QC opens first Islamic center in Luxembourg

QC opens first Islamic center in Luxembourg

6/11/2015 |

QC opens first Islamic center in Luxembourg

Qatar Charity has established the first Islamic center in Luxembourg.

The center was opened by His Excellency Sheikh Hamad bin Nasser bin Jassim Al Thani, Chairman of QC, is valued at two million, two hundred thousand euros, and will directly benefit more than three thousand Muslims living in Luxembourg, where there are around 10 thousand Muslims.

The center consists of a mosque, a school, a legal center and an educational center for young people.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the center, which was attended by the Ambassador of the State of Qatar for the Kingdom of Belgium and Luxembourg, Mayor of Luxembourg City, Lydie Polfer, the Archbishop of State and other religious leaders.

Al-Thani expressed his delight at the opening of the center, saying: “Qatar Charity, by opening this cultural shrine, is providing a great service for Muslims in Luxembourg; this center will be a beacon of peace, goodness and coexistence for the followers of all religions, as per the teachings of our religion; which is the same message that Qatar Charity strives to spread in the world” Al-Thani said.

Al-Thani expressed QC’s gratitude to the Government of Luxembourg, for its assistance in completing the project.

His Excellency explained that QC pays particular attention to cultural projects in the West such as Islamic schools and centers, in a bid to spread the culture of Islam throughout the world, to communicate its timeless message to everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim, create a dialogue between civilizations and serve Muslim communities, linking new generations with their Islamic civilization.

QC Chief Executive Officer Yusuf Bin Ahmed Al Kuwari said: “Qatar Charity is keen to set up such projects in the European continent, in light of its social responsibility and in a bid to contribute to the integration of young Muslims into European society.”

“The center will help cultivate a spirit of cooperation, and strongly support humanitarian and charitable projects in Europe,” he added.

“The hand of Qatar Charity stretched out to create this project whose ambitious goal is to serve the community and act as a platform for good and a shining beacon to guide us all,” Al Kuwari concluded.

Polfer also made a speech expressing her happiness at the opening of the center which she says will serve the kingdom in general and our city in particular.

She pointed out that the center represents a model of religious coexistence and community, and thanked QC and all those who contributed to it, for their great efforts in cultural service.

In his speech, Archbishop Jean-Claude thanked those in charge and those who had supported the opening of the center, noting that he seeks to serve all religions and protect the religious rights of all citizens.

Chairman of the Islamic Society, Mohsen Maqni, welcomed all those present, thanking them for their contribution to the Muslim community, and asking that God add their efforts in the balance of good deeds.

Following the opening ceremony, Al-Thani, his accompanying delegation, and officials from the State of Luxembourg took a tour of the center.

The center was built on 650 square meters and QC contributed 75% and was implemented by the Islamic Society, Luxembourg.

The center consists of a mosque that can accommodate Friday prayers, a school that teaches Arabic and memorization of the Quran, a da’wa  center for the introduction of Islam and promotion of its noble values, providing a true image of our religion, and an educational center for young people. The center was admired by all the visitors, both for its design and its mission.

The center aims to achieve a number of important goals, including the introduction of Islam and its principles, highlighting the characteristics and values ​​of civilization, operationalizing the concept of good citizenship and encouraging the positive integration of Muslims in Luxembourg, while allowing them to preserve their religion and cultural identity, and paying attention to the continuous training and development of Muslim minority children, expanding cultural dialogue between Muslims and believers of other religions and ideas, encouraging positive interaction, strengthening the social peace and the family unit. The center will also serve the Muslim communities living in neighboring countries due to its strategic location between France, Germany and Belgium.


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