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The holy Quran plays a major role in the spiritual, juridical, social, and personal life of every Muslim. It is the source of all beauties, ethics, morals, virtues, and merits. Quran teaches us how to live Islam as a lifestyle, and how to lead a happy stable life. However, there are those of us who live in areas where learning how to recite it can be quite of a daunting challenge. Some of them live in improvised areas, while other were born in non-Muslim countries. Therefore, we in Qatar Charity vowed to spread the words of the holy Quran to all humankind in every corner of this world. We work to build Quran centers everywhere to reach the hearts of our brother Muslims who yearn to recite the holy words of Allah.

In non-Muslim countries and remote areas,

Contribute to Qatar Charity’s campaign to build Quran centers where Muslims from all walks of life can come all together to read and recite the words of the holy Quran. Quran Centers provides lessons to recite Quran beautifully, teach Arabic language, and Hadith (sayings of the prophet Mohammed PBUH). These centers also serve as a ground where can meet and socialize, and promote the culture of co-existence with people from different faiths and cultural backgrounds.

Contribution Project

In many non-Muslim countries around the globe, Muslims find it quite difficult to teach their children how to read and recite Quran, as well as the cultural and social isolation that parents may face when raising their children in non-Muslim environments. Many parents are keen to raise their kids according to the guidelines of our religion of Islam, but they are short of means.

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