Sponsor an Orphan in Syria, Africa, Iraq

Sponsor an orphan, change a life

Torn by conflicts, wars, and epidemics, the number of orphans around the globe is rapidly increasing, reaching a critical level, and it requires our collective efforts to end the orphan crisis. In Qatar Charity, we work to protect all orphans by providing sponsorship, aid and support. Team up with us and sponsor an orphan now. It is not easy to fully understand the whole bitter reality about orphans and the orphan crisis we are facing in today’s world, however every number we read in haste stands for a human life, a vulnerable one. The numbers are truly scary. Millions of orphans around the world are facing war and conflict alone. They are everywhere, from every corner of this world. They all share the same tale of woe, abandoned and lonely.

Besieged, unsheltered, hungry, and cold, orphans are lying in wait for help, any help that may change their sad reality. Because every child’s life matters, let’s stand out and save them, balm their wounds and change their lives.

Become a Sponsor


You can see child/family details to decide whom to sponsor.
Later on, you will be allowed to view updates,
needs, and portraits once you become the sponsor


Sponsor a candidate by looking up age, gender, or
monthly allowance that you can afford. Once you register as a sponsor to a candidate, you will be the sole supporter of them.


You will receive an annual report on the dependants you had sponsored so you can follow-up and ensure they are doing well under your sponsorship