Qatar Charity urges people to contribute to “Sham

Qatar Charity urges people to contribute to “Sham Deserves” campaign for Syrians


Qatar Charity urges people to contribute to “Sham Deserves” campaign for Syrians

Qatar Charity (QC), urged people to contribute to the national campaign named “Shams Deserves” launched in partnership with the Qatar Media Corporation to Provide Urgent Relief Aid to Syrian people in their country and he countries of asylum.

The campaign came within the framework of moral and humanitarian duty in response to the worsening humanitarian situation following the largest displacement in Syria in the past three months.

Launched on February 19, 2020, under the supervision of the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities (RACA), the “Sham Deserves” campaign aims to deliver assistance to 250,000 Syrian refugees and displaced persons in the areas of shelter, food, water, sanitation, and health.

The campaign is implemented by Qatar Charity, in cooperation with the Qatar Media Corporation, Qatar Television, Qatar Radio, Sout Al Khaleej Radio, Alkass Sports Channels, Alrayyan TV, and Alrayyan Radio.

The campaign will include a joint live TV and radio broadcast on Friday and Saturday, February 28, and 29, 2020, by many media corporations to raise donations, in addition to some activities that will be held in commercial complexes.

Given the difficult humanitarian situation of Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), Qatar Charity urges benefactors in Qatar to contribute to the “Sham Deserves” campaign to ease their hardship, as they are struggling to survive under the very harsh cold weather, heavy rains, frosts, and snow. It also calls on media persons and social media influencers to publicize the campaign.

Benefactors can make their contributions to the campaign in many forms, including money, jewelry, and vehicle.  

In conjunction with the campaign, a delegation from Qatar Charity has recently distributed urgent aid to the displaced in the country, and refugees in Turkish areas bordering Syria.

The aid included 200 tons of relief materials worth over 14 million riyals to benefit 864,618 people. Another delegation is scheduled to depart on Friday to provide a second batch of Aid to Syrian Refugees and displaced persons.

The donation in favor of the “Sham Deserves” campaign can easily be made through Qatar Charity’s website, mobile App, 27 branches across the country, and 97 collection points in commercial places. The donors can also request a “home collector” through the mobile App and dial the hotline 44667711 to make their contributions. Mobile donating is also available. To donate QR100, QR200, QR500, and QR100, please send an SMS with the code “SOS” to 92642, 92015, 92428, and 92429, respectively.


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QC Implements ‘Providing Drink

Through its office in the Strip and in cooperation with Ghaith for Relief and Development, QC has recently started implementing ‘Providing Drinking Water’ project to the poor. More than 3,000 poor families are expected to benefit from it. It will take around 8 months for the project to be implemented at a cost of 262,000 QR. Kidney Diseases The Municipalities in the Strip provide the citizens with salty water only, which could cause many different diseases such as kidney diseases. Therefore, QC decided to implement this project in order to provide the poor families with good drinking water. Eng. Mohammed Abu Halloub, QC’s Office Director in the Strip, said that this project is being implemented because QC wants to alleviate the sufferings of those who cannot afford to get good drinking water, and to prevent the diseases spread because of water pollution. He also emphasized the fact that water projects are on the top QC’s priorities’ list since the siege and the attacks on the Strip have destroyed all of the water networks, which were not even sufficient. QC, as he also mentioned, will not spare an effort until it has helped the needy families and offered a good living opportunities for the needy; whether through relief or development projects. Water Crisis The Strip’s aquifer is both polluted and empty which made the Strip suffer from a dire water crisis. As a result, the Gazan families who are financially stable buy filtered water, while the poor families still use the brackish water provided by the municipalities. To help face this crisis, QC is implementing a project to filter rainwater and to inject it into the aquifer in around 30 public schools. The UN had already warned from the worsening situation of water in the Strip. According to the UN’s report, if the current conditions remain the same, the situation in 2016 will be catastrophic. The Strip is in great need for desalination plants a hundred times more than roads. Reconstruction of Gaza After all the destruction and wreckage the last aggression on the Strip caused, QC spared no effort to help rebuild the Strip. More than 2,000 people were martyred during the aggression, 11,200 were injured, and thousands of families, whose houses were demolished, were displaced. Furthermore, many infrastructure facilities such as roads, hospitals, schools, and factories were destroyed. The last brutal attack on the Gaza Strip caused the loss of so many people, houses, and facilities. 2,139 were martyred: 579 of them were children, 264 of them were women, and 102 were elders. 11,200 people were injured: 25% of them became handicapped. 1,000 children became permanently disabled. 2,088 women, 3,374 children and 410 old people were injured. 1,200 families lost their breadwinners. 90 families were entirely eliminated and 49 massacres were executed. In addition, 466,000 citizens were displaced, 2,360 houses were completely destroyed, 13,644 houses were partly destroyed, 30,000 workers lost their jobs, and 134 factories were completely demolished. The destruction of Gaza cost a financial loss of 3,500,000,000 USD.   You can donate to support such projects through the link: Click here


