27 International Field offices - Qatar Charity Works Around The World
27 International Field offices - Qatar Charity Works Around The World

Geographic range of action

Qatar Charity is committed to working closely with vulnerable communities affected by poverty, crises, and distressing circumstances. The organization adopts a results-oriented approach to assess the needs and areas of intervention; subsequently, based on the results, our operational team decides on the intervention plan and strategy. Qatar Charity is keen on implementing this approach to realize intervention objectives and achieve tangible change. Moreover, Qatar Charity provides direct communication channels with beneficiaries to coordinate and plan humanitarian action according to their needs, while acting as connecting platform between communities and decision-makers to ensure dignity and prosperity for all

Geographic range of action

Qatar Charity operates around the world through its field offices in cooperation with local and international partners in more than 80 countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Hence, Qatar Charity is able to provide prompt humanitarian response when needed through its operational team working through its field offices. Moreover, the field offices enable the organization to acquire regular information about communities' needs and implement development projects accordingly. Also, Qatar Charity aligns its intervention plans with the country's development strategies. Qatar Charity implements transparent criteria through which targeted communities' needs are evaluated. These criteria include the following: Development and humanitarian indicators Accessibility Humanitarian partnership and cooperation opportunities in the targeted region/country

Field offices

Qatar Charity operates through 39 field offices (25 country offices and 14 national branches) - through which the organization coordinates with governments and development and humanitarian actors to carry out the needed humanitarian intervention.

Our Works Around The World

Burkina Faso
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sri Lanka

Established offices in

Gambia - Nigeria - Morocco - Tanzania - Senegal - Malaysia - Ivory Coast

List of Qatar Charity’s field offices by country

  Country Headquarters Date of establishment
1 Albania Tirana Albania 2/14/2014
2 Bosnia Sarajevo Aug-94
3 Sudan Khartoum 1/1/1994
4 Somalia Mogadishu 2007
5 Nepal Kathmandu 23October2016
6 Niger Niamey 2007
7 Yemen Sana'a March 2013
8 Pakistan Islamabad 1998
9 Bangladesh DhakaBennani 1995
10 Chad N'Djamena 7/23/2015
11 Comoros Sehani AmedBambooGrande Comore Island March 2012
12 Djibouti Djibouti 14/05/2015
13 Sri Lanka 15A flower terrace. Colombo3 3/3/2018
14 Ghana Accra 20/05/2016
15 Gaza Gaza strip 15/05/1997
16 Kyrgyzstan Bishkek 2017/11/27
17 Kenya Nairobi 16/11/2015
18 Mali Bamako  17/11/2009
19 Mauritania Nouakchott, MauritaniaZeina434 P. O.1696 October2007
20 Palestine/Ramallah Ramallah 18/11/2009
21 Indonesia Jakarta 2004
22 Turkey YILDIZEVLER MAH. KİŞİNEV CAD. NO:10. ÇANKAYA. Ankara 18/12/2015
23 Burkina Faso OuagadougouCharlesn Bila Kabore 2008
24 Kosovo Pristina 18/11/2013
25 Tunisia Tunis Carthage, 8th floor / office number15 and16Al-Bukoush Tower Ariana,2080 2012