Emergency Relief Campaigns by Qatar Charity Around the World
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Another terrible tragedy has befallen our people in Palestine, which resulted in making their already strained living conditions much worse. Dozens

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Somalia hunger appeal

Somalia experiences a protracted famine crisis threatening over 7 million Somalis, facing one of the worst droughts in its history that destroyed its

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Donate to Yemen

Six years of conflict forced nearly 4 million Yemenis to flee to different parts of their country searching for safety and security. Many elderlies

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Help People in Afghanistan

A powerful earthquake hit the Central Region of Afghanistan impacting the provinces of Khost and Paktika, in which 70% of homes have been damaged and

LNO : 2021

Together against hunger

11 people die from starvation every single minute. Around 41 million people (mostly women and children) are at imminent risk of starvation and

LNO : 2021

Sponsor an Orphan

Sponsoring orphans brings us closer to Allah and offers dignified living to orphans.

LNO : 2021

Empowering the Needy

Economic empowerment is an opportunity to achieve dignity for poor families.

LNO : 2021


Reduce poverty and homelessness by supporting poor housing

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QC’s new projects for Gaza

QC’s projects will cover education, health, water, sanitation, 10/11/2018 More ... 

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