"Al Maha Medical" Delegation V

As part of its periodic inspection, a delegation from Al Maha Medical visited Al Amal Hospital, in Reyhanlı, which QC had helped establish and is currently contributing to its operation. Such cooperation is considered to be the introduction of a future joint work in offering medical consultation and contributing to conducting studies, making relief plans, and suggesting solutions. This 3-day-long visit is part of the evaluation of the work progress of the medical services offered by the hospital. Its purpose is to identify the hospital's needs for drugs, devices and medical staff. Plus, it is meant to make an annual plan to support the hospital for the year 2016. QC's office in Turkey and Dr. Hamdi Othman, Al Amal Hospital General Director, received the delegation. Dr. Othman was happy with QC's visit and its evaluation of work progress. He also commended QC's cooperation to suggest a strategic visualization for development so as to offer better services to the Syrian patients.   The delegation included Dr. Mohammed bin Hamad Al Jaffali Al Na'imi, Al Maha Co. General Director; Engineer Murad bin Ahmed Yehya, Al Maha Medical CEO in Qatar; Dr. Munir Mohammed Hassan Rayyan, Al Maha Healthcare General Director in UAE; and Mr. Salah Mohammed Al Mahmoud, Marketing and External Affairs Director. The delegation visited the hospital's different units and viewed the work progress in the divisions. They also viewed the way of storing drugs and other medical disposables, and viewed the managerial procedures. Dr. Hamdi mentioned the hospital's achievements in the past three years. First, the hospital started receiving Syrian patients and operating critical surgeries due to complications after the patients' earlier surgeries. Then, thanks to QC support, the hospital developed to include the following clinics: internal medicine, pediatric medicine, general medicine, ophthalmology, ENT, Osteology, Neurology, Maxillofacial surgery, and General and Pulmonary Surgery.   Al Maha Medical is a Qatari company specialized in manufacturing medical and drug products. It has a strategic goal to manufacture all of Qatar's medical needs according to International Quality Standards. The company is also interested in supporting humanitarian work. It has offered several medical aids to different parties. Al Amal Hospital is the only hospital in the region that offers its services to Syrians coming from Syria or are refugees in Turkey. In December 2012, the hospital opened its doors after QC had greatly funded the equipment of most of the hospitals' divisions and paid for its expenses for more than a year. The total of what QC contributed to the hospital in the past 3 years is around 4,000,000 QR. The number of beneficiaries in the year 2014-2015 alone reached 100,250 Syrians. 3,519 surgeries were conducted in the hospital, most of which were critical and specialized. The surgeries included orthopedic, neurological, maxillofacial, general and pulmonary, ophthalmic, plastic, urinary, and ENT. Al Amal Hospital Al Amal Border Hospital was established in the Turkish city “Reyhanlı” near the Syrian borders as one of the qualitative projects implemented by QC for the Syrian people. Al Amal Hospital represents an integrated project where free specialized operations and surgeries can be performed on the wounded Syrians. The hospital also serves to minimize the costs and burdens on charitable associations that pay for the treatment and traveling of the patients. The establishment of the hospital was funded by QC in cooperation with the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) and the Syrian Society for (SY-DER) Humanitarian Aid and Development (SY-DER); the latter is a Syrian Charitable association that provides its services in Turkey. The hospital contains 30 beds, 10 IC rooms, 11 examination rooms, 3 operation rooms, 2 radiography rooms, and one medical laboratory. It also contains a number of clinics of different specializations like internal medicine, pediatrics, Gynecology, and Plastic Surgery; emergency rooms; and a morgue to keep the dead bodies until received by their relatives.   You can donate to support such projects through the link:Click here


