Sponsor a Teacher

Sponsor a Teacher & Let’s Walk Together

The world is in an urgent need for more teachers, as countless of needy communities around the globe do not have enough teachers to educate the children and if found, teachers are being underpaid and constantly at risk due to the poor living conditions. Team up with Qatar Charity to sponsor a teacher now, and help build a better future for children in needy communities. With no qualified teachers, illiteracy rates in underdeveloped countries will be likely to surge especially in war and conflict zones. Thousands of children in these communities are not enrolled in schools due to the lack of teachers, and it is our duty to bring them back to school. We are facing a global shortage of skilled teachers.

Teachers are very important for social progress. Teachers are the children’s role models. They allow them to dream and broaden their imagination. Without well-trained teachers, children will not be able to receive the proper education they need.

Become a Sponsor


You can see child/family details to decide whom to sponsor.
Later on, you will be allowed to view updates,
needs, and portraits once you become the sponsor


Sponsor a candidate by looking up age, gender, or
monthly allowance that you can afford. Once you register as a sponsor to a candidate, you will be the sole supporter of them.


You will receive an annual report on the dependants you had sponsored so you can follow-up and ensure they are doing well under your sponsorship