Sudan receives 7-ton shipment of medical aid from

Sudan receives 7-ton shipment of medical aid from Qatar Charity


Sudan receives 7-ton shipment of medical aid from Qatar Charity

Sudan received a plane with a seven-ton shipment of Medical Aid worth two million riyals from Qatar Charity (QC), in cooperation with Sudanese working in Qatar. The aid included personal protective equipment and materials for the medical staff working on the COVID-19 frontline in the country.

The federal Minister of Health, Dr. Akram Ali Al-Toam, received the assistance on Saturday at the Khartoum Airport, in the presence of Acting Charge d'Affairs to the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Sudan Talal Farhan Al Anzi.

The minister thanked the State of Qatar's government, people, and Qatar Charity for their permanent standing with Sudan and providing them with the aid that would protect the health personnel working on the COVID-19 frontline from infection, underlining that the relationship between the two countries is historic.

He also noted that Qatar has been supportive of Sudan in the Cholera Control Campaign, has always provided aid, and still is delivering financial and technical assistance.

Acting Charge d'Affairs to the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Sudan Talal Farhan Al Anzi pointed out that this assistance comes within the framework of the distinguished relations between the two brotherly countries and fraternal ties between the State of Qatar and Sudan. He also affirmed the State of Qatar's leadership commitment to enhancing those relations in the interest of both countries.

The Director of the office of Qatar Charity in Khartoum, Mr. Hussein Karmash, said the shipment includes100,000 surgical masks, 200,000 gloves, 30,000 protective suits, 5,000 face shields, and 5,000 medical shoes, 30,000 headgear, and 100,000 face masks.

Sudan Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Abbas Fadlallah thanked Qatar Charity for supporting the health sector in Sudan, pointing out that the State of Qatar has always stood with the country to confront disasters.

For his part, Engineer Yasser Sabir, the General Secretary of the Engineers Association and a representative of the professional associations pointed to the great cooperation between the Sudanese associations, the Women's Association of Qatar, Qatar Charity, the Sudanese Embassy in Qatar, and many others to make this campaign successful.

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Qatar Charity continues to ease Syrians’ plight During the last few years, Qatar Charity (QC), in cooperation and coordination with the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities (RACA) and in partnership with many organizations, have launched many Relief Campaigns to continue to Support Syrian people within their country and the countries of asylum. These campaigns aimed at meeting the urgent needs of the Syrian people struggling to survive under challenging humanitarian situations.  Recently, a delegation from Qatar Charity has distributed the first batch of urgent aid directly to the displaced in the country, and refugees in Turkish areas bordering Syria, in view of one of the largest Syrian displacements since 2011. The aid included 200 tons of relief materials worth over 14 million riyals to benefit 864,618 people. Another delegation is expected to deliver the second batch of aid to the Syrian vulnerable. It is worth mentioning that the ‘Arsal Relief’ campaign, launched last year by Qatar Charity under the supervision of RACA, has benefited hundreds of thousands of people in Syria and the countries of asylum, focusing on providing urgent relief to those affected by snowstorms, frost and rain. Last year, the needs of the Syrian people within their country and in the countries of asylum amounted to nearly 9 billion dollars, of which only 4 billion dollars were raised, meaning that only 42% of the 2019 needs were met, according to a UN report. It is worth mentioning that during the last three months, according to United Nations, more than 900,000 people, 80% of them women and children, have been displaced, in addition to half a million children, who have also been displaced.   .    


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Qatar Charity urges people to contribute to “Sham Deserves” campaign for Syrians Qatar Charity (QC), urged people to contribute to the national campaign named “Shams Deserves” launched in partnership with the Qatar Media Corporation to Provide Urgent Relief Aid to Syrian people in their country and he countries of asylum. The campaign came within the framework of moral and humanitarian duty in response to the worsening humanitarian situation following the largest displacement in Syria in the past three months. Launched on February 19, 2020, under the supervision of the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities (RACA), the “Sham Deserves” campaign aims to deliver assistance to 250,000 Syrian refugees and displaced persons in the areas of shelter, food, water, sanitation, and health. The campaign is implemented by Qatar Charity, in cooperation with the Qatar Media Corporation, Qatar Television, Qatar Radio, Sout Al Khaleej Radio, Alkass Sports Channels, Alrayyan TV, and Alrayyan Radio. The campaign will include a joint live TV and radio broadcast on Friday and Saturday, February 28, and 29, 2020, by many media corporations to raise donations, in addition to some activities that will be held in commercial complexes. Given the difficult humanitarian situation of Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), Qatar Charity urges benefactors in Qatar to contribute to the “Sham Deserves” campaign to ease their hardship, as they are struggling to survive under the very harsh cold weather, heavy rains, frosts, and snow. It also calls on media persons and social media influencers to publicize the campaign. Benefactors can make their contributions to the campaign in many forms, including money, jewelry, and vehicle.   In conjunction with the campaign, a delegation from Qatar Charity has recently distributed urgent aid to the displaced in the country, and refugees in Turkish areas bordering Syria. The aid included 200 tons of relief materials worth over 14 million riyals to benefit 864,618 people. Another delegation is scheduled to depart on Friday to provide a second batch of Aid to Syrian Refugees and displaced persons. The donation in favor of the “Sham Deserves” campaign can easily be made through Qatar Charity’s website, mobile App, 27 branches across the country, and 97 collection points in commercial places. The donors can also request a “home collector” through the mobile App and dial the hotline 44667711 to make their contributions. Mobile donating is also available. To donate QR100, QR200, QR500, and QR100, please send an SMS with the code “SOS” to 92642, 92015, 92428, and 92429, respectively.  


