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Health care

Access to proper healthcare is a basic human right, however there are millions in developing countries who are denied from this right. Poverty, wars, and civil conflicts are major reasons that undermine efforts to improve healthcare systems in underdeveloped countries. According to WHO, 290 women per 100,000 die during labor due to easily avoidable causes such as infections and major bleeding. About 1 (one child) in 10 (ten) dies before celebrating their first birthday in developing nations, while 16% of children leave our world before reaching the age of 15. In Qatar Charity, we firmly believe that only through our collective efforts as NGO’s, civil society, and individuals, we can help those who need us the most and save hundreds of thousands of lives.

In underdeveloped nations

In South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, many diseases that can be easily prevented such as tuberculosis, malaria or diarrhea are still claiming thousands of lives every year. On the other hand, the specter of HIV is constantly hunting down African communities, where 70% of all people infected with the HIV virus live in sub-Saharan Africa. Poor sanitary systems in urban jungles (slums) is another reason why people fall ill and most probably die if no prompt medical assistance was provided.

Contribution Project

In order to furnish a healthcare infrastructure in developing countries, we have to work towards providing medical supplies and improving hygiene conditions. Proper equipment and sufficient medical clinics will easily help poor people in remote areas receive the adequate medical assistance they need, while access to clean drinkable water and proper sanitary facilities will serve as a disease prevention strategy.

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