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In Qatar Charity, we are always ready to help people where and when needed, and your contribution will definitely help us reach more people in the times of crisis and natural disasters. Be engaged, be a life savior, and join Qatar charity’s convoy of mercy. Your donation will enable us join children with their mothers, build their destroyed houses, and bring life back to them. Donate Now.

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Safety for one person risks from hunger around the world

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According to the Centre for the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED), there were 337 million people affected by disasters associated with natural hazards. While the ongoing wars and conflicts in the Middle East region has resulted in the displacement of more than 65.9 million people, most of whom were repeatedly displaced. NGO’s play a major role in disaster management, and the quicker they act, the more people they save. However, the magnitude of crisis usually exceeds the expected numbers which makes your contribution pivotal for the process of saving millions of lives.

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