Eid Qurbani 2023 | Donate Qurbani to the Poor | Udhiyah
Eid Qurbani 2023 | Donate Qurbani to the Poor | Udhiyah

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154,688 QAR

Immediate Need

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For your loved ones

Our role is to provide you easy access to participate in charitable projects and gift them to your loved ones through "Hadiya" service, or in the reward of the dear ones you miss though our "Thawab" service.

Gift Love, Give Happiness

How beautiful it is to extend the effect of a gift, whatever the occasion is. A joy of giving is indeed a gift for the giver, a Happiness to the receiver and for those who benefit from it, it is a hope and a life!. Give happiness with gifts that are impactful: Helps a widow, teaches a child, waters a village, and spreads good. Choose from integrated charitable projects, or contribute to a charity, and surprise those you care about with a gift that they do not expect, Perhaps the most urgent thing they need on the occasion of marriage, healing, graduation, or a new baby.

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"Thawab" from Qatar Charity, gives you the ability to choose one of the charity projects and donate its value to the reward of the one you love.

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