QC and Wellcare Group Sign Partnership Agreement

QC and Wellcare Group Sign Partnership Agreement

1/22/2018 | شركاؤنا

Qatar Charity and the Wellcare Pharmacies Group have signed a cooperation and partnership agreement to serve the charitable and developmental goals and objectives inside and outside Qatar, aiming at raising unconditional donations under the projects of "Kheer Cards", "Al Dal Ala Al Kheer" and "Darahim".

Executive Director of the QC’s Executive Management of Marketing and Resource Development Mohammed Rashid Al Kaabi said “Qatar Charity seeks to open up the prospects for cooperation with various public and private sector’s institutions in order to achieve its mission on numerous aspects and to reach the largest possible number of target groups around the world.

Qatar Charity is always keen to strengthen its cooperation with a number of institutions, including those working in the health sector, which is a trend that has achieved tangible success that contributed to helping hundreds of needy people” he added.

Director of Wellcare Pharmacies Group Dr. Ashraf Korkan said that the aim of signing this agreement is to encourage the community to participate in humanitarian initiatives, hoping that it will play an active role in spreading health awareness in the country, contributing to mobilizing support for the QC’s humanitarian march, and marketing its projects.

Kheer Cards  

As part of its development plans, Qatar Charity strives to use information technology and systems to serve and market its projects in constantly evolving and innovative ways in order to reach the largest possible number of audience, philanthropists and donors.

“Kheer Cards” makes philanthropy easier for those visiting Al Tawasul Specialized Medical Center by providing them opportunities to purchase these multi-category cards, with different sizes, available at cashier’s shelves for sale to contribute to the variety of charitable projects such as: everlasting charity, patient treatment and other charitable projects.

Automatic Donation Machines (Kiosk)

Automatic donation machine is the first of its kind in the field of charitable work at the regional level, which has the technology of payment by a bank card like the bank’s self-service machine to collect donations in a safe and disciplined manner.


As a form of doing charity, Darahim Project allows the center’s customers to donate pennies they get back as changes for the QC’ local and international projects, based on their mutual interest of the fulfillment of social responsibility and community solidarity.

Al Dal Ala Al Kheer

Anyone can promote charitable projects using various social networks to participate in their support, based on the words of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him): "if anyone guides someone to a good (deed), he will get the reward like the reward of the one who does it”.

If any social media user promotes the QC’s different projects through a given link, he/she will gain points against each donation made through that link to establish charitable projects in his/her name

In addition, the QR Code will be placed on the publications and products of the Wellcare Pharmacies Group to lead to Qatar Charity sites in order to mobilize support for Qatar Charity's humanitarian march and market its projects.

Qatar Charity is a Qatar registered charity (6) and registered organization 01006100

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