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Water Project

According to UN DESA (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs), around 1.2 billion people over the globe are experiencing water scarcity, while 500 million others are heading towards this horrifying situation. The dilemma of water shortage in developing countries takes a tragic and devastating turn as it reflects on every aspect of the daily life. There are 884 million people in the world who lack access to clean and safe water, 840,000 of whom die every year due to water-related diseases. Every minute the humanity loses one child due to a disease caused by water shortage. In Qatar Charity, water provision is one of our main priorities as it is a cause that every human should advocate, it is need that every person should access, and it is a right that every individual should obtain. In developing countries, the statistics about clean water availability reveals a scary reality, where water related diseases are still running rampant and claiming thousands of lives every year. About 80% of illnesses in underdeveloped nations are linked to unclean water and poor sanitation. Diarrhea is amongst the most common diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, which claims 842,000 lives every year, approximately 2,300 people per day.

Water has become scarce in underdeveloped

Team up with Qatar Charity to help drill more water wells in developing countries and contribute to water provision to those less privilege. Because clean water saves lives, donate today.

Contribution Project

Women and children are the first to be directly affected by water shortage. Millions of women spent long hours every day collecting water from distant areas where the water source most likely unclean or polluted. Children on the other hand are raised or educated in places where there is no proper sanitation system which jeopardize their life and put it at risk.

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