Qatar Charity’s ‘Ghiras’ platform delivers

Qatar Charity’s ‘Ghiras’ platform delivers awareness lecture remotely on ‘back to school’

9/15/2020 | Media Center

Qatar Charity’s ‘Ghiras’ platform delivers awareness lecture remotely on ‘back to school’

Through Qatar Charity’s (QC) ‘Ghiras’ platform on Instagram, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Harami, a media person, has given a lecture entitled “Back to School”, calling on parents to advise their children on taking the precautionary measures at schools to stay safe from the covid-19 pandemic. He also urged the parents to take care of children during their long stay at home and monitor their online behaviors.  

The ‘Ghiras’ platform, which provides live meetings and awareness-raising lectures, has so far managed to offer 12 lectures on educational, social and economic issues. The lectures, which were delivered in cooperation with a group of specialists and trainers from various fields, contribute to developing the capabilities of students, parents and families and strengthen family ties. The platform provides an opportunity for the public to interact, ask and respond to inquiries.

Qatar Charity, through its ‘Ghiras’ platform, has made an additional leap in the field of awareness-raising and capacity development by delivering various lectures remotely via social media, in cooperation with Marsal Qatar. The recently established platform, which complies with social distancing in light of the coronavirus, has received a significant response from people.

Earlier, many lectures were delivered through the platform on various issues, including a lecture on the role of parents in the upbringing of children, in addition to other lectures on social, educational, and economic topics.

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