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Believing in the importance of inculcating the values of humanitarian work and disseminating the culture of volunteerism, Qatar Charity publishes books, pamphlets, guides and brochures to realize this objective. These publications vary in terms of content between Islamic cultural heritage and the literatures of the contemporary voluntary work, targeting all the society groups. It also publishes a periodic magazine known as "Ghiras".

Welcome to the electronic versions of the publications on the pages of Qatar Charity's website

Ghiras Magazine

A periodic magazine that is published by Qatar Charity. It is dedicated to disseminating the culture of voluntary and charitable work through articles, studies, dialogs, translations and various sections. Ghiras highlights QCs' relief and development activities and services provided in the field of social welfare as well as the positive impact left by QC's humanitarian intervention.

Kids Books

A variety of stories, activities and awareness leaflets aspire to promote a culture of volunteering and philanthropy in the new generation

Electronic Books

An outlet that helps giving access to the books published by Qatar Charity in order to fill a gap in the humanitarian and charitable work literature, anticipate the relevant developments, and document the experiences recorded in this area.

Electronic Publications

A package of pamphlets and brochures that address humanitarian, charitable and development topics in a concise manner, focused statements and a good style.

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