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Education is a basic right that every child has to acquire. It is the driving force for any social, human, or economic development, as it sharpens the luster of creativity and ignites the exuberance of talent. It is quite shocking however to know that more than 122 million children around the world do not have access to proper education yet, while the rates of adults who cannot read or write exceed 700 million. With unwavering belief, Qatar Charity tirelessly works to fight illiteracy and aspires to a world where every human is able to read and write. Contribute today and draw a world full of words, expressions, and knowledge.

Over a century of humanitarian work,

In most developing countries, education does not come free of charge. The costs of books, uniforms, school supplies have to be borne by families who are already miring in an extreme poverty. According to UNICEF, females are most likely to be bereaved from basic education due to social and cultural reasons. The rates of female illiteracy in underdeveloped are exceedingly high in comparison with their male counterparts where illiteracy amongst women goes beyond 70%. While females are less likely to receive any form of education, boys struggle to keep going to schools. Most boys are likely to repeat grades or drop out altogether due to the poor quality of education.

Contribution Project

Through educating one child, we will be able to educate many generations to follow. Education is a key element for the betterment of societies, it helps eradicate diseases, fight poverty, and raise awareness amongst individuals.

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