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In Qatar Charity, we vowed to bring the gift of “Home” to those who live without a proper roof over their heads. Join us and contribute today.

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Home is a concept that takes more than one dimension in one’s life, as it is directly associated with our sense of belonging. Home is not only four walls on a piece of land, it is rather a component of a bigger picture that projects the human life over the course of time. According to the UN, there are more than 930 million slums dwellers in developing countries, where they make 42% of the urban population. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the rates of slum-dwellers staggeringly increased to reach 72%. Slums or Urban jungles are constant threat on the lives of those who dwell them due to the lack of basic services such as proper sanitation, access to electricity and drinkable clean water, and adequate sewage system.

More than 941 social housing projects are yet to be funded
More than 25,572 persons will be impacted after funding these projects

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