Download Qatar Charity App to help Needy Communities
Download Qatar Charity App to help Needy Communities

Qatar Charity app

The latest version of Qatar Charity is easy, smart, secure, and VERY practical. At a click of a button, you will be able to track your donations, manage them and browse our current running projects. The New updated version is available on IOS & Android. We have enhanced our application to serve the following: * User-Friendly: Whether you are a first-time donor or a regular one, you will efficiently manage your donations on our app. It is easy and smart. * Responsive: QC application is fast, responsive, and practical. *Secured: Our app ensures to keep all our donors' data and details highly secure and confidential.

Finger Print and Face Detection

Qatar Charity ensures the privacy and confidentiality of all its users to protect them from identity theft and internet fraud. QC app allows its donors to log in to their accounts using biometric data such as fingerprint and face recognition, or through their social media accounts, or simply logging in by email address or username created on the app.

Zakat Payment

Qatar Charity app provides a smart and easy approach to calculate your Zakat. Regardless of the Zakat type and whether you are an individual or a corporate, our service is the way to go. Our Zakat calculator covers cash, stocks, cattle, and Zakat on gold and silver.

Donation Methods

Doing good cannot be any easier on QC app. It enables you to donate using your credit or debit card to reach out to millions in needy communities. You can request one of our agents through QC mobile app providing your location and your convenient time. You can also rate our agents through the app in order to ensure a smooth and quality service.

Projects Installments

QC app helps you start your own charitable project and fund it through instalments for 12 months with a minimum amount of 20% of the total project value. You can choose amongst a wide range of projects to fund in myriads of fields such as education, healthcare, social care, orphan care, water provision, income generation…etc.

Personal Profile

Your personal profile on QC app is your window through the world of philanthropy. It will help you manage your donations, and will provide you with periodic reports of projects you previously donated to. Your Personal Profile is easy to browse, practical to use, and up to date on our latest humanitarian projects around the world.


Infuse hope through giving on QC app and create memories through sharing. Log in Qatar Charity’s app and promote our initiatives to improve the livelihood of those less privileged in needy communities. * Thawab: Promote a project in memory of a loved one. * Omniety: Grant little wishes for vulnerable children across the globe. * Awen: Be part of the change and help give needy people a push forward to start over.

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