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Contributing to water and sanitation projects enhances health and human dignity and contributes to building strong and sustainable societies. Therefore, through its water and sanitation sector projects, Qatar Charity works to provide clean drinking water to communities in need, especially in rural areas.

Our specialized programs provide services for drilling shallow and deep wells and purifying water using advanced desalination plants. In addition, we establish and maintain sewage systems and treatment plants to ensure a clean and healthy environment for communities.


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9 Qatari riyals can provide a person with safe drinking water

Frequently Asked Questions

Qatar Charity implements charitable and development projects, including housing for the poor, digging wells, providing clean water, health, education, and fighting poverty, in additionly to relief projects during disasters and crises.

A private project is a project that the donor chooses to fully self-fund either by installments or paying the full amount at once.

You can do so through Qatar Charity's website or mobile application. You can also approach the nearest collector to you or head to one of our branches to choose the project of your preference.

You will receive a report of your project via your email. You will also get constant updates on the progress phases of your project. You may reach out to any collector, branch of Qatar Charity, or call our Donor Services Center on 44290000 to get your project's report.

You may reach out to any collector, branch, or call our Donor Services Center 44290000 to inquire about the delay of your project report.