Donate to Needy orphans via Rofaqa App
Donate to Needy orphans via Rofaqa App

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This app is a part of the project of Rofaqa. It is smart, easy to use and secure. Rofaqa enables you to find thousands of needy orphans across the globe. Its rich content will definitely give you deep insight into the situation of orphans in nowadays world. The app will help you set a sponsorship plan, manage it and receive periodic reports for the children you sponsor.

Finger Print and Face Detection

Rofaqa ensures the privacy and confidentiality of all benefactors to protect them from identity theft and internet fraud. Rofaqa allows its users to log in to their accounts using biometric data such as fingerprint and face recognition, or through their social media accounts, or just logging in by email address or username created on the app.

Choose a Sponsorship

Let the giving continue. Rofaqa is a global humanitarian project that focuses on the needs of orphans and children in need. A committed monthly donation on a long-term will secure orphans future by providing nutritious, healthy food and proper warm clothes. These sponsorships will help bring them back to school to ensuring that they finish, getting regular health checkups and making a real-life impact.

Methods of Payment

Through Rofaqa, we all can reach out to vulnerable orphans. You can sponsor an orphan now using your credit or debit card choosing a country and a nationality of your preference.

Personal Profile

Your personal profile on Rofaqa will help you track your sponsorships including your sponsored orphans and your payment due date. Through your personal profile, you can also add more orphans you wish to sponsor.


Stay in touch with the children you sponsor, witness their growth and success, and share with them every joyous moment they live. The app will provide you with periodic reports and thorough details about the orphans you sponsor.

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