The Annual Assembly of QC’s Fi

Held in Doha and entitled “We Meet to Develop”, the annual assembly of QC’s field offices came out with a number of recommendations for the development of QC’s field humanitarian works. During the closing session, after the recommendations were presented, Mr. Faisal Rashid al-Fahida, the Executive Director of Operations, distributed honorary certificates and shields to the participants from QC’s field offices for their efforts in observing and implementing the society’s projects around the world. Investing Opportunities This assembly is part of QC’s continuous efforts in developing its capabilities, investing all of the available opportunities, and involving its field offices in doing so.    Held from 13th to 17th of December, the assembly set a number of goals: Reinforcing the communications and information exchange among the field offices and between the central office and the field offices. Presenting QC’s main frameworks and ensuring they are accurately implemented, and continuously developed. Discussing and approving the field offices’ annual plans for the year 2016. Development Strategy In order to achieve these goals, the assembly came out with a number of recommendations, the main of which are: encouraging the field offices to work by the policies, regulations, procedures, and equipment approved by the central office; involving the field offices in setting, reviewing, and developing these regulations; reinforcing the coordination between the central office and the field offices according to the highest standards; supporting the field offices to seize the best cooperation opportunities with other humanitarian and related organizations; making extra efforts to develop the human resources according to a special training strategy; reviewing the 2016 annual plans in the light of what was discussed in the assembly and approving them before the beginning of the year; and holding the assembly annually under the title “QC’s Humanitarian and Development Forum” according to the vision reached in the assembly. One Entity Mr. Yousef bin Ahmed Al-Kuwari, QC’s CEO,   emphasized that the central office is concerned with the association’s organizational development. He referred to the central office and the field offices as a single entity that should exert its maximum efforts to achieve the best efficiency and effectiveness. He also congratulated everyone on their contributions to the success of the assembly, wishing the participants from the field offices a safe homeward travel. At the end, he stressed on the necessity to make use of the recommendations which were presented during the assembly. Mr. al-Fahida thanked the participants for their efforts in describing the reality of humanitarian field work. He pointed that the assembly clarified all the obstacles that hindered the humanitarian field work. He added that the assembly also discussed all the suitable solutions for these obstacles. He finally commended the role of the assembly in enhancing the humanitarian fieldwork. A number of field offices’ directors praised the assembly and the importance of the discussed issues and recommendations in developing the fieldwork. For example; Mr. Karam Zainhom, QC’s office director in Indonesia, said that the assembly would certainly improve the skills of the workers in the field offices.  Mr. Mohammed Hussein, QC’s office director in Somalia, said that he had high hopes in the outcomes of the assembly and their impact on improving the fieldwork. He added that it allowed the participants to become familiar with the actual framework in QC, and gave the field offices a chance to learn from each other. “I hope such assemblies are held annually,” said he. Rapid Intervention Having 19 offices around the world, QC has the ability to rapidly intervene in case of catastrophes. This also enables it to observe its development and construction projects and supervise its sponsored orphans, students, needy families, and disabled people. The assembly was attended by representatives of the field offices from: Sudan, Mali, Mauritania, Somalia, Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Niger, Yemen, Tunisia, Comoros, Kenya, Chad, and Djibouti. It is worth mentioning that QC is planning to open new field offices in Morocco, Jordan, Turkey, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, and Ghana.    You can donate to support such projects through the link: Click here


