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Dal Ala Al- Khair - Qatar Charity

Dal Ala Al-Khair

The service allows you to contribute to sharing Qatar charity projects via social media, and collect points for every donation that comes through the link that you publish. Track your influence on your profile page. Once you collect enough points, you will be included in the list of honour and given a charity shield. And never forget that "Whoever guides someone to virtue will be rewarded equivalent to him who practices that good action".

Steps for Using Dal Ala Alkhair

Qatar Charity provides "Dal" service by taking simple steps to give you an opportunity to promote causes that need help and charitable projects through its various digital services so you can have a share in giving and charity.


Share the donation link

While browsing Qatar Charity website or applications, you can easily share donation cases between your acquaintances and friends on various social media sites.

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Stay updated with other's interactions

We provide you with a detailed and constantly updated report via your profile including others' posts and donations for the links you have shared, and the total points you have earned.

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Achieve goals and overcome challenges

Every time you succeed in delivering your links to new donors, you will get bonus points, and you will achieve the goal of helping as many people in need as possible.

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What are "Dal" seasons?

Qatar Charity regularly launches new seasons and for specified periods in order to allow people to compete in spreading the good. The contestants compete by sharing charitable projects links on different social media sites to encourage others to donate aiming to help the largest possible number of needy people during the season.

Season 2

Good influence

Be the one who influences others to do good! The new season of Dal has just released to allow everyone to compete in goodness by sharing Humanitarian and charity links via social media platforms. Share the good and good will come back to you

Season Number

Season 2

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End Date


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Statistics Of Dal Ala Al-Khair


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Number of beneficiary countries


Count of donation processes

Before start, you should know

What’s a season?

A season is a period when Dal Al Khair users compete to rank according to their points


What’s a level category ratio?

A level category ratio is based on your points calculation on each level, which increases


What’s a level category?

Every time you receive a level upgrade, your category name changes accordingly.


What’s a level?

Your level determines the calculation of your points, the higher the level, the higher your


What’s a Rank?

It indicates your rank amongst other Dal Al Khair users based on your total number of


How to Get Points?

You gain points through every donation you collect through links you shared, and accordingly,

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