Qatar Charity’s app allows effortless donations

Qatar Charity’s app allows effortless donations for various initiatives


The mobile application of Qatar Charity (QC) has brought various opportunities for benefactors to do good deeds easily, especially during these blessed days of the Dhul Hijjah month.

Donors can find multiple opportunities to contribute, whether to the ‘Dhul Hijjah’ campaign or the ‘Labbeh Gaza’ campaign, along with their projects and initiatives.

Udhiyah Project

Through the app, a donor can donate to the Udhiyah project, selecting the value of the Udhiyah and choosing a country from the list of 40 countries worldwide, including Qatar.

The users of Qatar Charity’s app ( can select regions and countries facing extraordinary events or natural disasters to bring joy to the heart of vulnerable groups (internally displaced persons and refugees) in Syria and its neighboring countries, Sudan, Yemen and notably Palestine and Gaza, as well  other countries.

Labbeh Gaza

The ‘Labbeh Gaza’ campaign aims to provide the essential needs of the people in the Gaza Strip in the areas of food, shelter, and medicine. The campaign seeks to benefit 550,000 persons, with a total cost estimated at QR 40 million. Donations to the campaign and its projects can be made through the link

10x10 Initiative

The ‘10x10’ initiative aims to garner support for ten charitable projects, with one project each day during the ten days of Dhul Hijjah, in both relief and development sectors for the benefit of vulnerable and needy groups. Qatar Charity presents these projects through its app (, providing philanthropists with the opportunity to contribute to them daily based on their capacity.

These projects encompass the construction of a multi-service Islamic center in Ghana, the building and furnishing of a mosque in Albania, an economic empowerment project in Kyrgyzstan, the completion and furnishing of an Islamic center in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a project for the care and treatment of children with cancer in Lebanon, heart surgeries for needy patients in Yemen, the equipping and installation of a water desalination plant in Djibouti, and other projects in Palestine and Bangladesh.

Gift Initiative

With the ‘Gift’ service, donors can turn their presents into charitable donations, surprising their loved ones while spreading kindness. This will bring happiness to a widow, educate a child, or provide water to a village. through the link []. 

Thawab Initiative

The ‘Thawab’ initiative offers donors the opportunity to dedicate a project as an everlasting charity in memory of a beloved one through the link []. 


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