Together for A World Without Hunger & Famine - Feed the Poor


More than 113 million people in 53 countries continue to go to bed with empty stomachs every night, and their suffering is aggravated by malnutrition, a situation in which a person's life is directly threatened by his inability to eat.

According to UN statistics, there are 821 million people around the world who suffer from chronic hunger, where the individual is not able to eat enough food to maintain a normal lifestyle for an extended period of time

The prolonged humanitarian crisis in the region has led to the alarming levels of food insecurity. In Yemen alone in 2017, 17.1 million people were food insecure, including 7.3 million suffering from severe food insecurity.

The total assistance provided by Qatar Charity in this sector in the last three years amounted to QR 156,022,486 compared to the total humanitarian expenditure for more than 17,003,508 beneficiaries.

Join Qatar Charity Campaign to distribute 100,000 meals to poor and displaced families living in difficult economic and living conditions in Palestine, Turkey and Lebanon

Hunger does not wait.. Help us feed them now!

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