QC Implements Relief Projects for the Rohingya

QC Implements Relief Projects for the Rohingya Refugees in Indonesia

10/26/2015 | Gaith

  • QC’s office in Jakarta intervened to help the Rohingya families who were washed up on the beach of Indonesia while trying to escape from their countries.
  • QC offered the Rohingya refugees food, clothes, water and school bags for children. It also dug for them 3 wells and offered their children some school bags.

QC helped save the Rohingya refugees who fled their countries because of the oppression they suffered from there. 1,090 refugees benefited from QC’s project.

Hundreds of the Muslim Rohingya families were washed to the coast of Aceh in Indonesia. They were disoriented for having spent few days in the sea without food, mattresses or covers.

Providing Water

The second QC saw what was happening to the families in Indonesia, it distributed to them dry and cooked foodstuffs, clothes, cleaning tools (such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush), and school bags for around 200 children.

QC dug 3 wells to provide the refugees with drinking water through cisterns but with limited quantities.

Children’s Sufferings

1,090 Rohingya refugees in Indonesia benefited from QC’s relief project. The aids covered the refugees living in the shelters of the Northern Aceh, Eastern Aceh, Nijsa, and Aceh Tamiang. The refugees were provided with rice, sugar, oil, vermicelli, tea, dates and other basic foodstuffs. The project was implemented at a cost of 200,000QR

Through this project, QC hopes to alleviate the refugees’ sufferings and help the children feel safe once again. They all have been through a difficult time and difficult circumstances.

QC’s Message

Mr. Karam Zeinhom, QC’s Office Director in Indonesia, said that QC has always proven itself committed to helping refugees and needy people. “Aiding those people is a priority to us. We will do our best to make sure they are saved and in good conditions. We cooperate with different governments, organizations and countries to help all the people who are conflict-affected or are suffering from natural disasters. This is our message at QC: to help the needy. Assisting the refugees in Indonesia is only a part of what we aim at. We’ll never stop offering our hand and support,” said he.

Continuous Giving

QC’s office in Indonesia was opened more than ten years ago after Tsunami hit the region in 2004. It implements relief and developmental projects there. During the first half of 2015, the office was able to implement more than 258 projects in the fields of health, water, education, orphans sponsorship, shelter and mosques at a cost of more than 6,500,000QR. Health projects were implemented at a cost of 55,000QR, shelter projects for the needy at a cost of 84,000QR, 218 wells and toilets at a cost of 958,000QR, 36 built mosques at a cost of more than 3,000,000QR, a school at a cost of 350,000, and or 2,500 orphans sponsorship at a cost of 1,500,000QR for the first quarter of the year. 


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