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About Al Magalas Madars

AL Magalas Madars program of cultural program launched by Qatar Charity to work on activating the boards of the people of Qatar deployed in the districts of the state to raise awareness and education through the establishment of lectures and sessions regularly contribute to the strengthening of national identity and communication between generations through these councils.


This is a social and cultural program conducted in partnership with government entities, civil society organizations and community initiatives, presented at and in cooperation with Qatari Councils [Majalis]. The objective of this program is to strengthen national identity, Sharia awareness and connectedness among generations, highlighting the role of active community organizations through periodical visits by a number of preachers from local organizations that share the program’s mission, in addition to guests from outside the state.


To strengthen bonds and communication between different generations
To promote cultural values among members of the local community
To adapt cultural values to Sharia teaching, reinforcing both
To reach out to youth and educate them on different topics


And directing the development of the resources available for programs of cultural and educational projects in the Islamic and the Western media in the best possible ways and means.

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