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In Qatar Charity, doing good cannot be any easier. We offer innovative yet simple approaches to do charity where you would easily track your donations, and get closer to those you sponsor. Over 20 years of humanitarian work, Qatar Charity has operated across more than 73 countries. We have tirelessly worked to share love with more than 80 million people. Fund a project or sponsor a humanitarian cause and Qatar Charity will:

* Help facilitate your donation process

* Enable you to choose different types of projects that promote substantial development such education, healthcare, water projects... etc.

* Help you advocate a humanitarian cause through sponsoring those in need such as, orphans, poor families, people with special needs, students. etc.

* Periodic reports and images are to be provided to witness the progress of the project you fund or the case you sponsor.

A charitable organization registered under the name of Qatar Charity Association No. (6) in the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Housing, 1992, establishment number: 01006100

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