Download Ayami App 2020 - Smart Islamic calendar
Download Ayami App 2020 - Smart Islamic calendar

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Ayamy App

Ayami app is your smart Islamic calendar, as it is designed to accompany every day of your lunar calendar. The app offers many features such as Qibla direction, prayer times, Hajj guide, Ramadan Imsak and Iftar times, Fatawa, and a useful collection for supplications and Dua. Ayami is made to suit all people, adults and children alike.

Prayers Time

Ayami accurately indicates prayer times according to your location, as you will receive a notification to remind you of the prayer timing using GPS services.

Qibla Direction

Ayami features a compass and Qibla direction to guide you towards Ka’aba accurately. Whether you are flying or travelling, Ayami will find its way to point you towards Ka’aba.

Ramadan Imsak Times

This feature will adjust your Iftar and Imsak schedule in Ramadan as it will keep you perfect on time and will leave no space for error. It will show Iftar and Imsak time on your location and will send you a notification to remind you of your Imsak/Iftar time.


Ayami offers a trusted collection of books in a myriad of fields to suit every member of your family, and which you can read, download and print.


The app offers a wide range of Fatawa in the form of questions and answers. It encompasses Fawata on different topics such as praying, fasting, giving Zakat and performing Haj.

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