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On World Refugee Day Qatar Charity: Humanitarian interventions and continuous partnerships for refugees 8,240,585 IDPs and refugees benefited globally from Qatar Charity's relief projects from January 2019 to 15 June 2020 From 2019 to date, Qatar Charity has signed 16 agreements on refugee protection with several international organizations Qatar Charity (QC) affirmed its continued keenness to ensure a dignified life for refugees throughout the world, and to work on easing their sorrow by implementing projects and initiatives through its field offices or in cooperation with partners like international and local organizations. This comes on the World Refugee Day, which is observed June 20 each year to raise awareness of the situation of refugees throughout the world, and this year, the day is being observed under the theme “Every Action Counts”. Qatar Charity's relief and humanitarian intervention included providing winter aid and basic assistance in the fields of food, shelter, health, education, water, and social cohesion. These projects benefited refugees and internally displaced people from several countries including Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Myanmar, and Somalia, in addition to Rohingya refugees. Achievements The total cost of the projects implemented by Qatar Charity for refugees and the displaced from January 2019 to June 15, 2020 is nearly 581 million riyals, benefiting 8,240,585 people. Syria received the largest portion of assistance provided by Qatar Charity during this period due to the tragic situation of the displaced and Syrian refugees. This assistance amounted to more than 314 million Qatari riyals and benefited nearly 2.8 million people. International Partnerships From 2019 to date, Qatar Charity has signed 16 agreements on refugee protection with several international organizations, namely the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the International Organization for Migration (IOM), UNICEF and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). The affected of many countries such as Yemen, Bangladesh, and Syria, have benefited from these agreements. It is worth mentioning that Qatar Charity is linked to a four-year strategic cooperation agreement signed with UNHCR in Geneva in 2017, which aims at providing financial resources for refugee relief projects, and jointly funding them by both parties, with at least 3 million dollars annually. These agreements have targeted several areas such as health care, water, education, food, and livelihoods. Fighting COVID-19 Qatar Charity (QC), since the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, signed various cooperation agreements with several international organizations to contribute to the global efforts to limit the spread of the virus and provide emergency assistance to those affected, including refugees. Qatar Charity, in cooperation with UNHCR, began providing emergency assistance to Syrian refugees throughout Lebanon in response to the humanitarian needs resulting from the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, as part of the $1.5 million signed between two parties. Under the cooperation with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Qatar Charity has started to establish 14 community-based isolation units in northern Syria to benefit 2,800 people of camps at a total cost of US$1.6 million. Qatar Charity worked with UNICEF to maintain access to safe drinking water and sanitation services for the benefit of Syrian refugees in Jordan. The value of the contribution amounted to one million US dollars, in addition to signing other agreements. Largest Initiative Last year, Qatar Charity launched the "For Humanity" initiative in cooperation with the UNHCR to provide aid to more than 300,000 refugees from Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, and Syria, in addition to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. The ‘For Humanity (4H)’ is the Largest Humanitarian Relief initiative to provide emergency assistance to vulnerable refugees across the globe, and ensure they are safe, healthy and well-fed.


Qatar Charity thanks a new gro

Qatar Charity thanks a new group of supporters of its Ramadan campaign Qatar Charity (QC) expressed its sincere thanks to a new group of government agencies and private institutions for contributing to the success of its Ramadan campaign for the year 1441 AH, which was implemented in Qatar and other 30 countries around the world, benefiting approximately 2.4 million people worldwide. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Qatar Charity has taken into consideration public safety and precautionary measures during implementing its Ramadan projects and collecting donations. The list of the supporters of the Ramadan campaign included government institutions, companies, banks, shopping centers, and restaurants. Mr. Mohammed Rashid Al Kaabi, Assistant CEO for the Communication and Resource Development Sector at Qatar, thanked all supporters of the campaign for the significant efforts showing their sincere desire to support humanitarian action within the framework of their social responsibility, especially in the blessed month of Ramadan, in which the rewards are multiplied. He emphasized that Qatar Charity is constantly working to expand its circle of cooperation with various partners nationally, regionally and internationally, since it believes in the importance of partnership and cooperation in achieving development and humanitarian goals. Commercial Establishments Qatar Charity valued the role of governmental bodies, commercial establishments and banks in supporting the Ramadan campaign, including Supreme Committee for Legacy and Projects, Qatar Lawyers, Qatar Financial Center, Qatar Academy Doha, World Food Group, Lulu Group, British Bank Qatar Branch, Vodafone, Talaba, and Carriage. The list also included a group of companies such as Al-Majid Company, Al-Mahmal Company, Swiss Company, MKHZON Company, Al-Sakhama Company, Al-Kawthar Water Company, Ceara Company, Nestle Company, Abu Issa Company, Spar Hypermarket, Al-Raha Company, Qitaf Company, Swissco Company, and Unilever Company. Restaurants The list also included Applebees Restaurant, Al-Madhal Restaurant, Rakwet Arab Restaurant, Amun Thinet Restaurant, Al Wukair Restaurant, Coffee Club, Zgerty Burger, Amo Shanab Restaurant, McDonald's Restaurant, Papa John's Restaurant, Al Kout Restaurant, and Burger King, in addition to Al Alamiah Bakery, and Waffle Factory.


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