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Increasing Income

The key factor to rebuild a shattered society is to rehabilitate and educate the people who live in it. It takes more than bricks and concrete infrastructure to reconstruct a healthy environment economically and socially, whereas the main focus to restore a society has to lie in improving the lives of those who are actively engaged in it. The daunting challenge is to restore people’s sense of equality, opportunity, and dignity. In Qatar Charity we reach those less privileged and help them find themselves again, through increasing their income, creating more job opportunities, and financing their small yet impactful projects.

Underdeveloped countries are at the bottom

No matter where people live, they all have skills and talents, and all they need is just a little push to take the first step.

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In Qatar Charity, we work together to strengthen the social values that cherish philanthropy and celebrate love that lasts a lifetime. We run thousands of projects, and we need you to be part of these milestone achievements.



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With Qatar Charity, you can now start your own charitable project and stand for a cause that will help many people around the globe. Be the designer of your own charitable project, and we will help you engineer it the way you envision it.

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Qatar Charity helps you do good to the world in myriads of can find a list of projects and initiatives that you can donate to and send as a gift to your loved ones.



There is one kind of love, but there are a thousand imitations….Gift love to those you hold dear and let it shine through

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