Qatar Charity Sponsorship FAQs
Qatar Charity Sponsorship FAQs

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Qatar Charity provides five types of sponsorships for the following underprivileged groups: orphans, people with special needs, poor families, students, and teachers.
Through Qatar charity's application or website, or our collectors or the nearest Qatary Charity branch to your location.
The amount of the monthly sponsorship for each orphan ranges between 150-200-250. The value varies according to the standard of living in the country of the sponsored orphan, to ensure that the sponsorship meets his necessary needs.
Yes, you can sponsor more than an orphan child. All you have to do is go to the orphan sponsorship page and choose the orphan child you want to sponsor.
Yes, you can gift the sponsered. Just go to your profile on the application, then you choose "My sponsorships". After you have selected the sponsored person, you will click on the “gift of the sponsored person” in the list that appears at the bottom of his private page.
Yes, you will periodically receive updates on the status of the sponsored. You can view it in the "reports of the sponsored" section of his page. The report covers the family, health and educational status of the orphan. In addition, you will receive alerts if the sponsored person has an urgent need.
Orphan sponsorship stops automatically once reaching the age of 18 years. When the date approaches, one of Qatar Charity's employees will contact you to express your consent to transfer the sponsorship to a student sponsorship for the same child, transfer it to another sponsorship type, or cancel it according to your desire.
To stop the sponsorship, you can visit one of Qatar Charity's collectors or call the donor service at 44290000. Please inform the employee of your sponsored data in order to begin the procedures for cancelling the sponsorship.
Qatar Charity application provides the possibility of increasing the amount of your sponsorship up to three times. After doing so, the amount of the sponsorship will be deducted according to the added value. You can also, at any time, send a gift to the sponsored orphan.
You can pay your sponsorship amount by adding your credit card information, in order to benefit from the automatic debit feature. If you choose to pay the value using a debit card, you need to log into your account to perform the transaction at the beginning of each month. Please note that we adhere to the highest levels of security to protect your privacy, personal data and banking information.
Communication is done through the supervisor because of the different languages in some countries and the inability to communicate in Arabic for some orphans.
You can contact Qatar Charity's donor service by calling (44290000) and submitting a request to inquire about the case. If one of our offices is located in the country of the person whose assistance is requested, we will take the necessary measures to study the case and complete the sponsorship procedures.

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