QC Distributes Relief Aids to

The aids, from which 585 families benefited, included foodstuffs and cleaning materials. Sheikha Hessa bint Khalifa Al Thani, “I thank QC for its efforts in relieving the displaced Syrians and refugees, and distributing aids to the Yemeni refugees. With the participation of Sheikha Hessa bint Khalifa Al Thani, the Arab League’s Special Envoy for Humanitarian Affairs and QC’s Goodwill Ambassador, QC distributed humanitarian relief aids to the Yemeni refugees in the coastal region of Obock. From which 585 Yemeni families in Obock benefited, the aids included basic foodstuffs and cleaning materials. Easy and Accurate Sheikha Hessa participated in the distribution of the aids which reached all Yemeni families in Djibouti. She also visited QC’s office in Djibouti to review with its staff the conditions of the Yemeni refugees and what they would need in the future. The aids were distributed in coordination with the concerned authorities including ONARS (the Organisation National d’Assistance aux Réfugiéset Sinistrés), government representatives in Obock, and representatives of the Yemeni refugees in the city. This cooperation led to the ease and accuracy of distribution to all refugees. Relieving the Sufferance Mr. Faisal Rashid al-Fahida, QC’s Executive Director of Operations, said that QC proved its ultimate commitment to provide the Yemeni refugees with the necessary aids, hoping to relieve their sufferance and secure a better life for them. He emphasized that QC gave priority in its relief projects to the people inside Yemen, where many could have no access to potable water, food, or medicine. Mr. Al- Fahida added that QC would exert extra efforts in the future with all partners concerned with the Yemeni people (inhabitants and refugees) to meet their most pressing humanitarian needs. Deliberative Conference On a related matter, Sheikha Hessa commended QC’s efforts in relieving the affected people specially the displaced Syrians and refugees. She mentioned her previous participation in inaugurating several projects implemented by QC near the Syrian Turkish borders. She also praised QC’s responsiveness with her initiative to distribute relief aids to Yemeni refugees in Obock region. The Sheikha’s words were delivered in the deliberative conference to which she had invited all local and foreign Arabic and Islamic charity organizations in Djibouti last Wednesday. The conference was part of the League of Arab State’s plan to develop its humanitarian work and activate the Arabic coordination mechanism. She also said that her role was to pay field visits, present studies to the concerned ministerial councils, and contact national and international organizations to coordinate the humanitarian work, Yemen, We are With You QC opened an office in Djibouti to provide humanitarian aids to the Yemeni refugees and coordinate the funding and implementation of relief projects in Yemen in addition to offering relief aids to the poor in Djibouti. QC inaugurated in the beginning of the Yemeni crisis a relief campaign entitled “Yemen,We are With you”. The objective was to raise 36,500,000 QR to provide about 1,260,000 Yemenis with food and medicine. It also supervised the distribution of 240 tons of varied Qatari aids that had been airlifted to Djibouti–Ambouli International Airport. In addition, QC hosted the deliberative conference that discussed the humanitarian conditions in Yemen and was attended by numerous humanitarian organizations from the Arab Gulf and the Islamic World. The conference drew a plan for rapid humanitarian intervention and distributed the roles among humanitarian actors who announced their commitment to offering rapid humanitarian aids. QC was the first Qatari humanitarian association that to relieve the people affected by the Chapala cyclone which hit the island “Socotra” and a number of Coastal cities in Yemen. It immediately implemented a relief campaign from which 3,000 displaced people benefited. More than 936,000 people benefited from the relief aids assigned to Yemen in 2015 at a cost of 24,700,000 QR.   You can donate to support such projects through the link: Click here


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