Emergency Relief Campaigns by Qatar Charity Around the World
LNO : 2023

Leave your mark

A blessed month is upon us. The holy month of Ramadan is close and our duty is to strive to make the most out of its blessings. As it is fast

LNO : 2023

Earthquake victims

A strong earthquake struck separate areas in Turkey and northern Syria, leaving catastrophic casualties and destruction. Added to that, weather

LNO : 2022

Development projects

Development projects address the biggest challenges faced by poor communities, such as poverty, lack of health and educational facilities. It

LNO : 2023

Economic empowerment

Economic empowerment is an opportunity to achieve dignity for poor families. Support economic empowerment projects. Give the gift of hope!

LNO : 2023


The best of people are those who are most beneficial to people. contribute to providing medical aid to those who need it the most. Your support

LNO : 2023

Sponsor an Orphan

Sponsoring orphans brings us closer to Allah and offers dignified living to orphans.

LNO : 2023

Building a mosque

Contribute to building a monque and leave a mark that lasts forever Inshallah.

LNO : 2023


Soqqyah is the best form of Sadaqah contribute to provide clean water in communities in need through water projects and drilling water wells.

LNO : 2023

Empowering the Needy

Economic empowerment is their chance to a dignified life and a better reality.

LNO : 2023


Leave a mark this Ramadan and contribute to restoring a home for a family in need.

LNO : 2021

Quran centers

Contribute to building a Quran center,Give the gift of hope!

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