Qatar Charity completes first phase of housing project for Syrian IDPs

Qatar Charity (QC) has completed the first phase of the housing project for internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in the camps of Ain-Aara and in the other camps located in northwest Syria. The project aims to preserve the human dignity of the expected beneficiaries by improving their living conditions. The project is funded by OCHA's Syria Cross-border Humanitarian Fund (SCHF), and works on the construction of 250 housing units, each consisting of two rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom, replacing the tents with homes. The project also seeks to build 54 other housing units for IDPs families in other camps. Besides, this project will build water and drainage infrastructure to ensure a better life for the beneficiaries, which will contribute to improving the situation in the targeted camps. The residents of the Ain-Aara camp and other camps in northern Syria live in very problematic humanitarian conditions, especially in winter, when pedestrians are unable to move because of the mud caused by waterlogging. 'We came to this camp from more than 13 different villages,” said the director of Ain-Aara camp, Abu Mustafa. “We were displaced from our homes and found ourselves at the foot of this hazardous mountain occupied by snakes, scorpions, and stray animals,” added Abu Mustafa. He noted that the people suffer here under the scorching sun and in the blistering winter. Furthermore, seven school tents were provided to replace the old ones, which were about to collapse. The grounds of the new tents have been rehabilitated to make them suitable for the children. All school supplies have been provided to the students, in addition to equipping an administrative caravan next to the school. Qatar Charity is expected to deliver the housing units under this project during the third quarter of the current year. It is worth mentioning that ‘Alamal City’, a housing project, is expected to be completed this year. This is a full-service residential city, the largest housing project for the IDPs in northern Syria, and one of the most important qualitative projects of Qatar Charity in the humanitarian field. It aims to provide safe and sustainable homes for 1,400 displaced families, in addition to providing necessary social and service facilities for the people, especially in the fields of education, health, water, and sanitation. Some 13,800 Syrian IDPs are expected to benefit form the city and its facilities.


In Collaboration with Doha Festival City, Qatar Fine Arts Associations, and Dar Hessa, Qatar Charity’s fine arts exhibition kicks off to support ‘Warm Hearts’ Campaign
Qatar Charity is all set to inaugurate the ‘Sounds and Colors’ exhibition today, in cooperation with Doha Festival City, Qatar Fine Arts Associations, and Dar Hessa. The proceeds of the artworks on display at the exhibition at Doha Festival City will go towards humanitarian causes. Many Qatari fine artists are participating in the exhibition, which will continue until January 31. They have allocated the proceeds of their paintings in support of the ‘Warm Hearts’ campaign launched by Qatar Charity to contribute to meeting the winter needs of internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees, and the vulnerable across the globe. Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Hajri, director of the Programs and Community Development department at Qatar Charity, thanked Doha Festival City, the partners, and the fine artists, calling on people to visit the exhibition and support the ‘Warm Hearts’ campaign by purchasing the artworks. He said that Qatar Charity is always keen to partner with all relevant bodies and involve those with talents and creative skills in the different fields of humanitarian work to support its projects. Mr. Jihad Zarkout, Assistant General Manager of the company owning Doha Festival City said, “We at the Bawabat al-Shamal Real Estate Company are proud to start this year in a partnership with Qatar Charity to organize the ‘Sounds and Colors’ charity exhibition, the latest chapter in our long-standing partnership that has included numerous charity events and activities to support benevolent causes in Qatar, regionally, and internationally. As a Qatari organization, we are always keen on supporting charity efforts in Qatar and internationally as well as highlighting Qatar’s generous efforts in supporting vulnerable people around the world. The proceeds of this exhibition will support Qatar Charity’s winter campaign to bring warmth to those who are in need around the world. We encourage everyone to visit the exhibition to admire the works on display.” From his part, Robert Hall, Doha Festival City General Manager, said: “We are happy to start this year strong with a charity initiative in partnership with Qatar Charity, our regular partners in humane initiatives. Through our #FestivalCares CSR programme we have supported the local community and institutions with initiatives that promote sustainable and healthy living, as well as a culture of giving. We were happy to provide a space for talented artists to showcase their creations, in turn, the artists were happy to donate their artwork to Qatar Charity to help those in need of warmth.” For her part, Mrs. Hanadi Al-Darwish, Founder and Director of Dar Hessa, expressed her happiness to participate in this initiative to support the winter campaign, noting that the art can contribute to serving humanitarian causes, and alleviating the suffering of the vulnerable. She said that this exhibition is the second cooperation between Dar Hessa and Qatar Charity, indicating that the first cooperation was to support low-income families, especially those affected by the covid-19 pandemic.
