Sponsor a Student

Sponsor a Student, Light a Dark Path

It is quite shocking to know that 17% of the world’s population is illiterate, having no access to basic education. The challenge is yet to surge when we know that the scale of illiteracy among youth exceeds 122 million where young women represent 60% of this enormous rate. The magnitude need for proper education is a daunting challenge that can only be overcome through our collective awareness and aid. Fight illiteracy by sponsoring a student through Qatar Charity and help change thousands of lives.

With no access to education, our fellow brothers in needy communities are encountering life threatening dangers, including epidemics, wars, conflicts, and poverty. Acquiring education has become a struggle to people in impoverished areas where poor families are no longer able to bear the burden of education expenses. It is no surprise why the rates of child labor and child neglect are extremely high in underdeveloped countries especially in rural communities.

Become a Sponsor


You can see child/family details to decide whom to sponsor.
Later on, you will be allowed to view updates,
needs, and portraits once you become the sponsor


Sponsor a candidate by looking up age, gender, or
monthly allowance that you can afford. Once you register as a sponsor to a candidate, you will be the sole supporter of them.


You will receive an annual report on the dependants you had sponsored so you can follow-up and ensure they are doing well under your sponsorship