Palestinian government bodies praise Qatar

Palestinian government bodies praise Qatar Charity's relief aid


Palestinian government bodies praise Qatar Charity's relief aid

Palestinian government bodies praised the efforts of Qatar Charity (QC) in supporting the Palestinian people, implementing humanitarian projects for their benefit, and extending a helping hand to them to alleviate their suffering and rebuild their lives anew.

 Mr. Louay Al-Madhoun, Commissioner-General of the Ministry of Social Development-Gaza, appreciated Qatar Charity’s efforts in supporting the Palestinian society. Al-Madhoun stated that these relief projects and humanitarian aid implemented by Qatar Charity for the affected and poor families during the last three years are the results of strategic cooperation and a real partnership between Qatar Charity and the Ministry of Social Development. He also expressed his delight with this cooperation, emphasizing the importance of its continuation to support the steadfastness of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Over the past three years, Qatar Charity has implemented 68 relief projects worth nearly $ USD 2.6 million, benefiting more than 704,000 people, who make up 35% of the total population of the Gaza Strip where 2 million people live. These projects included food, safe drinking water, and shelter for crisis-hit and poor families.

Qatar Charity has recently allocated US$5 million within the framework of its ‘Help Palestine’ drive, to provide relief aid for the affected and the displaced in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Jerusalem. The assistance included food packages, health services, personal hygiene kits to prevent the coronavirus, and medical aids and equipment for the health centers and hospitals.

The field teams of Qatar Charity are continuing their efforts to meet the needs of thousands of families affected by the recent crisis.

It is worth noting that Qatar Charity opened its office in Palestine in 1996 to provide humanitarian aid and contribute to improving the living conditions of the Palestinian people. Qatar Charity has sponsored more than 21,000 persons, including poor families, orphans, students and people with special needs, in 16 governorates of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Qatar Charity has urged the benevolent people of Qatar to contribute to the relief campaign to provide aid to the largest possible number of the displaced and the affected to meet their urgent humanitarian needs and alleviate their suffering.

Benefactors can donate through Qatar Charity’s website, app, branches, and collection points across the country, in addition to dialing 44667711.

Donations can also be made by sending an SMS. To donate QAR 50, QAR 100, and QAR 250, please send an SMS with the Palestinian flag symbol to 92632, 92642, and 92023, respectively.



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