QC Holds a Health Camp for Orphans in Pakistan

QC Holds a Health Camp for Orphans in Pakistan

12/14/2015 |

QC holds a health camp for its sponsored orphans in Pakistan. The camp provides medical examinations to check their well-being and activities to raise awareness about hygiene and environmental cleanliness.100 orphans benefited from the project.

The camp was organized by QC office in Islamabad, the capital,  in coordination with “Al-Islah Center” that takes in the orphans sponsored QC in Mardan City- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. The center is one of the 7 centers sponsored by QC in Pakistan to secure these orphans’ education, health, and behavior as well as to bring out and develop their talents and capabilities.

The medical examination was supervised by a medical team that consisted of 3 doctors (a pediatrician, a general physician, and an ENT specialist) and nurses. The team spent a whole day examining over 100 orphans for weight, blood pressure, respiration, sensitivity, and infectious and dermatologic diseases.The doctors also examined the orphans’ teeth, eyes, and joints and secured the necessary medications. The “Islah Center” was instructed to refer the ones with diseases that required external treatment to near dispensaries for follow-up.

Hygiene Bags

In addition to examination and treatment, the camp had activities for raising awareness. The doctors distributed leaflets that included general instructions about personal and general cleanliness within the shelter. They also stressed on the importance of taking maximum care of personal hygiene, using detergents, taking several showers every week, and exposing the mattresses to sufficient ventilation. The camp also distributed a hygiene bag to every orphan. Each bag contained soap bars, shampoo, a comb, a clipper, a towel, toothpaste, and a toothbrush.

At the end of the health camp, the director of “Al-Islah Orphans Center” thanked the administration of QC office in Pakistan and the administration of QC in the main office in Qatar for offering this medical examination to the sponsored orphans. He said that this came at the beginning of the winter which was usually accompanied by respiratory conditions. A few words were delivered to carry the sponsored orphans’ gratitude and prayers to their sponsors in Qatar.

It is worth mentioning that QC provides for 3,870 orphans in Pakistan and Kashmir, 1400 of which live in 7 shelters (internal departments) and 2,470 live with their own families.

This camp is one of a series of periodical educational, entertaining, and pedagogic activities that QC carries out for its sponsored orphans in the 7 shelters.

QC had previously organized an educational and entertainment day for 200 of its sponsored orphans in Dheerkot region in the province of Bagh – Kashmir State. Hygiene bags were distributed to them on the occasion of “Global Handwashing Day”. There were a number of chants, madihnabawi songs, and contests.

QC also held a big ceremony at the time of distributing sponsorship money from which 450 sponsored orphans in the capital of Kashmir, Muzaffarabad. The ceremony included various educational and entertainment activities and short plays that manifested the role of sponsors in raising the orphans and saving thousands of families. The roles were played by school children. In addition, different entertainment activities were held on the school yard by the orphans such as tug of war contests, colored balloons, a jump-rope game, and a musical chairs game.

It is worth mentioning that during the few first months of the current year, QC’s office in Pakistan built 18 mosques, dwelled 1,083 wells, and implemented 103 income-generating projects. It also built a multi-service compound, a shelter for the orphans, and a center for handicraft training.


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