Qatar Charity begins construction of Al-Attiyah

Qatar Charity begins construction of Al-Attiyah Hospital in Sudan


The Sudan office of Qatar Charity (QC) announced the start of the implementation of the Al-Attiyah Hospital project in the country, which will be the largest of its kind in the southern countryside of Omdurman and will provide various medical services.

The hospital will have obstetrics and gynecology services, a dialysis center, and a surgical and intensive care facility, in addition to diagnostic radiology and emergency services.

The total area of Al-Attiyah Hospital is nearly 20,000 square meters, and the built-up area is approximately 3,026 square meters. The hospital is expected to benefit 250,000 persons from Khartoum State, White Nile, and North Kordofan States.

The Acting Federal Minister of Health of Sudan Haitham Muhammed Ibrahim said that Al-Attiyah Hospital project is being implemented with the generous contribution of Qatar, through Qatar Charity, and we rely on it at the Ministry of Health to provide health care services to people in the southern countryside of Omdurman. The Minister of Health expected that the hospital will contribute to reducing the pressure on the service outlets in the heart of Khartoum, as it is an extension of the ministry's approach to achieving comprehensive coverage and access to service for people.

The Al-Attiyah Hospital project is one of Qatar Charity’s continued interventions to support the health system in Sudan, as part of its constant keenness to implement qualitative development projects to serve the neediest groups in the various states of Sudan. Since the opening of its office in Khartoum, Qatar Charity has completed more than 100 projects in the field of health in 9 states.

Al-Mak Ajeeb Al-Hadi, one of the notables of the area where the hospital is being established, said that this project will cover the deficit and need of 80 villages in the region that lack the necessary health services, especially on the border with the White Nile and North Kordofan states, and will relieve congestion at the Omdurman Hospital, which is difficult to reach in light of the high cost of transportation.

Health authorities in the southern countryside of Omdurman thanked Qatar Charity for its efforts to build Al-Attiyah Hospital, which will be a great service for the people of the region who desperately need the various health services, which are expected to be provided by the hospital.

Um Mohammed, who lives in an area adjacent to Al-Attiyah Hospital, said that once the hospital is completed, it will put an end to the long suffering of women in the area, especially pregnant women, who used to travel tens of kilometers to reach the remote Omdurman Hospital to receive the simplest treatments, so they will benefit most from the hospital being built close to their areas of residence. 

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