Qatar Charity Wins Best Arab Charity Organization

Qatar Charity Wins Best Arab Charity Organization Award for 2017

12/3/2017 | الجوائز الدولية

In recognition of its high performance and professional excellence in the field of humanitarian and development work, Qatar Charity won the 2017 awards for Best Arab Charity Organization and the best Arab management team in the field of charity work at the second Best Arabs Festival in Marrakech, Morocco.


Extending Thanks to Supporters

Upon receiving the award at the ceremony, Mr. Yousif bin Ahmed Al-Kuwari, Qatar Charity's Executive Director, thanked all those who contributed to this achievement of which Qatar Charity is proud. "This award is not really for Qatar Charity alone, but it is also dedicated to all the people of Qatar and donors everywhere who grant us their trust and support to implement charitable and humanitarian works around the world", he said. Al-Kuwari also stressed that this award increases the responsibility of Qatar Charity towards the needy everywhere and strengthens its readiness to provide help and relief to people in distress and alleviate their suffering to lead a life of  dignity.


Best management team

With regard to Qatar Charity's winning the best management team award, Al-Kuwari noted that the Charity applies a governance system that has attracted many donors and financiers, as well as automated and sophisticated operational systems that achieved the highest level of transparency and quality. The charity is also endowed with multicultural human resources that helped it deliver its services to many locations around the world. Its success is also due to the adoption of a project management methodology compliant with the international standards PCM, apart from the 14 donation methods and the 2500 collection tools it applies. The charity has, moreover, obtained the ISO certificate for its quality management system in 2004, and the ISO certificate for its information security management system in 2017.

"Qatar Charity's wider outreach through its 26 field offices and 4 regional offices around the world to facilitate its direct implementation and supervision of projects as well as its high quality implementation of humanitarian projects have highlighted Qatari humanitarian action globally and enhanced partnerships with international organizations" Al-Kuwari added.


Aims of the Award

The Best Arabs Award aims at honoring innovative institutions and individuals in various fields to encourage high achievement and innovation in the Arab world. It also encourages initiatives that contribute to the development of Arab active institutions and motivates creativity in Arab youth. The award also aims at expanding different fields of knowledge by stimulating competitiveness and the sense of challenge.


Award Categories

The award covers three main categories: 1- the leadership award which is given to an Arab leader who has a distinguished vision that has a positive impact on economic and social levels. 2- The business category award which is granted to distinguished institutions and individuals in all sectors. 3- The society stars and sports people award.

The Technical Committee that selects award winners includes arbitrators in various fields: economic, cultural, scientific, technical and sports. It consists of 7 non-Arab members and 3 arbitrators from Arab countries.

Many Arab and Gulf institutions have competed for these awards from various sectors including business, energy, real estate development, media, insurance, banking and financial services, aviation, transformational industries, transport and logistics, telecommunications, food industries, petrochemicals, technology, pharmaceutical industries, charitable work and multi-investment.


Continuous Achievement

During the past ten years, Qatar Charity has received a large number of awards, honors, and medals at the international, regional, Gulf and Arab levels in recognition of its highly professional performance in the fields of humanitarian and development work, its high quality  program and project management and implementation and for its services and initiatives.

The Charity received a medal of excellence from the Ministry of Health and a certificate of thanks and appreciation from the local administration in the field of health for its Development Activities in Kyrgyzstan in October, 2017.


2016 Awards

Qatar Charity won eight prizes in 2016 at the Gulf and Arab levels. It received the Arab Gulf International Prize for Pioneering Human Development Projects (AGFUND)'s first prize in Riyadh for its Sudan project, "Promoting Voluntary Return and Building Peace in Darfur". In addition to that, the organization received five prizes from the Technical Innovation in Charity Work Conference in Bahrain, four of which were first place prizes (i.e. the Best Website Award, the Best Influential Technology Initiative Award, the Best Social Media Campaign Award, and the Best Smart Media Application Award). It ranked second at the Best Electronic Initiative Award. In the same year, the "Safari Al-Khair" TV Program produced by Qatar Charity and broadcast on Qatar TV, won two gold prizes from Al-Haytham Arab Media Award which is an offshoot of the United Arab Media Council (UAMC) in Jordan.



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