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Qatar Charity distributes winter clothes to orphans and poor people in Yemen
As part of its ‘Warm Hearts’ winter campaign, Qatar Charity distributed winter clothes to 342 people of the orphans, the poor, and the needy in Yemen. This assistance comes within the framework of comprehensive care programs for orphans, alleviating the suffering of poor groups and extending a helping hand to them to mitigate the risks of the severe winter cold. Qatar Charity's assistance met the needs of orphans and painted a smile on their faces, as their parents expressed their great happiness with this assistance, as the orphan's mother Nayef Al-Kulaisi said: 'I thank the benevolent people in Qatar and Qatar Charity for adopting the winter clothes project, which came at the right time due to the need of our children for it. I am pleased with these clothes because they protect my son from the severity of the cold.' In a related way, Aziz Saleh, the grandfather of two orphans, said: “Helping orphans is a seed of good, and whoever seeks to plant it will reap its fruits in heaven. For his part, Yahya Al-Gharsi, the uncle of one of the orphans, said: “We know that the good people in Qatar do not want our thanks, as they seek reward from God Almighty, but what they do has a great impact on the hearts of the orphans whose joy we saw today.” It is worth noting that Qatar Charity launched the Winter Campaign last October and provided early assistance in northern Syria. It also proceeded with severe cold, rain, and snow (Qatar convoys) starting in January to help refugees and poor families. The number of these convoys is 250. It targets about half a million refugees, displaced persons, and poor families in 6 countries, Lebanon, Turkey, Pakistan, Jordan, Syria, and Yemen. The aid included the distribution of food baskets and winter supplies such as winter clothes, blankets, heaters, and heating fuel. The first stations of the campaign were from the Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon and families The needy Lebanese, where a delegation from Qatar Charity visited each of the centers of Bekaa, Akkar, and Arsal in Lebanon, and the necessary urgent requirements of shelter, food, and heating were provided.
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On World Education Day: Praise for schools built by Qatar Charity for orphan students in Bangladesh
Bangladesh is one of the most important countries in which Qatar Charity has a clear footprint in the field of education. During the past five years, it has built 38 schools containing boarding departments and other facilities, some of which were established in remote areas. These schools have provided educational opportunities for at least 10,000 students, and Qatar Charity is currently working on building 15 schools. Once these facilities are completed, 3,000 students will have similar educational opportunities. This comes at a time when Qatar Charity is sponsoring 3,312 orphans to ensure their better future. On International Education Day corresponding to the twenty-fourth of January of each year, Qatar Charity celebrates its achievements in the field of education around the world, as it operates in more than 30 countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe, as well as in areas of crises and disasters. Hira school Hira Secondary School, which is located in the Bagerhat region in southern Bangladesh and was built by Qatar Charity in 2017, is one of the educational models that made a big difference in its surroundings, given that it filled a void at the time because there was no school or educational facility in this area so that the school became a source of pride for the residents who Their children were deprived of education for many years, including orphans in the Bagerhat region, and not only the residents of the region benefited from this school, but also the children of the surrounding areas. Gratitude and thanks Several officials thanked Qatar Charity for its support of education in remote areas of Bangladesh. In this context, the school's principal, Zohra Begum, said: 'The number of students in Hira'a school is 700 students, as 300 new students are accepted annually into different classes.' Ms. Begum added that the school contains housing for students, which currently benefits 200 orphan and poor students, as orphaned students receive financial assistance from Qatar Charity to complete their studies in the best possible conditions and to provide them with means of comfort so that they do not feel the difference between them and the rest of the children. For his part, Mr. Firoz Ahmed, an official at the Ministry of Education in Bangladesh, said: 'Qatar Charity plays an important role in the education sector in Bangladesh, as it has built schools that contain various facilities that provide a suitable environment for students.' Access to remote areas He added: 'We appreciate this achievement. Qatar Charity has focused on remote and neglected areas where educational facilities are not available for the population, which provided an appropriate educational environment and prevented thousands of children from dropping out of school. Thanks to its efforts, it played a major role in reducing the illiteracy rate to zero in Bangladesh.' And the virtue of the good people in Qatar. For his part, Mr. Zahid Al-Islam, an elected representative of the local government in the region, praised the school, which he considered an outstanding achievement, and said: 'Hira' is not just an ordinary school. We believe it is an exceptional educational institution in a region where there is no educational environment, and the children of our region were not only deprived of education. Rather, orphans and poor children in faraway places are benefiting from this institution.”
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