Qatar Charity builds ‘child-friendly centers’ in

Qatar Charity builds ‘child-friendly centers’ in northern Syria


The child-friendly centers, opened by Qatar Charity (QC), in partnership with the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD), in areas near the IDPs camps in northern Syria, continue to provide social, and recreational and psychological support services to 23,900 affected children.

The recreational activities, held by the centers for a group of children in the IDPs camps, aim to improve their psychological state, create an atmosphere of fun for them, and teach them purposeful games, through three teams visiting the camps daily.

The child-friendly centers were selected based on the safety and security criteria defined by the child protection sub-sector, ensuring easy access for displaced children to the centers. Transportation was provided for all children, including children with special needs. The centers were renovated and decorated with cheerful drawings and colors, and provided with the necessary furniture such as tables, chairs, drawing and writing boards, and stationery.

Qatar Charity provides regular and targeted psychosocial support services to 3,000 children directly, in addition to joint activities and interactive games. All the children are involved in the activities and their views are taken into account and discussed. The children acquire their skills and enhance their abilities to return to normal after experiencing the difficulties.

As the displacement created psychological pressure on caregivers, which led to a decline in their interest in their children, parenting skill sessions were designed to provide the caregivers with additional skills to deal with their children. These sessions were divided into 12 sessions targeting groups of caregivers according to the ‘I deal’ curriculum, which provides an integrated methodology focused on children and caregivers.

The case management activity targets children who have more weaknesses than their peers. Their case is evaluated, then the service is provided to them. The case is followed up with complete confidentiality.

Emphasis is placed on directly providing logistical services to the child (such as hearing aids, eyeglasses, wheelchairs for children with disabilities, medical shoes, and others). As for services that require longer follow-up and greater specialization, they are referred to specialized organizations, where the case management team updates the map of services provided by all humanitarian organizations on a monthly basis and receives from and sends cases to these organizations.

Besides, the centers offer awareness sessions by specialized guides, benefiting nearly 800 children and adolescents from this activity. 

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