News Section – Qatar Charity
News Section – Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity introduces automated customer response

Qatar Charity (QC) has introduced a new pioneering service at its Customer


Qatar Charity’s model village to shelter 400 displaced

Qatar Charity (QC) announced that it has completed approximately 75% of the


Qatar Charity: Thank you for generous contribution to

Qatar Charity (QC) thanked all the supporters of the ‘Arsal Relief’


QC’s ‘Arsal Relief’ campaign grabs considerable

The Arsal Relief Campaign, which was launched by Qatar Charity (QC), in


Qatar Charity launches on-air campaign for Syrian

Today (Tuesday), Qatar Charity (QC) will launch an on-air donation campaign, as


QC launches “Arsal Relief” campaign for Syrian

Under the supervision of the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities


QC launches “Arsal Relief” campaign for Syrian

Qatar Charity (QC) launched Arsal Relief Campaign to provide urgent assistance


Qatar Charity provides relief aid to snowstorm-hit

Nearly 17,000 Syrian refugees, mostly children, women, the sick, the elderly


Qatar Charity provides clean water to 1 million

Qatar Charity (QC) managed to implement 421 Water Projects in Somalia during


13mn beneficiaries of Qatar Charity’s 2018 relief aid

The number of beneficiaries of Qatar Charity’s (QC) relief projects,


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