Qatar Charity opens mosques in Pakistan and Somalia

Qatar Charity built and equipped two mosques in the city of Garuwe in Somalia and the Charsadda region in Pakistan, in the presence of many officials from both countries. The Taiba Mosque was opened in the Somali city of Garoowe, in the presence of the Minister of State for Justice, Endowments and Religious Affairs, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Ali Warsame, in the Somali state of Puntland, and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning and Public Relations, Abdul Qadir Abdul Tahir Farah, in addition to a several officials, and sheikhs in the city. The Taiba Mosque is an important addition to the city of Garoui, as it will provide a place of worship and communication for the people of the city, and it will also contribute to spreading science and knowledge through the library of the Holy Qur’an located there. Taiba Mosque In his speech at the opening ceremony, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Ali Warsame, Minister of State for Justice, Endowments and Religious Affairs in the Somali state of Puntland, praised Qatar Charity’s distinguished efforts in building the Taibah Mosque with high quality, praising the design and construction standards that reflect Qatar Charity’s keenness to provide the best services. for local communities. The Minister stressed that the Taiba Mosque is a valuable addition to the city of Garoui, expressing his hope that this mosque will be a beacon of light, peace, and cohesion among the people of society, and that it will contribute to strengthening good religious and moral values. The mosque, which was carefully designed to meet the needs of the local community, consists of the main prayer hall, a Qur’an library, and other facilities. The mosque was comprehensively equipped with furniture and speakers.


Qatar Charity’s delegation delivers relief aid to Afghanistan flood victims
In response to the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, Qatar Charity (QC), through the airlift of the Qatar Emiri Air Force, sent three planes carrying 60 tons of relief aid to the flood-affected victims in the Balkh province in the north of the country. The aid included 48 tons of food items, comprising 1000 food packages, and 14 tons of living necessities, including 3000 blankets. A total of 8000 affected individuals in the provinces of Balkh and Takhar benefited from this assistance. Qatar Charity’s delegation currently in Afghanistan is distributing aid to the affected individuals in collaboration with the Afghan Red Crescent Society, in addition to assessing the situation and evaluating the scale of Urgent Humanitarian Needs. Mr. Mana Al-Ansari, Director of the Emergency and Relief Department at Qatar Charity, stated that Qatar Charity's intervention came as an urgent response to the flood disaster. He noted that it immediately dispatched its aid through the airlift of the Qatar Emiri Air Force to meet the needs of the Afghan people affected by the floods. He emphasized that Qatar Charity will continue to deliver assistance, and it is currently studying new projects for future intervention, which will include the provision of additional aid in the coming period. It is worth noting that the floods that hit northeastern Afghanistan have caused significant damage, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of people and the destruction of more than 300 homes. The heavy rains have also inflicted damage on health centers, tunnels, bridges, agricultural lands, and livestock.
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Qatar Charity hosts festival for 'Future's Leaders'
Qatar Charity (QC) organized the seventh edition of the Orphan Day Festival at Aspire Zone Park, celebrating Arab Orphan Day with various cultural and entertainment activities. The event was attended by Mr. Faisal Rashid al-Fehaida, CEO's assistant for the Programs and Community Development sector at Qatar Charity. Many children, both male and female, sponsored under the ‘Future’s Leaders’ program, along with their mothers, took part in the event. The Orphan Day Festival aims to promote the concept of sponsorship, empower orphans to boost their self-confidence, achieve social integration, and draw attention to the importance of caring for orphans and meeting their needs. The festival included a variety of activities, notably a theatrical performance, competitions, and recreational activities, as well as prizes for winners in the competitions and a speech highlighting the importance of Orphan Sponsorship. Additionally, accompanying programs such as a children's corner, recreational and educational games, and small-scale projects involving productive families in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs, enriched the festival experience. In his address at the festival, Sheikh Khalid Bomozeh emphasized the importance of providing comprehensive care for orphans, ensuring a conducive environment for their proper and balanced growth and development. He also highlighted the suffering of orphans in Gaza, who are experiencing the most severe forms of deprivation and the absence of familial care amid the ongoing aggression against them, indicating that the number of orphans there is increasing day by day. He underscored the need for greater attention to these afflicted children by offering assistance and necessary care to help them overcome the challenges and hardships they face. At the festival, the poet Radi Al-Hajri delivered a poignant poem, urging for the sponsorship of orphans, and shedding light on the rewards received by sponsors and the impact of sponsorship on the enhancement of social and humanitarian bonds. The children and their mothers expressed their immense happiness at participating in the Orphan Day Festival. Ahmed, one of the children, expressed his admiration for the event, describing it as 'wonderful and beautiful.' He noted that it provided children with the opportunity to enjoy various activities such as competitions and recreational games. Mrs. Ghada Youssef, the mother of one of the sponsored children, expressed, 'The event has created an atmosphere of joy, allowing children to enjoy the festival's activities and make new friends.” She also thanked Qatar Charity for its efforts in sponsoring children through the 'Future’s Leaders’ program. Mr. Abu Ali, an audience member, stated that it raises awareness among the public, especially among children about the importance of supporting and caring for orphans. He noted that such events contribute to strengthening social cohesion and instilling values of solidarity and generosity in the hearts of children.
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Qatar Charity launches massive food aid convoy for Sudan's affected families
As part of the ongoing humanitarian efforts of Qatar, the Governor of Sudan's Khartoum State, Ahmed Osman Hamza, launched a massive convoy of food aid in the Karari locality, provided by Qatar Charity to families affected by the current crisis in Sudan. This is part of a project aimed at providing 50,000 food packages to affected families in Sudan. This project is implemented by Qatar Charity’s field teams and funded by the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD). The Governor of Khartoum expressed his gratitude to the State of Qatar and its people for standing with the Sudanese people in all the hardships and disasters. He also highlighted the significant contributions of the Qatari people through QFFD and Qatar Charity. This came during the inauguration of the convoy of aid, which was provided by Qatar Charity, and consisted of 10,000 food packages for 60,000 beneficiaries. Mr. Sadeq Farini, Minister of Social Development in Khartoum State, emphasized that Qatar Charity's timely arrival with substantial food aid is a significant support for the local people. He also highlighted the strong partnership between his ministry and Qatar Charity to serve vulnerable groups like women, children, and the elderly in Khartoum State. Qatar Charity aims to Distribute Food Aid to Needy and Displaced Families and the most vulnerable groups, in coordination with relevant authorities in Khartoum State. Mr. Khalid Abdul Rahim, Humanitarian Aid Commissioner in Khartoum State, stated that the significant food assistance provided by Qatar Charity will have a substantial impact on the beneficiaries. It is worth mentioning that Qatar Charity has been actively involved in mitigating disasters and crises since it started working in Sudan three decades ago. It was among the first organizations to implement a series of humanitarian interventions across various states of Sudan from the early days of the conflict outbreak. These interventions include aid provided to those affected in the Karari locality of Khartoum State. The aid consisted of essential food supplies for affected families.
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