Gift - Thinking of a way to express your love to someone?

Gift Love, Give Happiness

How beautiful it is to extend the effect of a gift, whatever the occasion is. A joy of giving is indeed a gift for the giver, a Happiness to the receiver and for those who benefit from it, it is a hope and a life!. Give happiness with gifts that are impactful: Helps a widow, teaches a child, waters a village, and spreads good. Choose from integrated charitable projects, or contribute to an ongoing charity, and surprise those you care about with a gift that they do not expect, Perhaps the most urgent thing they need on the occasion of marriage, healing, graduation, or a new baby.

Wedding/ Marriage Anniversary

Sadaka Gifts

Live every moment of your campaign to the fullest and make sure to create plenty of memories. We are here to give you many creative ideas (Join our Campaigners Forum) about how to personalize your campaign and mark it with a significant event in your life, such as marriage anniversary, childbirth, graduation and many more.

Ongoing Sadaqah
Feed the Poor
Remove an affliction
Water and wells

Projects Gifts

Send Project as gift

Build a Mosque or Dig a well and send it as a Gift to your beloved ones

Send a gift

Send contribution as gift

Gift a charity that fits your budget and helps us complete projects that awaits contributions

Send a gift

How to Send a Gift ?

Select a Project

All you need to do is to choose a project of your preference. We can select from a wide range of charitable fields including but not limited to education, health, water, and income generating projects.

Fill in the Form

It takes less than 2 minutes to submit your details and the details of that special someone whom you are sending the gift. However, please consider taking more time while drafting them a message, and remember that when words come out from the heart, they always hold more meaning.


Choose the donation amount for any of the fields you have chosen and complete the donation process and you will send a message to the person dear to your heart and tell him your gift.

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