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Download Hasalty Moneybox Mobile App for Kids

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Kids are different these days as well as should our approaches to teaching them empathy and compassion towards those in need. In an age when smartphones and tablets have become one of the children's most favorite toys, we introduce to you Hasalty App, a digitized experience that aims at promoting philanthropy amongst children and helping them understand the importance of charity work. Hasalty is a moneybox mobile app that is meant to help children acquire the habit of charity and encourage them to do good to the world. With the support of his/her parents, the child will download Hasalty app and create a moneybox under his/her name and save money to donate it later to a charitable project.

Money Box

This app is not only meant to encourage children to do charity, but it also helps them acquire a good understanding of basic management skills and educate them about the several aspects of humanitarian work. Through this platform, your child will be able to save money for a project in different charitable fields such as water provision, health, education, empowerment.. etc. Your child can also receive donations from family around him/her and save them on his moneybox


One of the coolest features of Hasalty is the Challenge part. Your child can set an online challenge with other children to save money for a project that aligns with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Once the timeline of the project is complete, a winner will be announced. This feature will keep your child motivated and excited while having fun with the challenge.


This feature will enable you and your child to keep track of all your activities, transactions and challenges.

Multi- Donation

Hasalty is a virtual account that allows children to save money for charitable projects. Money can be saved in the moneybox via a credit/debit card, SMS or simply through a Qatar Charity representative at any shopping mall across the country.

Sharing the Victory

Children become highly motivated when sharing their success stories in a social atmosphere. Therefore, Hasalty allows children/parents to be proud and share challenges and their saving progress through Social Media platforms and SMS.

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