2021, Qatar Charity drilled 16 shallow wells in Somalia and 32 deep wells with 200 meters. Relief operations Following the drought that struck Somalia in 2019, Qatar Charity provided several aids, including the distribution of basic foodstuffs, in addition to a campaign to water potable water and deliver it to remote places. The value of this aid was estimated at 6 million riyals, benefiting more than 119,000 people. The total value of Qatar Charity's water projects and relief campaigns for those affected by drought and drought in 2019 amounted to about 11.5 million riyals, benefiting more than 550,000 people.


Hundreds of Syrian students are tested through Qatar Charity's accelerated education

Hundreds of Syrian students are tested through Qatar Charity's accelerated education 600 students who dropped out of school take final exams in northern Syria; they represent the first batch of students benefiting from the project after receiving 'accelerated education' within the temporary education centers funded by the Humanitarian Fund in Syria 'SCHF' of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs 'OCHA' and implemented by Qatar Charity. Qatar Charity launched the 'Accelerated Education' project for Syrian children who dropped out of education at the end of 2020, in partnership with OCHA, where 1,200 students benefited from it in Azaz and Al-Bab regions in northern Syria. Educational gap The project seeks to return dropped children to school by applying the accelerated learning methodology to reduce the educational gap using a curriculum developed by the United Nations Children's Fund 'UNICEF' to enter formal education next year after receiving the necessary care and education. Qatar Charity’s intervention consists of restoring two temporary education centers that provide “accelerated education” service in northern Syria. Appointing qualified academic cadres and training them on the accelerated education curriculum, distributing its books, school bags, and stationery to children, in addition to providing psychological support service, as well as providing Operating expenses, heating fuel, and providing transportation to transport children with special needs to and from the center. Qatar Charity's 'Accelerated Education' project found a great turnout from children and interaction from their families, as the project represented to them a hope to integrate school dropouts with their peers through direct coordination with the directorates of education by signing cooperation protocols to provide the appropriate educational service. Challenging hardships Many Syrian children of the displaced have been forced to drop out of education and work to help their families. Cases of early marriage have also increased in the displacement camps. With the continuation of the humanitarian crisis, the age difference between the children who dropped out and their peers in schools began to widen, and many attempts to integrate the dropped children with younger children within the same educational stage failed, as the children returned to the dropout. Qatar Charity's intervention Qatar Charity has attached great importance to education, as it has implemented dozens of educational projects for displaced Syrians and refugees to provide equal educational opportunities for all. The total beneficiaries of its projects have reached more than 1.2 million boys and girls over the past five years. Qatar Charity has provided the camps with 40 educational spaces in the form of caravans equipped with school chairs, air conditioners, writing boards, heaters, and fire extinguishers, as well as first aid bags in addition to printing school books and distributing them free of charge to all school students of all stages in northern Syria, whose number is estimated at half a million students. These textbooks cover 100% of the general need for textbooks in these areas, which suffer from a large proportion of displacement.

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Qatar Charity provides medical supplies to Palestinian hospitals

Qatar Charity provides medical supplies to Palestinian hospitals Qatar Charity office in Palestine implemented a project to provide medical supplies to government hospitals in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Qatar Charity provided vital signs measuring devices, beds, covers, and medical glove boxes to hospitals in the northern, central and southern West Bank, contributing to the development of the health service provided to hundreds of patients. The project aims to improve the type of services in hospitals and work to reduce the economic burden on health service providers. Qatar Charity seeks to enhance health services provided in West Bank hospitals, especially hospitals with a shortage of necessary equipment through this project and other health projects. Education support This project comes two days after the Qatar Charity office in Palestine signed two frameworks for joint action with the Palestinian Ministry of Education to implement several projects that serve the educational process in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. These projects related to building and furnishing schools, linking them to solar energy systems, rehabilitating some of them to be compatible with students with disabilities, providing many supplies related to infrastructure, and providing school aids. Economic Empowerment Projects In the past few days, Qatar Charity signed a joint framework with the Ministry of Social Development to implement projects that serve the social sector, the economic empowerment sector, and housing the poor. The signed framework includes implementing Qatar Charity projects in Palestine within the social sector, economic empowerment, housing for the poor, and the integration of roles between the two institutions to reach the neediest beneficiaries in the various governorates (West Bank and Gaza Strip. Food security To enhance food security in Palestine, Qatar Charity and the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture signed a joint framework (2021-2023) that emphasizes strengthening the strategic partnership and continuous cooperation between the two parties. Relief campaign The implementation of the health supplies project and the signing of joint frameworks with several Palestinian ministries for the benefit of the targeted in Gaza and the West Bank coincides with the continuation of the Relief campaign. You can donate through the Qatar Charity website and application: Www. /psa or via collection points and branches, or the hotline: 44667711

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Funded by Qatar Fund for Development: Qatar Charity provides medicine for kidney patients in northern Syria

Funded by Qatar Fund for Development: Qatar Charity provides medicine for kidney patients in northern Syria With funding from Qatar Fund for Development, Qatar Charity has secured quantities of necessary medicines and medical requirements for kidney patients in the cities and countryside of northern Syria through its strategic medical warehouses. More than 700 people with kidney failure benefit from these medicines. Qatar Charity has secured their needs for necessary medicines every three months for a year. The 'strategic medical warehouses in northern Syria' project, launched by Qatar Charity this year with funding from Qatar Fund for Development, is a vital project, as tens of thousands suffer from chronic diseases throughout the region and its health centers are devoid of basic medical supplies. The project has provided two strategic warehouses for storing and preserving medicines and medical supplies for patients with renal failure, whose services cover (30) health facilities with a monthly supply of medical services, in addition to (47) hospitals that are provided with the necessary medical analgesics, in addition to providing (11) hospitals with dialysis medicines in the north Syrian. The project focuses its efforts on the displaced, especially women, children. Officials from health centers in northern Syria confirm that the health needs of the displaced are great and need concerted efforts to provide the necessary medicines, especially for patients undergoing dialysis, and that the health centers in the region lack the most basic elements of health care and need medicines and medical requirements. The officials appreciated the support provided by Qatar Fund for Development and Qatar Charity for their efforts in providing these quality medicines to kidney patients and securing them for their needs of medicines. They pointed out that this vital project contributes to saving hundreds of chronically ill patients. The medical materials donated to Al-Hedaya Dialysis Center and other primary health centers will significantly affect the strengthening and continuity of medical services for displaced patients in the region.

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