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Media Center - Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity receives Zakat Al-Fitr and donations

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Qatar Charity provides food baskets to workers in quarantine in Al-Shahaniya

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Our Programs

Interactive radio and TV programs produced by Qatar Charity and broadcast by its media partners, in order to raise awareness of humanitarian issues, garner support and advocate for such issues. These programs are presented in exciting ways, and include many adventures and surprises, with the participation of influential youth figures

Success Stories

A series of attractive stories highlighting the positive changes made by humanitarian relief and development projects, or social welfare services in the lives of individuals and communities.

Heroes of our stories are orphans, poor students or people with special needs, who overcame their humanitarian suffering, managed to make outstanding academic performance and did well in their professional careers. Some specific projects are also heroes of our stories, which have made a difference in the lives of individuals and communities around the world and have contributed to providing a decent life for them.

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Qatar Charity Library

Believing in the importance of inculcating the values of humanitarian work and disseminating the culture of volunteerism, Qatar Charity publishes books, pamphlets, guides and brochures to realize this objective. These publications vary to target all the society groups. The charity also publishes a periodic magazine known as "Ghiras".


A periodic magazine that is published by Qatar Charity. It is dedicated to disseminating the culture of voluntary and charitable work through articles, studies, dialogs, translations and various sections. Ghiras highlights QCs' relief and development activities and services provided in the field of social welfare as well as the positive impact left by QC's humanitarian intervention.

Electronic Books

An outlet that helps giving access to the books published by Qatar Charity in order to fill a gap in the humanitarian and charitable work literature, anticipate the relevant developments, and document the experiences recorded in this area.

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