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Future writers

"Future writers" is a short-story writing program designed for school students, university students, and special needs, of both genders to develop their talents. The program focuses on developing stories that combine humanitarian perspectives and Qatari cultural heritage.

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Registration stage

Schools : 1-19/1/2023

University : 3-19/1/2023

  • Registration via the following link: https://qch.qa/bookform
  • You will receive a confirmation message.
  • Communicate with participants will be via email.
  • For inquiries, please call the following number: 50014578


First stage

Preparatory - Secondary : 30/1/2023

Primary Girls : 31/1/2023

Primary Boys : 1/2/2023

University : 8/2/2023

  • All participants will submit a one-paragraph short story,15 stories will be chosen from each group.
  • Following stages will be conducted via Microsoft teams.
  • The names of the finalists are announced on 10/5/2023.


Training forum

Secondary Boys - Girls : 20-21/2/2023

Preparatory Boys - Girls : 22-23/2/2023

Primary Boys - Girls : 27-28/2/2023

University : 7-8/3/2023

The forum will offer two training workshops on the basics of short story writing.

  • The qualified students will be contacted and the training schedule and a link to the workshop will be sent via e-mail on date 16/2/2023.
  • Qualifying students from all academic levels will participate in the Future Writers Training Forum.
  • All training workshops must be attended. Students who do not attend will be excluded.


Submitting the final draft

For all stages : 27/4/2023

University : 1/5/2023

  • The final draft of the story should be submitted on time via the following email masideh@qcharity.org.
  • The story cover should include the student’s name, grade and mobile number.
  • The dedication is written on the first page of the story.
  • Stories handed after the deadline will not be considered.27/4/2023.


Meeting the jury

For all stages : 8/5/2023

University : 10/5/2023

  • Qualified participants will be contacted via email which will include a link with a date.
  • Attending the session is compulsory.
  • Those who are marked absent will be excluded.


Closing ceremony and announcing the winners

  • A closing ceremony will be held to announce the names of the winning students from all academic levels.
  • Partner organizations will be awarded in the ceremony as well.
  • The date of the ceremony will be announced via Qatar Charity's digital platforms and e-mail.

Conditions of participation

  1. The story should be written in classical Arabic.
  2. The story should not be translated or plagiarized
  3. The manuscript should be original i.e., it was not previously published or presented to any other competition.
  4. The stories should focus on themes related to human values and positive aspects of life.
  5. The story should be interesting and creative
  6. The manuscript should not be more than 1500 words for preparatory, secondary and university, and about 400 words for elementary school.
  7. Training workshops within the Future Writers Forum should be attended in addition to meeting the jury
  8. Agreeing to print the story and allocate its proceeds to humanitarian projects.

Submission criteria

  1. Topic
    • Should be in line with local customs and traditions
    • Topic and objective should be clear
  2. Story structure
    • Should be original and creative
    • Includes characters
    • Consider time and space aspects
    • Events should be consequential and escalating throughout the story
    • Should include a dilemma and a climax with unexpected events
  3. Title
    • Should be suitable for the story
    • Should be interesting
  4. Style
    • Creative ideas
    • Persuasive
  5. Language
    • Should be beautifully written
    • Text should be error-free with correct spelling and grammar, and punctuation

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