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Qatar Charity is a well-known name in the field of humanitarian work, both regionally and internationally. Starting from the quest for good to prevail in the world, Qatar Charity aims to tackle poverty and alleviate the suffering of poor communities through it’s projects. Are projects work in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) in many areas such as education, health care, social welfare and water provision.

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Impact of Qatar Charity Projects

Qatar Charity is experienced in creating projects in more than 80 countries across the globe through its international bureaus in: Africa, Asia and Europe. Our offices coordinate with governments of the countries to:

Determine the needs of those that are affected and areas in need of support and development.
Rapid intervention in areas that require relief, in coordination with international organizations.
Coordination with the governments of such countries to provide support depending on the requirements of those in need.
Efficiency of projects established by Qatar Charity in cooperation with the largest construction and contracting companies.
Pursuing projects even after their inauguration and continue to monitor

Project Advantages

Project Installments

Qatar Charity helps you to set up a financing plan for your charitable project by installment payment for up to one year.

Multi-Payment Methods

You can choose your preferred payment method to fund your projects, whether by credit card, debit card, bank transfer, checks, or Qatar Charity’s kiosks/officer located within the State of Qatar.

Track the progress of your project

We provide you with the required tools to monitor the progress of your project through your personal profile on our website or mobile application.

Initiatives for your loved ones

We provide innovative solutions that help you carry out charitable projects under your family and loved ones name.

How to create your own project?

What are special projects?

The private project is the project that the donor chooses (from a list of Charitable projects,) and decides to bear its full costs from it’s beginning until it’s completion. The donor can pay in installments as well as fully donate the total project cost.

Choose your project

We offer a variety of projects that you can choose from, in areas such as education and healthcare, providing sanitation and clean water, improving income and social welfare.

Start your project

Once you enter your private data and choose your project and pay its dues, we will proceed with its implementation.

Watch the progress

Qatar Charity will provide you with periodic reports and on-ground photos showing the progress of your project from its inception until its completion stage. You will witness the impact of your donation on the lives of many.

Steps for creating a private projects?

Choose your Project

Qatar Charity has an impressive portfolio of charitable projects that you can choose from, which encompasses a myriad of fields such as education, healthcare, water provision, income generation, social care, and water provision.

Start Your Project

Once you enter your details and choose your project, your vision will come to a realization, and your project will start.

Witness the Progress

Qatar Charity will provide you with periodic reports and images about your project progress from the start to the finish line. You will witness the birth of a mean that will change the lives of many vulnerable people and families in dire need.

Make sure the information you have provided such as phone number and email, is correct, in order to receive reports of your projects and be able to follow them.

Everyone's contribution is needed

Poverty, suffering, illiteracy, lack of income, disease, among many other addresses of suffering that thousands of people go through silently in different places every day. They need sincere attention and outstretched hands that remove them from what they are in and provide them with a decent life. We, in "Qatar Charity", believing in our principles, derived from our Islamic law, and the human values that we share with humanity, believe that it is our duty to help the needy through the delivery of aid and various forms of support, by collecting donations and managing charitable projects that are overseen by our international offices, according to modern and scientific methods. Therefore, we strive to be present in every place where there is a need for help. From places affected by poverty and famine to societies in which illiteracy and ignorance spread in all its forms, to the end of the long journeys of displaced persons who fled from the arenas of wars and conflicts.

For your loved ones

Our role is to provide you easy access to participate in charitable projects and gift them to your loved ones through "Hadiya" service, or in the reward of the dear ones you miss though our "Thawab" service.

Hadia (Gift)

Make every single moment of a loving one's life special! Send them "Hadia", a thoughtful message & an infinite impact

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