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Qatar Charity’s Projects

Qatar Charity’s projects aim at bringing communities together and strengthen their human bonds. Our projects focus on poor societies sustainable development in order to support their livelihood and lift them from poverty. We operate in more than 60 countries around the globe in fields such as education, healthcare, social care, water provision, emergency relief, housing and income generation.

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Education and Culture

By education, we fight poverty, open doors of hope for vulnerable and marginalized groups, and protect the future of societies

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More than a house of worship, in areas of poverty, the mosque becomes a school for all sciences, a source of water and hygiene

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Health Projects

We fight deadly diseases and epidemics, combat malnutrition and support local infrastructure with essential medical equipment in collaboration with local governments

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Water Porjects

One out of every ten people in the world cannot access clean water, hence, the percentage of deaths due to water pollution outweighs other causes, including war and conflict

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Income-generating projects

To achieve local development and self-reliance, we focus on sustainable productive projects that are owned by the poor and transformers them from those in need to a producers

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Quran Centers

The Holy Quran is an integrated constitution in ethics, morality, and transactions. Quran teachings preserve societies from deviant behaviors, contributing to their advancement, spreading peace and social harmony.

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Social Projects

Aiming to reduce the spread of epidemics and crimes, Housing and infrastructure projects responds to electricity, water and sanitation problems, slums and humanitarian crises of poor communities.

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We interact with consolidated international appeals for disaster-affected countries from emergency situations through early recovery, prevention and risk reduction to reconstruction

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How to open private projects

Qatar Charity helps you bring back life to vulnerable communities. Choose a project model, fund it and Qatar Charity will execute it on your behalf. Project model costs may vary from one country to another, depending on the need, resources and availability.

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