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What general donations means ?

It is a donation fund of no specific amount and for no specific this case Qatar Charity distribute the funds to projects based on priorities and needs. A team of experts from Qatar Charity study and identify projects that need support and create a lists where the most affected and most in-need projects come first, to be financed from the public donation fund.

How do those in need benefit from public donations?

The funds raised by public donations go through three stages, starting with the donation the donor makes, then Qatar Charity distribute these donations to the projects that need most and finally arrives to the groups/projects in need.;

You donate

This is the money the client does not direct to a specific project or charity.

We Distribute

Qatar Charity distributes the funds nased on internal studies, prioritizing the most in need.

The cases most in need

The funds are then transferred to projects/groups.

Immediate Need

Qatar Charity supports social programs that are concerned with relieving troubles of those distressed by providing assistance to them, such as those who need help in covering fines, widows, divorced women, patients with limited or no income, or with special needs or anyone that needs help and is going through difficult circumstances.

مجالات التبرع

Charity and Atonement;

الصدقات هي كل عمل خير ينتفع به صاحبه في حياته ويمتدُ نفعهُ إلى ما بعد الموت. وقد دلت الكثير من نصوص القرآن الكريم والسنة النبوية على مشروعيتها والحث على القيام بها. وتدرج قطر الخيرية العديد من المشاريع الخيرية ضمن مشاريع الصدقة الجارية تسهيلاً على المحسنين الكرام لزيادة الأجر وحتى ينتفع بها ذوو الحاجة، مثل مشاريع حفر الآبار وبناء المدارس والمساجد وتعليم الأطفال وطلبة العلم والمشاريع المدرة للدخل للأسر المتعففة.

مجالات التبرع

Ongoing charity

For those who are seeking an unremitting reward there are innovative new ways to do such righteous deeds.

Ongoing charity is any good deed that the owner is rewarded for in his life and extends beyond the death. Many texts of the Noble Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAAW) indicate their legitimacy to do so. Qatar Charity includes many charitable projects within the Ongoing Charity such as well-drilling projects, building schools, building mosques, educating children and income-generating projects for needy families.

The easiest way to calculate your zakat

Qatar Charity provides an easy tool to calculate the expense of Zakat, in the Qatar Charity application through the Zakat Calculator just type and the payment of the imposed quorum whether the item is of money, stocks, cattle, gold, or zakat trade.

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