QC Distributes Relief Aids to the Yemeni Refugees

QC Distributes Relief Aids to the Yemeni Refugees in Djibouti

12/30/2015 |

  • The aids, from which 585 families benefited, included foodstuffs and cleaning materials.
  • Sheikha Hessa bint Khalifa Al Thani, “I thank QC for its efforts in relieving the displaced Syrians and refugees, and distributing aids to the Yemeni refugees.

With the participation of Sheikha Hessa bint Khalifa Al Thani, the Arab League’s Special Envoy for Humanitarian Affairs and QC’s Goodwill Ambassador, QC distributed humanitarian relief aids to the Yemeni refugees in the coastal region of Obock.

From which 585 Yemeni families in Obock benefited, the aids included basic foodstuffs and cleaning materials.

Easy and Accurate

Sheikha Hessa participated in the distribution of the aids which reached all Yemeni families in Djibouti. She also visited QC’s office in Djibouti to review with its staff the conditions of the Yemeni refugees and what they would need in the future.

The aids were distributed in coordination with the concerned authorities including ONARS (the Organisation National d’Assistance aux Réfugiéset Sinistrés), government representatives in Obock, and representatives of the Yemeni refugees in the city. This cooperation led to the ease and accuracy of distribution to all refugees.

Relieving the Sufferance

Mr. Faisal Rashid al-Fahida, QC’s Executive Director of Operations, said that QC proved its ultimate commitment to provide the Yemeni refugees with the necessary aids, hoping to relieve their sufferance and secure a better life for them.

He emphasized that QC gave priority in its relief projects to the people inside Yemen, where many could have no access to potable water, food, or medicine.

Mr. Al- Fahida added that QC would exert extra efforts in the future with all partners concerned with the Yemeni people (inhabitants and refugees) to meet their most pressing humanitarian needs.

Deliberative Conference

On a related matter, Sheikha Hessa commended QC’s efforts in relieving the affected people specially the displaced Syrians and refugees. She mentioned her previous participation in inaugurating several projects implemented by QC near the Syrian Turkish borders. She also praised QC’s responsiveness with her initiative to distribute relief aids to Yemeni refugees in Obock region.

The Sheikha’s words were delivered in the deliberative conference to which she had invited all local and foreign Arabic and Islamic charity organizations in Djibouti last Wednesday. The conference was part of the League of Arab State’s plan to develop its humanitarian work and activate the Arabic coordination mechanism. She also said that her role was to pay field visits, present studies to the concerned ministerial councils, and contact national and international organizations to coordinate the humanitarian work,

Yemen, We are With You

QC opened an office in Djibouti to provide humanitarian aids to the Yemeni refugees and coordinate the funding and implementation of relief projects in Yemen in addition to offering relief aids to the poor in Djibouti.

QC inaugurated in the beginning of the Yemeni crisis a relief campaign entitled “Yemen,We are With you”. The objective was to raise 36,500,000 QR to provide about 1,260,000 Yemenis with food and medicine. It also supervised the distribution of 240 tons of varied Qatari aids that had been airlifted to Djibouti–Ambouli International Airport. In addition, QC hosted the deliberative conference that discussed the humanitarian conditions in Yemen and was attended by numerous humanitarian organizations from the Arab Gulf and the Islamic World. The conference drew a plan for rapid humanitarian intervention and distributed the roles among humanitarian actors who announced their commitment to offering rapid humanitarian aids.

QC was the first Qatari humanitarian association that to relieve the people affected by the Chapala cyclone which hit the island “Socotra” and a number of Coastal cities in Yemen. It immediately implemented a relief campaign from which 3,000 displaced people benefited.

More than 936,000 people benefited from the relief aids assigned to Yemen in 2015 at a cost of 24,700,000 QR.


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