QC Supports Agricultural Cooperatives in the

QC Supports Agricultural Cooperatives in the Comoros

12/14/2015 |

QC continues to fight unemployment through implementing and supporting income-generating projects, and contributing to the enhancement of food situation in the poor societies. In the Comoros, for example, QC’s office supported one of the agricultural cooperatives there.

The Cooperative is taking place in Azew in the north of Ngazidja Island. Its members include some young farmers and graduates from agricultural institutes. QC’s support was through cultivating and planting a 10-hectare field, planting fruit trees (1,000 banana trees, 6,000 sugarcanes, and 500 pineapple trees), different vegetables and potato.

The equipment was delivered to the cooperative during a ceremony held by QC in the Comoros. Several senior figures attended such as His Excellency Mr. Jaber Nasser Al Na’imi, Chargé d'affaires of Qatar Embassy in Moroni; the Commissioner of the Ministry of Agriculture in the Comoros, some local officials from the North of Ngazidja Island and Mr. Mahfouz Zmirlin, QC’s Office Director there.


In his speech, the Commissioner of the Ministry of Agriculture commended Qatar’s efforts in supporting the people of the Comoros and praised the Qatari charity organizations in general and QC in particular for its distinguished projects. QC has implemented projects to fight unemployment and poverty, to reinforce the youth in the field of agricultural cooperatives, and to enhance the food and economic statuses of the country. He also encouraged QC to implement more agricultural projects.


This project is beneficial in so many ways; it plays a role in enhancing the food situation of the people of the Comoros, it is part of the income-generating projects, it fights diseases caused by malnutrition, it helps the unemployed become more independent, it contributes to the development of the countryside and the local economy, it is expected to contribute to the increase of vegetables and fruits and to provide them in the local market thus increase the poor farmers’ income.


In the Comoros, agriculture is considered to be a conventional occupation. It depends on rainy seasons and is greatly connected to the difficult circumstances. It usually costs a lot which makes the youth give up on it as a profession and go look for a better job opportunity in another country.


In 2012, QC announced the inauguration of 430 income-generation projects through supporting poor families. QC did so through offering benevolent loans to help the people start small economic projects at a cost of 126,800 QR. Furthermore, QC supported and developed the infrastructure of the country’s institutions. At a cost of 876,849,3 QR, QC provided them with a building for official meetings in Moheli, and maintained the road connecting Wanani city with Nioumachoua (17 Km) so as to achieve social communication and encourage tourism.

In the past few years, QC equipped and repaired some of the schools and hospitals on the Comoros at a cost of more than 2,000,000 QR. The projects include 26 primary schools in Moheli which comprises 81 classrooms at a cost of around 1,500,000 QR. In addition, the projects were implemented to maintain 4 medical clinics at a cost of more than 500,000 QR.

It is worth mentioning that QC was the first humanitarian organization to open a field office in Moroni, the Capital of the Comoros, in 2010 in order to be able to supervise the humanitarian and developmental projects it is planning to implement in the coming years. 


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