Charitable Organization – Qatar Charity| Fighting Poverty

What We Do

Qatar Charity is one of the largest charitable non-governmental leading charities in GCC. it was established in 1992 for the development and sustainability of Qatari society and needy communities across the globe regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or religion. Our vision is to achieve a real life impact in society and our slogan has been and always will be “Together for a decent life” driven by our humanitarian values which stems out from the core of our Islamic Arabic society. In Qatar Charity we believe in neutrality of actions, transparency of intentions and the independency of goals. In Qatar Charity we work together to strengthen the social values that cherishes charity and celebrates love that lasts a life time.

Health care

One of Qatar Charity’s main priorities is to provide a quality healthcare to sick people around the globe. Associated with the UNICEF, we fight to ensure that all those in need are getting regular health checkups, supplying hospitals with the right equipments and medicines they need. Our mission is to improve the health of people in the world by partnering with and empowering communities, and strengthening health systems.


Access to education is not just a basic human right, but it is a key factor in reducing child labor and poverty. In Qatar Charity, we strive to bring all the un-enrolled children back to school seats, we build and reconstruct schools and educational facilities and ensure to create a healthy teaching environment.

Social care

We provide sponsorship, help and support to those in need, A long term approach that allows people to lead independent lives and improving the quality of their living. Our core values are rooted in child development, child advocacy and child sponsorship.

Housing and infrastructure

We move to communities and call them home as we put a roof over the heads of thousands families effected by natural disasters. We liaise with local governments around the world to provide housing and shelters to those in need. Our charitable projects focus on rebuilding the infrastructure of damaged cities throughout your donations

Water & wells

We believe that clean water is the first step to get out from poverty and sickness. There is more than enough fresh water in the world for domestic use, agriculture and industry; however, the poor are largely excluded from this globally recognized “human right.” New built and maintained wells will bring life back to barren lands and devastated cities. If you want to invest in saving life, a clean drinking water is the way to go…

Emergency Campaign

Your donation will help us reaching out to people immediately where needed, when needed and whatever the emergency. Together an immediate response will reach to whomever in need of it, saving countless of lives. Help improve income : Qatar Charity undertakes the responsibility of improving incomes and opportunities for the poor. Our organization is dedicated to promoting awareness of and increasing activism for Basic Income.

Ramadan Donations

There’s no other festivities to remind people of charity better than the Holy month of Ramadan, therefore Qatar Charity launches annually a campaign that provides fasting meals to the poor, supplying mosques with water, hosting Ramadan tents and printing hard copies of the holy Quran. With us, Celebrate Ramadan the right way.


Zakat is a duty we owe to others as it reminds us to be grateful for our wealth. Qatar Charity offers its donors many options of how to utilize their own zakats including: Zakat on livestock, Zakat on share, zakat on income.

Mosques and Culture

Qatar Charity is actively engaged in preserving the Islamic culture throughout building mosques, Islamic centers and teaching people to recite Quran. We proudly share our Islamic values to the world and we invite you to be part of this achievement.