d In the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo Qatar Charity

In the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo Qatar Charity receives new female students in student housing


At the beginning of this academic year, Qatar Charity received more than 100 female university students in the furnished and equipped female Student housing that it established in 2020.

safe environment

This housing has been allocated for the benefit of orphans who enroll in universities, as well as female students from families with low incomes who come from areas far from the capital to continue their education and provide a comfortable learning environment that encourages them to academic achievement by providing food, drinking, guarding, Internet services, cleaning and many basic services The female students also benefit from a gym equipped with all modern sports equipment and provide all the student needs during her studies.

Through this project, Qatar Charity succeeded in removing the burden from some Bosnian families, in addition to increasing the number of cadres and outstanding female students and succeeding in creating the appropriate atmosphere for female students to devote themselves to study, research, and educational attainment, and to invest the female students’ leisure time in purposeful programs and various activities.

welcome and gratitude

This place was not just a residence for several female students, but it was like a family home that provided a safe environment and a variety of services. This was evident from the happiness and gratitude of the students who spoke about this project.

Asma Marhorovic, a student studying at the College of Visual Communication says: “I am very grateful for providing a project like this I thank the philanthropists in Qatar, and I am very grateful to Qatar Charity and those in charge of it and to everyone who brought hope into our lives and made us dream of a better life."

As for Maryam Kibori Falisetti, a student she said: "I did not imagine that I would receive this attention. I cannot express to you what is inside me, but I say, God, bless you all."

It is worth noting that this project was officially welcomed in Bosnia, where H.E. Dr. Besira Turkovic, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia, previously praised it, expressing her happiness with this educational housing edifice established by Qatar Charity, and said: The housing is comparable to international centers and is an example in strengthening the bonds Brotherhood and friendship between the Qatari and Bosnian peoples.

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