QC Opens a School for Women in Mauritania

QC Opens a School for Women in Mauritania

3/20/2016 |

In Mauritania, QC established and equipped a school for women from which hundreds of female students benefited.

The school was established in Trarza Region, in bi’r al Kheir Village near Boutilimit to the south of Mauritania. The school has 6 classrooms, administrative buildings where there are 5 equipped offices, and health facilities. The school’s staff consists of a principal, an assistant, 8 regular teachers, and 2 assisting teachers. 100 female students from different levels study there.


Caring for Education

Mr. Idris As-Sahil, QC’s Office Director in Mauritania, said, “QC implemented this project because it prioritizes the educational sector in all distant regions where educational institutions are not found. Schools for women need so much support, especially that this school teaches the Holy Quran, Quranic and Sharia sciences and linguistics”.

He also said that those in charge of the school aspired to adding other subjects such as mathematics, computer science and languages. “This way, students will be able to study religious and secular sciences which help learners find good jobs. The total cost of establishing the school reached 400,000 QR. We are proud to see hundreds of girls benefiting from the project,” said he.  


Need for Support

Ms. Om Kolthom bint Abah, School’s Principal, said that the school had 100 regular students, some of which had memorized the Holy Quran. “The school teaches the sciences of Tajwid, Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence, Fiqh, Language and others. The school’s board seeks to organize training courses in Computer Science, hire mathematics and English language teachers so as to offer comprehensive education,” she commented. The village’s schools do not offer formal education except for a primary school that has two classrooms only. 


“Here at school, we organize cultural contests and lectures from which most of the villagers benefit. However, the school still needs more improvement, especially the teacher’s salaries, equipment and books. We appreciate QC and the Qatari philanthropists for the valuable aids they offer to the needy people around the world. We thank them for helping us,” she concluded.



The school’s students and teachers commended the performance of the school and thanked QC and the Qatari philanthropists for their efforts to spread science and help the needy around the world.

Somaya bint Mohammed, a student who memorized around half of the Quran, said, “I am very happy at school. I learned a lot about the sciences of Tajwid and Quran. The school offers us comfortable classes and facilities that helped us attend school regularly. The teachers follow distinguished methodologies that help students understand and memorize.

In addition, Fatima bin Mohammed Mawlood, Teacher of Quran Memorization and Tajwid at school, said that they teach several levels and classes. “Some girls memorize one, two or more pages every day; some memorize less because of their age. They learn Quranic sciences, too.

On a two-day visit, a delegation from QC handed the keys of more than 100 houses to the Mauritanian families benefiting from ‘Social Housing’ Project. The delegation included His Excellency Sheikh Hamad bin Nasser bin Jassim Al thani and Mr. Yousef bin Ahmed al Kuwairi, QC’s CEO.

The keys were handed to the beneficiaries in Nouakchott and Rakiz, 200 km from the Capital. The delegation was accompanied by the Ambassador of Qatar in Mauritania Mr. Abdul Rahman bin Ali Al Kibisi and Mr. Idris As-Sahil, QC’s Office Director in Mauritania. A lot of figures and benefiting families received the delegation when they arrived. 

In 2015, QC spent 25,000,000 QR on the projects it implemented in Mauritania. More than 153,000 people from different regions benefited from the projects, groups with low income in particular.

The projects covered different fields such as health, education, income-generating projects, sanitation, relief, water, sponsorship (of orphans, disabled persons, preachers and imams) and others.


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