QC and Afif 'Asmakh Charity Foundation' Sign

QC and Afif 'Asmakh Charity Foundation' Sign Madaya Relief Agreements

1/24/2016 |

The agreement included allocating 2,000,000 QC and distributing milk to 6,000 children in Syria

QC and Asmakh Charity Foundation signed two agreements to implement relief projects for the people of Madaya in Syria at a cost of 2,000,000 QR. Through this agreement, the people of the city, who are more than 40,000 and suffer from severe famine, will be provided with the basic supplies.

Mr. Yousef bin Ahmed Al Kuwari, QC's  CEO and its Representative; and Mr. Ibrahim Ali Abdullah, Afif's CEO and its Representative; signed these agreements. 


Saving Dignity

The main reason behind these agreements is to save the people suffering from difficult circumstances in Syria; Madaya city in particular where some people died because of hunger. The beneficiaries will be provided with the basic food supplies, yogurt, and milk which are almost nonexistent in Madaya. Furthermore, the besieged people's financial and psychological burdens would be lessened and their dignity will be saved. The main aim is to help those people overcome this crisis.

The relief projects are in the form of food baskets that consist of different types of food supplies such as bulgur, humus, meat, sugar, children biscuits, rice, flour, children milk, and beans. Each basket is sufficient for a month.

The agreements state that Afif Foundation would fund QC for the implementation of these relief projects. Afif will allocate 2,000,000 QR which will be used to provide the basic food supplies and whatever the people of Madaya would need.


Alleviating the Sufferings

According to the agreements, 12,000 bottles of children milk would be distributed to 6,000 children in Syria.

Mr. Al Kuwari said, "These agreements are signed in order to help serve the Syrian people in any way possible. We, at QC, know how difficult the circumstances in Syria are which is why we are paying so much attention to them. Thousands of Syrian families suffering from hunger and malnutrition will be saved." He also added that QC will continue to support the Syrian people until they overcome their crisis.

Strategic Alliance

QC had already signed a number of agreements with Afif Foundation. It was agreed that QC and Afif would cooperate through supporting charity activities, and spreading the culture of cooperation.

In addition, QC and Afif Fondation signed a strategic alliance memoranda to reinforce joint cooperation and to establish an exchange of expertise and potentials. Around the same time, they also signed a memoranda of understanding to implement a relief project for Yemen from which 29,000 affected people benefited at a cost of 1,500,000 QR. Through that agreement, people from Aden and Al Hudaydah would receive basic supplies such as food and medications. QC and Afif have also cooperated to relief the refugees of south Sudan in Sudan.

Through such strategic alliance, the two parties aim at achieving a group of goals such as reinforcing their regional and international presence, establishing a mutual exchange of expertise and potentials, increasing the chances of having multiple resources, cooperating in certain joint programs and projects, increasing the chances of influencing the developmental and humanitarian issues related to their fields of work, improving their practices in their joint fields of interest, and others.


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