Qatar Charity Launches "Ghaith" (Rain) Initiative

Qatar Charity Launches "Ghaith" (Rain) Initiative for Islamic Projects Worldwide

8/9/2015 | One heart

"Ghaith" (Rain) initiative's Press Release

Supervised by Islamic scholar Sheikh Ahmed Al Hammadi,


Qatar Charity Launches "Ghaith" (Rain) Initiative for Islamic Projects Worldwide

Qatar Charity announced launching its "Ghaith" initiative for serving Islamic projects worldwide. This initiative is supervised by the Qatari Islamic preacher Dr. Ahmed Al Hammadi.

It comes as a part of QC ongoing strenuous efforts to expand the domain of its charity work, and to develop cultural and educational centers. Moreover, it is considered as a continuation to the projects established and supported by QC in the past and supervised by the Qatari scholar Dr. Ahmed Al Hammadi.

Nobel goals

The initiative aims at introducing the Islamic culture and strengthening its presence among the western communities in particular, and the world in general. It also aims at sustaining the economic resources of Islamic educational and cultural organizations, marketing its programs professionally, and implementing various programs to keep pace with the forthcoming developments.

The initiative was officially founded in 2015, however; its history goes back to 15 years ago. It has operated in more than 50 countries worldwide through establishing many Islamic centers that spread the Islamic sciences, studies and culture in the western countries.   

Project's aspirations

Among its top priorities, "Ghaith" initiative aspires to be the first patron that empowers the Islamic culture in the West the world as a whole. It also seeks to effectively manage and develop all available resources allocated for Islamic educational and cultural programs and projects. To that end, methods for realizing excellence, leadership, transparency, sustainability, and credibility have been employed.

The initiative operates in the following countries: Britain, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Brazil, Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania, and Hungary.

It has also implemented many Islamic projects in Europe this year, for example, opening Islamic schools in France, opening Milano Sesto Islamic center in Italy, Ibn Sina Islamic and Cultural Center in France, Da'wah, Media and Islamic Services Center in Germany, Al Noor Center for Introducing Islam in France, and Al Noor Center in Alsace Mulhouse region in France.



Why "Ghaith"

The initiative's name "Ghaith” is derived from the Arabic meaning of abundant rain which brings relief and good for people as Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) says: "The guidance and knowledge that Allah sent with me is like the abundant rain falling on the land (which has three different terrains). A part of the land was fertile; it absorbed the water, and sprouted lush plantation and pasture. Another part was barren, it held up the water, and Allah made it beneficial for people who drank from it, and gave (cattle) to drink from it, and irrigated from it. The rain fell on the third part which was a hard plain; it neither held the water nor sprouted grass. (Likewise there are three types of persons). For example: The one who acquires understanding of the religion of Allah, and benefits from what Allah has sent me with, and he learns, and teaches; (and the other who did not benefit himself but others were benefited through him); and the third, who does not show regard to that and does not accept Allah's guidance with which I have been sent."

As rain travels in clouds passing over borders and distances to irrigate the dead ground and helps green grass to grow, same thing goes with science that when spreads, revives peoples' hearts and enlightens them with knowledge, just like what the good ground does when it absorbs water to quench its thirst and benefit from it, then grows to benefit others with its good as well.  

Inspired by these prophetic meanings, "Ghaith" initiative hopes to spread the culture of our faultless religion of Islam throughout the world, and convey the eternal message of Islam for all people, so that its good pervades to everyone, whether Muslims or non-Muslims, and cheers hearts and souls with the blessings of its educational and cultural projects in the West in and the world.


Dr. Ahmed Al Hammadi

Dr. Ahmed Al Hammadi is a Qatari Islamic preacher and scholar who has volunteered in charity and humanitarian work 20 years ago, with Qatar Charity, Islamic Da'wah Organization, in addition to other organizations. Dr. Al Hammadi is a member of Qatar Charity's general assembly and its general supervisor of the Islamic centers, schools and universities over the world “Ghaith initiative".

He graduated from the Sharia College in Qatar University and has M.A and PhD degrees from Imam Muhammed Ibn Saud Islamic University, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He worked then as Associate Professor in Quran Interpretation at the Sharia College at Qatar University.

He practices Islamic preaching as the Friday prayer’s public speaker at Mus`ab Ibn `Umair Mosque, and delivers a weekly lesson on Sirah Nabawiyah (Prophet Mohamed's Biography) at Omer Ibn Al Khattab Mosque, in Qatar State, in addition to partaking in various media activates.