Advanced training workshops of QC’s “Future’s

Advanced training workshops of QC’s “Future’s Writers-3” concluded

2/6/2019 |

The training workshops of third edition of the “Future’s Writers” programme, which were implemented by Qatar Charity (QC) in collaboration with Qatar University (QU), was concluded with the participation of 18 students, who were winners in the first and second editions of the programme, which was  lasted for three months.

The programme, which included two advanced training workshops on writing a short story, aims at developing the abilities and skills of students to make them enable to write different types of stories.

During the workshops given by QU’s professors, who are specialists in the fields of literature and story, students learned how to develop their writing skills. The students also received many practical exercises in this regard.

The “Future’s Writers” program is one of QC’s projects, which is implemented within Qatar. It is concerned with the development of students' writing skills by organizing the competition and holding workshops.

Dr. Imtinan Al-Samadi, a professor at QU, gave a workshop entitled “"How to write a short story", in which she discussed the difference between the story and the news, identifying the elements of the short story and teaching the students how to write stories.

She also shed light on how a writer turns an idea into a story, highlighting the importance of the art of writing. Moreover, Dr. Seeta Naqadan, also a professor at QU, gave another practical workshop on story writing, in which trainees wrote different stories.

At the end of the training programme, the students expressed their pleasure at their participation in the training activities, which covered both theoretical and practical aspects.

Saleh al-Mansouri, a student at Al Shaimaa Secondary School for Girls, said, “This programme has added a lot of creativity and innovation to my skills of writing a short story”, noting that she learned how to write a story in various fields and forms.

For his part, Adel Muhammad Al-Mowlawi, a student at the Religious Institute, said that it was very useful to provide such courses and training workshops for the younger generation, as they enhance students’ talents, stressing that all those who attend these programmes benefit greatly in developing their writing skills and knowing more writing techniques.


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